2020 MLB Power Rankings: Oakland A’s Jump Into Top 3

The 2020 season continues chaotically. Series have been canceled, and the injury reports have filled up quickly. The schedule has been shortened to 60 games, and they made sure the “Every Game Matters” headline was plastered all over commercials. We simply have embraced the uncertainty of the sport, and with a quarter of the season already gone, it is time to evaluate where teams stand.

los angeles dodgers1. Los Angeles Dodgers

2020 Record: 11-5

While it took the Dodgers some time to adjust to the rotation injuries, they have put together a strong stretch despite that. Offensively this is the deepest lineup in sports, and if the rotation stays healthy, this is the best team in baseball.

new york yankees2. New York Yankees

2020 Record: 10-6

New York hit a little bit of a snag this past week but is still one of the most dominant teams in baseball. We got the yearly Stanton to the IL trip, but it is the staff that is teetering on good health.

oakland athletics3. Oakland Athletics

2020 Record: 12-4

Oakland has won nine in a row, and Matt Olson is leading the way on the offensive side. With the young pitching staff playing well, it is no surprise they are leading the AL West.

minnesota twins4. Minnesota Twins

2020 Record: 10-6

Right out of the gates, the Twins offense showed their potential. They have one of the best run differentials in baseball but have lost four in a row after a hot start to the season.

atlanta braves5. Atlanta Braves

2020 Record: 11-6

Atlanta’s offense has been everything as advertised so far. The pitching staff has quickly fallen off. Cole Hamels is trying to get back healthy, and Mike Foltynewicz was designated for an assignment. Mike Soroka also tore his Achilles.

cleveland indians6. Cleveland Indians

2020 Record: 10-7

Shane Bieber is the front runner for the AL Cy Young award at the moment, and this staff has followed. They have held teams to 37 runs over the first 17 games. Offensively they haven’t quite found it yet, and it will be scary when it all comes together.

chicago cubs7. Chicago Cubs

2020 Record: 10-3

While the Cubs had a series off against the Cardinals, they have played excellent ball-winning eight of their last ten games. The rotation has clicked right off the bat, and that was a question mark heading into the season.

colorado rockies8. Colorado Rockies

2020 Record: 11-4

I would not have expected Colorado to hold teams to just 49 runs over the first 15 games, but here we are. They are sitting in first place with some overperforming by their rotation and bullpen. We will see if it holds.

tampa bay rays9. Tampa Bay Rays

2020 Record: 8-8

Tampa Bay hasn’t quite impressed me yet, but they took a few games from the Yankees and have dominated at home. This is still one of the main teams to watch in the AL.

san diego padres10. San Diego Padres

2020 Record: 9-7

The NL West has been playing great baseball to start the season. San Diego’s offense has been putting up big runs, led by Fernando Tatis Jr. If the pitching can find some consistency, they will move on up.

houston astros11. Houston Astros

2020 Record: 6-9

The rotation that was once the best in the bigs has been decimated. Justin Verlander landed in the IL, and Lance McCullers has struggled to get back to his pre-injury form. If Oakland continues to put distance between them, the division race will be over early.

cincinnati reds12. Cincinnati Reds

2020 Record: 7-9

Cincinnati hasn’t quite delivered a consistent run yet, but this team is talented from top to bottom. This team is too talented to be 7-9, and Trevor Bauer is a legit Cy Young contender at the moment.

miami marlins13. Miami Marlins

2020 Record: 7-3

While the Marlins have played about 6-7 fewer games than most, they have been impressive. The pitching staff and bullpen have limited teams to just 3.8 runs per game so far.

chicago white14. Chicago White Sox

2020 Record: 8-8

After a slow start in the first week, Chicago opened up with a lengthy winning streak to get to .500. This will be a team that can make a run and will need to consistently win series from here on out.

milwaukee brewers15. Milwaukee Brewers

2020 Record: 6-7

It has been a slow start to the offensive side of the Brewers, but pitching and the bullpen have helped. Christian Yelich looks like he has broken out of the slump, and the rest need to follow.

phillies logo16. Philadelphia Phillies

2020 Record: 4-6

Philadelphia is another team that hasn’t played as many games but has flashed potential. Aaron Nola and Zack Wheeler will have to carry this rotation. Bryce Harper has started to heat up.

