ACC Championship Game (12/7/19): Virginia vs. Clemson

Virginia (9-3) takes on one of the best teams in the country in Clemson (12-0) this Saturday. There doesn’t seem to be much hope for Virginia in this game. Clemson critics look to their weak schedule as being overrated. However, these people are wrong as Clemson has proven every week that they’re the real deal this year. The Cavilers will get their David vs. Goliath chance at pulling off an insane upset on Saturday. As of writing this, 64 percent are siding with Clemson as 28-point favorites, and 87 percent of bettors are going 57.5 points.

TV Schedule

Date: Saturday, December 7, 2019
Time: 7:30 PM ET
Location: Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, North Carolina
Coverage: ABC

Virginia Analysis

On Offense

Virginia beat Virginia Tech in one of the craziest finishes of Rivalry Weekend. Their prize is facing Clemson in the ACC Championship Game. Across the board the Cavilers are outmatched. Virginia is averaging 32 points per game, which is 35th in the country. However, they rank 90th in yards per play and 100th in yards per rush. Clemson’s defensive line is so much more dominant that Virginia’s offensive line. This is going to be an 1200px Virginia Cavaliers sabreimpossible task to move the ball on the Tigers. Passing isn’t much better. Although the Cavilers rank 40th in passing success, Clemson has the best pass defense in the country. Also, Virginia doesn’t have an explosive offense, so this isn’t going to be something they could get a few big plays on. All in all, this is going to be a long night for the Virginia offense.

On Defense

The Cavilers defense is better than their offense, and has a chance to at least slow down the Tigers offense. Virginia ranks 20th in success rate and 38th in points per game allowed. They don’t have an edge on the line on the defensive side of the ball, but rank 22nd in creating havoc. This is can be something Virginia can use to their advantage to disrupt Trevor Lawrence and what he wants to do with the ball. Also, Virginia has one of the best pass defenses in the country ranking eighth. However, they struggle defending the runs and explosive plays. This is going to allow Clemson to control drives and move the ball when needed. The Cavilers might be able to slow down Clemson on offense, but at the end of the day, they aren’t going to slow it down that much.

Clemson Analysis

On Offense

Clemson is again one of the best teams in the country. People have looked at their weak schedule and questioned whether this team is real or not, but they have gone out every game since their UNC matchup and proved it. The Tigers have covered six of their last seven games, which shows how much of a liability they have been to Vegas. Their offense comes in ranked 12th in the country in success rate, and rank fourth in points per game. They have the edge over Virginia in the trenches, and have a better rushing game and have the ability to create explosive plays Saturday. Virginia’s defense is solid, but this shouldn’t slowdown Clemson. They might be held to 35 points in stead of 45 on Saturday, but the Tigers offense should roll regardless.

On Defense

The Tigers have one of the best defenses in the country. They rank fist in points per game allowed and yards per game allowed. Also, they’re second in success rate and yards per play allowed. Anyway someone looks at it, clemson tigersClemson is the real deal on defense. They should handle the Virginia offense comfortably. The Cavilers have no edge, or anything they’re particularly good at that could give Clemson’s defense a tough time. Also the Tigers rank sixth in havoc created, so it probably won’t be hard for them to create it on Saturday. There isn’t much to say other than the Tigers will roll on defense this weekend. The miracle it will take for Virginia to do anything will be incredible.

Betting Pick: Clemson -28

Clemson has covered six of their last seven games, which is pretty surprising considering Clemson is a public team. Vegas would almost inflate Clemson lines to get some money back, but that hasn’t been the case. However, the Tigers should have no issues taking care of Virginia os Saturday. 28-points is a lot to cover in a conference championship game, but Clemson is good enough to do it. The Cavilers don’t have much of an edge in anything in this matchup.

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