2020 MLB Power Rankings: Dodgers Enter Offseason On Top

We are in the midst of the MLB offseason, and with so many big names on the market, power rankings could swing with one signing. Gerrit Cole is linked to the California teams, Mookie Betts is involved in trade rumors, and Zack Wheeler is on his way to Philadelphia. There are a lot of teams still trying to work their way to being relevant, as well as some small market clubs not looking to spend. 2020 is shaping up to be more of the same with top heavy teams, but a few dark horse teams could make a surprise.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers

2019 Record: 106-56

The Dodgers still have one of the most complete teams in baseball, and might be looking to even add another piece or two. The weak link was the bullpen at times, otherwise this is a team that will be back in the hunt for a World Series.

2. Houston Astros

2019 Record: 107-55

With Gerrit Cole on his way out of Houston, the rotation will take a hit. Lance McCullers is due back, but with Verlander and Greinke still in the rotation this is a team that will be winning 100 games and likely the AL West again.

3. New York Yankees

2019 Record: 103-59

The Yankees are rumored to be making a big splash for Gerrit Cole, and if that is the case they might be front runners in the American League. Luis Severino and James Paxton need to get fully healthy, but otherwise this is a great staff and bullpen to go with a power offense.

4. Atlanta Braves

2019 Record: 97-65

Atlanta signed Cole Hamels which is a small splash in this free agency. They were on the cusp of heading to the NLCS when the floodgates opened against St. Louis. This is a young team with a lot of talent, and a few moves will solidify them as a contender in the NL.

5. Washington Nationals

2019 Record: 93-69

Coming off of a World Series winning year, the Nationals have plenty of questions to answer. They will be looking to re-sign Anthony Rendon or Stephen Strasburg, as the owner already came out saying they won’t sign both. This is disappointing for a team that needs to keep both.

6. Tampa Bay Rays

2019 Record: 96-66

Tampa Bay does what Tampa Bay does best, put together a quality roster with the payroll they have and win ball games. The rotation and bullpen continues to be a strong point, but offensively another bat or two wouldn’t hurt.

7. Boston Red Sox

2019 Record: 84-78

Will we see a Mookie Betts trade? Boston has dug themselves a hole with payroll, and that could hurt this team moving forward. They still have big names, but there are a lot of moves that could downgrade this ball club.

8. Oakland Athletics

2019 Record: 97-65

It was another 90+ win season and another disappointment in the Wild Card. They have a lot of key pieces to build around still, but lack the firepower in the rotation to keep up with the rest.

9. Minnesota Twins

2019 Record: 101-61

The Twins won 100 games due to one of the top offenses in baseball, but the rotation was a big issue. It continues to be, and it will be tough for them to add to it during the offseason.

phillies logo10. Philadelphia Phillies

2019 Record: 81-81

It was a disappointing year for the Phillies, but they are already spending more cash to address what was a subpar rotation last season. Zack Wheeler is the new name, and they will hope to turn things around with all the talent they have.

11. St. Louis Cardinals

2019 Record: 91-71

The Cardinals were run over in the NLCS last season, as the offense struggled against good pitching. While they have an aging group of players mixed with some young talent, St. Louis should be in the thick of things.

12. New York Mets

2019 Record: 86-76

New York was a fun team to watch as they brought in some big names hoping for a run, but things fell short. They still have one of the top aces in the game, and a few young pieces that should have this team on the brink of playoff hopes this year.

13. Chicago Cubs

2019 Record: 84-78

It was been a downward trend since winning it all. The offense was hit and miss last year, while the pitching had its ups and downs as well. Theo Epstein has some moves to make if he wants the Cubs contending again.

14. Cleveland Indians

2019 Record: 93-69

Despite listing their rotation for trade and not paying Michael Brantley, Cleveland still won 90+ games. Francisco Lindor might be on the move, and the return value could be large enough where they don’t take a big hit.

