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Football fans, we have got something for you;

Let’s talk football

Share your passion for football and follow conversations from all over the world without any crowded unrelated content.


Selectively cross-post your football moments to your other social networks without leaving lineups.

Hot Content

Discover top football news, insights, and reviews. Share your pictures, videos and memes at a glance.

Live Coverage

Keep track of your favorite teams, live match updates and join real time conversations with like minded fans.

True Football Fans

Socialize with true, loyal football fans who know the game inside out.

And much more

We know football, we love football, and we are revolutionizing the way football fans connect. so, get ready for what's next

Why Lineups is the best

Lineups is establishing a journey that will put your love for football at your finger tips. Creating a football exclusive social network app strongly connects like-minded fanatics from all over the world. It is the new home of high quality content based solely on football, created by the game’s passionate fans.

The football community is enormous; let’s unite it! We share the same love for football that you do. That’s why Lineups is fantastic! Football has become a way of life, for your teammates, friends, family, and more importantly for you. This app will connect you to a football community you never imagined possible. Lineups is the only app you’ll ever have to use for anything that’s football related ever again.

And when the amazing game comes to mind, so will Lineups. Download it now…


It's simple and rich at the same time ..

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