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The 2019-20 season is around the corner, and that means fantasy basketball drafts are starting to creep up. An excel cheat sheet can help you out if you haven’t begun to prepare. It was an eventful offseason, which means a lot of new faces in new cities. We also had a very enticing draft class that will have plenty of opportunity to crack fantasy lineups. Within the excel is the top 300 fantasy players for the year, alongside their projected stats per game.

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Point Guards

It is a loaded point guard position, and it just got more crowded with LeBron James playing point guard for the Lakers this season. James rivals Stephen Curry for the top spot, as both should finish 1-2 at the position as long as they can stay healthy. James has a projected line of 27-9-9, but won’t have the advantage in FG% and threes made compared to Curry. Both are certainly top ten picks, and Curry is well within the top five. His usage should be through the roof with no Thompson for half the year, and Kevin Durant out of town. It would not be a surprise to see Curry put up an MVP like season, but health will always be something that needs to go his way. Damian Lillard is also one of the more consistent fantasy options. He is durable, and the consistency makes him a top ten pick yet again. We have him averaging 28 points per game and 7.4 assists per game this season.

Russell Westbrook is joining the Rockets this season, and that creates some question marks for him and his former teammate. Westbrook has struggled in the FG% and turnover categories, but also has been a walking triple-double the last few seasons. While still a top 20 player, there are a few names moving ahead of him at other positions. Westbrook will take a small hit, but will still fill the stat sheet. Kemba Walker is the new face of the Celtics. Walker has also been consistent with his durability, and projects to score over 25 points per game. He also is going to be around better teammates, and his assists numbers should take a slight rise as well.

Shooting Guards

No surprise to see James Harden top the list, as he is a top three pick overall. Even with the arrival of Westbrook, his usage and ability to score is going to have him leading the fantasy fronts yet again. Harden also chips in with steals, and projects to average over two per game. The turnovers is the only area where he lacks a bit, projecting to average over four per game again. If there is anyone who can rival Harden-like numbers, it is Bradley Beal. With John Wall set to miss the season, Beal is going to see a usage rate in the stratosphere, and get all the volume he can possibly handle. Beal projects to score nearly 28 points per game, and hover around five assists and rebounds per game.

Between the 18-28 range, there are a lot of shooting guard options. Most of them are also on the younger side too. Donovan Mitchell is going to have a terrific surrounding cast, and I’m not projecting a big loss in production because of that. Devin Booker is on a very bad Suns team, and has been a beast in terms of scoring. With Ricky Rubio in the mix, there is a chance he lacks some assists compared to last season, but not enough to drop him any lower. Jrue Holiday is the veteran of this range, and has been an underrated fantasy player. He is in the mix on a very young and fun Pelicans team for this season.

Small Forwards

This position isn’t as enticing as the last few years, and position eligibility will help it out depending on who makes it in. Kawhi Leonard headlines the position, but if he sits and plays around 60-65 games this season, that drops him in the rankings. That is something to beware of, as the Clippers should balance the workload of both him and Paul George. Otherwise, Leonard is projected for similar stats to last season, and does it on both sides of the ball. Luka Doncic is the exciting fantasy stud here, who has now put himself as a top 15 fantasy player. He contributed across all categories last season, and I am excited to see what he has in store for year two. Both Doncic and Leonard are the cream of the crop, with Jimmy Butler just outside of them for a top tier. Butler is a solid play, but his upside seems a bit capped right now. In terms of his ADP, there are a few names around him that have some higher upside.

If Khris Middleton and Tobias Harris fall a bit after Butler, they are two names who can post similar numbers. Middleton had an up and down year, but when you look at the end of the season the strong numbers were still there. He projects to average a 20-6-4 line this season. Harris is in a similar boat, with a 19-8-3 line. Harris resigned with the 76ers, which bodes well for both him and the team. After these names there is a pretty stiff drop off. Otto Porter would be next in line, but health is still a concern and Chicago isn’t exactly a strong fantasy team at the moment. He still projects to be within the top 60, and with a line of 16-5-2.

Power Forwards

Giannis Antetokounmpo is a potential first overall pick, and definitely a top three pick once again. His minutes were shortened a bit last season due to the dominance of the Bucks, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. His projected 29-13-6 line with 3.1 blocks + steals per game is one of the best in the business. Feel comfortable with the Greek Freak as we are in store for another potential MVP season. Anthony Davis is going to be in Los Angeles this season, and actually stepping onto the court. Now that last season’s turmoil is over, the former all-star will be back to his normal workload and that means top five fantasy numbers. Hitting across all categories, you can’t go wrong.

Paul George is a lot similar to Kawhi Leonard in terms of the workload being managed a bit. He is coming off a monster season in OKC, and the steals was something he really excelled in. He projects for over two again, and also a 24-8-4 line next to Leonard. While he doesn’t have the upside of the names above, George is a top 20 pick, with top 15 upside. Both Julius Randle and John Collins are guys expected to post big years. Collins has been one of the best young front court options in the game since coming into the league, and now his minutes where they need to be, the fantasy production is there. Randle was a menace in New Orleans last year, and will be able to flex his muscle again with the Knicks. His usage should be there, and this is a team without a dominant ball handler. No reason for Randle not to post similar numbers to last season.


There are about 5-6 elite fantasy basketball centers, and they are all going to be top 15 picks. Karl-Anthony Towns is the number one option for me, but Nikola Jokic is a very close second. Towns posted a monster second half, and is a featured guy on this Timberwolves team. Projecting to average 26 and 12 with 1.8 pocks per game, this tops Jokic in those categories. Jokic has that advantage in the assist column. If he could find some more defensive stats, then Jokic has a shot at finishing up top of the position. You might be wondering where is Joel Embiid? For one, the injury risk still is a concern, and you know he will miss 15 games or so throughout the season. Embiid is obviously a beast, and projects for 28 and 14. He is well within the top three centers.

Andre Drummond has been in the league for a while now and is still just 26 years old. He is a monster on the boards, projecting for 16 rebounds and 19 points per game. Drummond also racked up defensive stats, and should again this year. Nikola Vucevic resigned with the Magic, and is a top 15 player for me this year. He is an underrated defensive player, and projects for over four assists per game. Rudy Gobert is going to lead the way in blocks, projected to average 2.5 per game. He also projects to average 17 and 13. He won’t do much else, but Gobert has been a reliable big man. Gobert just doesn’t have the scoring upside of the others.

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