15. Milwaukee Brewers

2019 Record: 89-73

Starting pitching continues to be Milwaukee’s biggest weakness, even if they use the heavy bullpen approach at times. This is going to be a make or break year for the Brewers as other National League teams are spending the cash.

16. San Diego Padres

2019 Record: 70-92

San Diego made moves last season, and already traded for Tommy Pham this year. This team is serious about contending, but have a ways to go before that starts happening. A few moves in the offseason and they can accelerate that.

los angeles angels17. Los Angeles Angels

2019 Record: 72-90

It is time for the Angels to put a real team around Mike Trout. The offense wasn’t bad in the second half last year once healthy, but this team needs pitching and they need it bad. Look for the Angels to splash some cash in the offseason.

18. Cincinnati Reds

2019 Record: 75-87

The Reds took a major step forward despite the record. For what had been a bad rotation in prior years, this team had one of the best rotations and bullpens in baseball. Unfortunately this was the year their offense decided to take a year off. There is a lot of young and upcoming talent on this team.

19. Arizona Diamondbacks

2019 Record: 85-77

Despite losing A.J. Pollock and Paul Goldschmidt, the Diamondbacks remained a competitive bunch. At the moment they are starting to look like a random group of names, but this team has a solid rotation still, and a few big bats in the lineup.

20. Chicago White Sox

2019 Record: 72-89

Chicago is desperately trying to build a winner here, but free agents are not biting. This is still a young team with plenty of upside this year, but they need an extra arm or two in the rotation that can provide consistency.

21. Colorado Rockies

2019 Record: 71-91

Colorado took a step backwards finishing 20 games under .500. The offense was very hit and miss, and as you’d expect dreadful on the road. The pitching failed to overachieve like the year before, which continues to make or break this team.

22. Toronto Blue Jays

2019 Record: 67-95

The young kids are coming up, and we saw a glimpse of that last season. I love what this team is doing, but the rotation is going to need major addressing moving forward if the call-ups are not ready.

23. Texas Rangers

2019 Record: 78-84

Texas will try and welcome in a new ballpark with a strong team. They should spend money this year, and have a few holes to plug. Texas is a sneaky dark horse for an AL Wild Card spot next season with the right moves.

24. Seattle Mariners

2019 Record: 68-94

After a hot stretch to start the season, Seattle turned into the team we thought they would be. This is not a good ball club right now as they are trying to wheel and deal a lot of names.

25. San Francisco Giants

2019 Record: 77-85

San Francisco continues to hang onto older names, and the pitching might take an even bigger hit if Madison Bumgarner leaves. It is hard to see this group contending with the group they have.

26. Miami Marlins

2019 Record: 57-105

For a positive, the Marlins starting rotation wasn’t that bad and offers some promising young arms. However the rest of the ball club needs a lot of work, and they don’t have the money to go spend.

27. Kansas City Royals

2019 Record: 59-103

While there are a few young and exciting pieces here, the Royals sold off most of their ball club and it has aided the AL Central in being one of the worst divisions in baseball.

28. Pittsburgh Pirates

2019 Record: 69-93

Pittsburgh continues to make odd moves via trade and free agency, and it has shown in another below average season. Pittsburgh is close to a major overhaul at the moment.

29. Detroit Tigers

2019 Record: 47-114

Detroit has up and coming prospects which is the positive, but overall this team is in bad shape failing to win over 50 games last season. It is going to be another lost year for the Tigers.

30. Baltimore Orioles

2019 Record: 54-108

Baltimore struggled as expected last season, and the farm system isn’t in great shape to offer a quick rebuild and to put out young talent. Pitching continues to be their weakest spot.

Jason Guilbault has been writing and podcasting in the fantasy sports world for over five years. You can find his work at Daily Fantasy Cafe. He is an avid Tottenham fan, and follows the Boston sports teams. When he isn’t diving into stats, he is enjoying the outdoors or down at the local brewery.

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