2021 NBA Power Rankings (Updated 3/10/2021)

After a quick turnaround after the NBA Finals in the bubble, we are up and running for the 2020-21 NBA season. You can check in weekly to find updated power rankings and analysis on all 30 teams. The NBA will play a condensed season, shortening the year by playing 72 games. You can reference the NBA starting lineups for all NBA teams in real-time while doing your research. Betting on the NBA is now legal in the US. If you’re interested in betting on the 2021 futures of your favorite NBA team, you can legally bet. If you’re located in Pennsylvania, New York, or New Jersey, you can bet on sports. Our Top 3 online sportsbooks are DraftKings Sportsbook, FanDuel Sportsbook & Monkey Knife Fight.

Brooklyn Nets

1. Brooklyn Nets

2019-2020 Record 24-13 Previous Rank: 3

Kevin Durant has been missing the last few weeks, but that doesn’t matter in the regular season when Kyrie Irving and James Harden are playing at this level. The Nets will also be adding pieces in the front court.

Utah Jazz

2. Utah Jazz

2020-2021 Record: 27-9 Previous Rank: 7

Utah closed out the first half with a tremendous stretch and has been playing unreal team basketball. However, we know the Jazz are a good regular season team. Can they continue it in the postseason?

philadelphia 76ers

3. Philadelphia 76ers

2020-2021 Record: 24-12 Previous Rank: 5

Joel Embiid is having an MVP-winning-type season and is very important to this team. While I think the 76ers still need to find another shooter, this team is certainly top-five in the league.

Los Angeles Lakers4. Los Angeles Lakers

2020-2021 Record: 24-13 Previous Rank: 1

The absence of Anthony Davis can clearly be felt by the Lakers, who have dropped off on both sides of the ball. Dennis Schroder was also out for a bit, so this is more related to injury and covid issues.

phoenix suns

5. Phoenix Suns

2020-2021 Record: 24-11 Previous Rank: 8

Yes, the Phoenix Suns are a top-five team in the league currently. Chris Paul has this team playing well and Devin Booker looks like his old self after a couple of quiet weeks to start the season.

Milwaukee Bucks6. Milwaukee Bucks

2020-2021 Record: 22-14 Previous Rank: 2

There are concerns about Milwaukee against the elite teams in the league but they have played better before the break. Giannis Antetokounmpo continues his unreal stretch as well.

Denver Nuggets

7. Denver Nuggets

2020-2021 Record: 21-15 Previous Rank: 10

As mentioned in prior rankings, I expect the Nuggets to flip the switch at some point. That has happened. Jamal Murray has picked up his play and Nikola Jokic continues to post historic numbers.

Los Angeles Clippers

8. LA Clippers

2020-2021 Record: 24-14 Previous Rank: 4

My complaint with the Clippers continues to be how they will score and defend outside of George and Leonard. The supporting cast dropped off from last year and that might force them to make a move.

Portland Trail Blazers

9. Portland Trail Blazers

2020-2021 Record: 21-14 Previous Rank: 13

Damian Lillard should be a top-three MVP candidate in my opinion. This team is in the middle of the west despite missing Nurkic and McCollum over the last few weeks.

Dallas Mavericks

10. Dallas Mavericks

2020-2021 Record: 18-16 Previous Rank: 11

Dallas was struggling to get their complete lineup together for most of the first half and Doncic was struggling to get into shape. Both of those things have changed and Dallas looks like a real threat again.

Boston Celtics11. Boston Celtics

2020-2021 Record: 19-17 Previous Rank: 6

Boston continues to be one of those teams you don’t know what you will get each game. Kemba Walker has started to flash some all-star moments, the secondary scoring options remain lackluster.

Miami Heat

12. Miami Heat

2020-2021 Record: 18-18 Previous Rank: 15

Miami has still had a disappointing season but went on a 7-3 stretch over the final ten games before the break. They will be looking to prove last year wasn’t a fluke run.

San Antonio Spurs

13. San Antonio Spurs

2020-2021 Record: 18-14 Previous Rank: 14

San Antonio continues to fly under the radar when it comes to having a strong season. Keldon Johnson deserves a big shoutout here for the leap he has taken and the same goes for the backcourt.

Toronto Raptors

14. Toronto Raptors

2020-2021 Record: 17-19 Previous Rank: 18

Toronto was one of those teams that were a bit unlucky to begin the year but now the record is starting to even out. While they are not an elite team anymore, they can still cause problems for anybody.