washington nationals17. Washington Nationals

2020 Record: 4-7

Washington has played just 11 games so far, but the offense looks extremely weak. Juan Soto has just gotten back, and it was going to be hard to replace Rendon’s production. Now we wait on the Strasburg news.

st louis cardinals18. St. Louis Cardinals

2020 Record: 2-3

The Cardinals have been hit hardest by the virus and have played just five games so far. In the meantime, they are a middling team with question marks in the rotation.

new york mets19. New York Mets

2020 Record: 7-9

Pitching was the strong suit, but the Noah Syndergaard injury and opt-out by Marcus Stroman, it leaves them thin. Yoenis Cespedes also opting out midseason is a gut punch to the offense.

los angeles angels20. Los Angeles Angels

2020 Record: 5-11

It took most of the first quarter of the season for Los Angeles to get their lineup to full health. Pitching was a big if for them, and they haven’t gotten much out of the staff.

arizona diamondbacks21. Arizona Diamondbacks

2020 Record: 6-10

It was a slow start out of the gate for the Diamondbacks. They did rattle off a couple of wins but will head into Colorado this week, as they are in first place for the division.

texas rangers22. Texas Rangers

2020 Record: 6-8

Texas is another team floating under the radar, and the offense hasn’t quite hit yet. With Oakland running away with the division so far, Texas is well within the wild card race.

toronto blue jays23. Toronto Blue Jays

2020 Record: 5-8

Offensively the Blue Jays have been one of the worst teams in baseball, scoring just 39 runs in 13 games so far. Pitching has been there. If the bats can breakout, Toronto can make a run.

boston red24. Boston Red Sox

2020 Record: 6-9

Boston walked into the 2020 season with a Triple-A rotation, and it has gone as expected. The offense has had an up and down start, but Alex Verdugo has started to fall into place over the past week.

san francisco giants25. San Francisco Giants

2020 Record: 7-10

San Francisco has been a pesky team so far in the season, but we knew the issue was going to be pitching. They have allowed 97 runs so far, which is bottom five in baseball.

baltimore orioles26. Baltimore Orioles

2020 Record: 7-7

Baltimore is sitting around .500 and is a plus in the run differential column. While I wouldn’t expect it to hold up over the next 40 games, it is fun seeing some of these teams in the thick of it.

detroit tigers27. Detroit Tigers

2020 Record: 8-5

This lineup was going to be better than last season, and so far it has been. They did have a series cut out due to COVID, but overall this group has hit the ball well.

kansas city royals28. Kansas City Royals

2020 Record: 7-10

Kansas City has at least been a competitive team, and this is another group featuring many young names. They will have a series against Detroit to potentially get them to .500.

seattle mariners29. Seattle Mariners

2020 Record: 6-11

The 2020 season was going to be a glimpse of some future players for Seattle. They have allowed a whopping 104 runs, but at least Kyle Lewis is showing his potential upside.

pittsburgh pirates30. Pittsburgh Pirates

2020 Record: 3-13

There weren’t many expectations coming into the year for Pittsburgh, but they have struggled out of the gates. Pitching is an issue, as they have allowed 94 runs so far in 16 games.


What Are MLB Power Rankings?

MLB Power Rankings are a weekly list of where each team ranks over the course of the MLB season. Updates are made based on standings, as well as how teams are holding up with injuries.

How Long Is The 2020 MLB Season?

Due to Covid-19, the MLB season in 2020 will be just 60 games. The start date was July 23rd, and the final date of the regular season will be September 27th. MLB Playoffs will shortly follow.

When Do 2020 MLB Playoffs Start?

With the season projected to end on September 27th, the MLB playoffs are expected to follow on September 29th. All scheduled dates are subjected to change if games continue to be postponed.

Who Is Favored To Win The 2020 World Series?

The New York Yankees are the current favorites to win the 2020 World Series. The DraftKings Sportsbook has them listed at +350. The Los Angeles Dodgers are close, sitting at +375.

How Often Do MLB Power Rankings Change?

MLB Power Rankings will change once a week. This is usually about 6-7 games per team to help their case for moving up the rankings. Rankings will run through the end of the regular season.

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