New York Knicks

15. New York Knicks

2020-2021 Record: 19-18 Previous Rank: 21

I don’t think many expected the Knicks to be competitive this season, but the Thibs effect has come into play. We will see how they handle the roster at the trade deadline.

Golden State Warriors

16. Golden State Warriors

2020-2021 Record: 19-18 Previous Rank: 12

If there is anything to be found within the Warriors season, it is that Stephen Curry is one of the most valuable players. They are hovering around .500 and are still in contention despite a weak supporting cast.

Memphis Grizzlies

17. Memphis Grizzlies

2020-2021 Record: 16-16 Previous Rank: 19

Memphis has started to get healthier and we have seen them put together some sound stretches of play. I like this unit and wouldn’t want to play them in an early-round or in play-in games.

Charlotte Hornets

18. Charlotte Hornets

2020-2021 Record: 17-18 Previous Rank: 25

Charlotte has been a very fun team to watch and now wins are starting to amount. LaMelo Ball is the heavy front-runner for the ROY award and the Hornets will be in a playoff hunt.

Indiana Pacers

19. Indiana Pacers

2020-2021 Record: 16-19 Previous Rank: 9

Indiana was a top-four team in the eastern standings for much of the first half but now find themselves spiraling downhill. Consistency continues to be a problem as is the offense at times.

Chicago Bulls

20. Chicago Bulls

2020-2021 Record: 16-18 Previous Rank: 24

Zach LaVine continues to carry the Bulls each night and their record would be a heck of a lot worse without the backcourt playing the way that it is. We will see if Chicago makes a move over the next few weeks.

New Orleans Pelicans

21. New Orleans Pelicans

2020-2021 Record: 15-21 Previous Rank: 20

We are starting to see New Orleans come alive and what a team would look like if the offense was revolved around Zion. The roster still remains something that needs some fine-tuning but the improvement has been there.

Atlanta Hawks

22. Atlanta Hawks

2020-2021 Record: 16-20 Previous Rank: 16

After a respectable start to the season, Atlanta has had a major dropoff. There are some concerns about the style of play with Trae Young, John Collins’ contract, and the absence of Hunter.

Oklahoma City Thunder

23. Oklahoma City Thunder

2020-2021 Record: 15-21 Previous Rank: 22

The record has improved a bit as the Thunder have a year to look at what they have and begin to use their plethora of draft picks. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander remains the star to watch here.

Sacramento Kings

24. Sacramento Kings

2020-2021 Record: 14-22 Previous Rank: 27

Tyrese Haliburton has been a bright spot and a steal in the draft. But this team is too inconsistent and is allowing over 120 points per game. The lack of roster direction continues.

Washington Wizards

25. Washington Wizards

2020-2021 Record: 14-20 Previous Rank: 28

Despite a backcourt of Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal, the Wizards are struggling to win games. The defense has been an issue for the last few seasons and that is no different in 2021.

Orlando Magic

26. Orlando Magic

2020-2021 Record: 13-23 Previous Rank: 17

Orlando is in a deep slide after a hot start, and the offense continues to be the issue as they average just 104 points per game. The bottom of the East has been more competitive, and that has hurt the Magic.

houston rockets27. Houston Rockets

2020-2021 Record: 11-23 Previous Rank: 26

The Christian Wood absence was felt for Houston as they had a 13-game winning streak since his injury. Overall this team has been struggling regardless, especially with their offensive numbers.

Cleveland Cavaliers

28. Cleveland Cavaliers

2020-2021 Record: 14-22 Previous Rank: 23

Cleveland is a young team and was another team part of the trade for Harden, but ended up with Jarrett Allen. A fun young team to watch and challenge at times, and potentially could see Drummond depart.

Minnesota Timberwolves

29. Minnesota Timberwolves

2020-2021 Record: 7-29 Previous Rank: 29

Minnesota turned over their head coaching job before the All-Star break, and Chris Finch is the man in charge. Helping some notable big men of late, we will see if Finch can get this team moving around KAT.

Detroit Pistons

30. Detroit Pistons

2020-2021 Record: 10-26 Previous Rank: 30

Detroit has moved on from Blake Griffin and overall they need to truly find a rebuilding process. With some talented draft classes coming up, the Detroit Pistons won’t mind being at the bottom of the league.

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