Baltimore Ravens NFL Draft Picks & Grades 2022: Kyle Hamilton Strengthens an Already Menacing Secondary

The Baltimore Ravens are one of the few teams to legitimately alter their public perception over the course of this year’s draft. Having picked up top positional talent with guys like S Kyle Hamilton and C Tyler Linderbaum in the first round and players in the 2nd and 3rd round who many considered first round talents, it’s hard not to give the Baltimore Ravens an A draft grade for their 2022 performance. Below, our experts at Lineups breakdown each Baltimore Ravens draft pick for a full 2022 draft recap.

Baltimore Ravens Draft Picks 2022

Round 1 No.14 S Kyle Hamilton
Round 1 No. 25 C Tyler Linderbaum
Round 2 No. 45 OLB David Ojabo
Round 3 No. 76 DT Travis Jones
Round 4 No. 110 OT Daniel Faalele
Round 4 No. 119 CB Jalyn Armour-Davis
Round 4 No. 128 TE Charlie Kolar
Round 4 No. 130 P Jordan Stout
Round 4 No. 139 TE Isaiah Likely
Round 4 No. 141 CB Damarion Williams
Round 6 No. 196 RB Tyler Badie

Overall Draft Grade: A+

Analysis: The Baltimore Ravens entered the draft with arguably the best secondary in football and left with the best safety prospect since Jalen Ramsey. They reinforced their offensive line with an incredibly athletic lateral player in Tyler Linderbaum — a guy who could easily play G if need be. They got a discount on one of the best edge rushers in this year’s draft because of David Ojabo’s injuries and a really solid tackle in Travis Jones. Each of these guys have the talent to make an impact immediately, Ojabo withstanding given injuries.

Baltimore Ravens Draft Grades 2022

Round: 1 Pick: 14 / Kyle Hamilton, S, Notre Dame

Hamilton’s straight line speed may be average but his overall measurables jump out. He’s 6’4” 220 lbs and runs a 6.90 three cone. He didn’t bench press at the combine but his size and speed combination allows him to play up front. He can play up in the run game and is versatile in man and zone coverage. What separates Hamilton from other players on the board is intelligence. He’s got a great nose for how plays develop and has phenomenal ball skills. He takes great angles and is a physical player in the run game. If there’s a chance at an interception, he comes down with the ball more often than he doesn’t.

Grade: A+

Round: 1 Pick: 25 / Tyler Linderbaum, C, Iowa

Linderbaum was arguably the top offensive line prospect in this draft class. He has a great leverage/speed combination along with the ability to get up to the second level faster than any lineman in the draft. He’s a punisher in the run game and maintains his balance at all levels. He’s got great read and react skills that he couples with punishing hands and great lateral quickness. Everything except size is there. As the Ravens GM Eric Decosta said, “if he were an inch taller and his arms were a half inch longer, he’d be a top 5 pick”.

Grade: A+

Round: 2 Pick: 45 / David Ojabo, OLB, Michigan

Up until David Ojabo tore his achilles, he was widely considered a first round pick and a top 5 edge rusher in this year’s draft. There’s potential he sits a good chunk of the first season, but assuming there aren’t many last repercussions from his achilles injury, admittedly a big if, then this pick will go down as an absolute steal. The guy has only played football for 5 years and ran a 10.83 in the 100 yard dash in high school. With good coaching and refinement, he has the opportunity to become a punishing force on what’s shaping up to be a scary defense.

Grade: A-

Round: 3 Pick: 76 / Travis Jones, DT, UCONN

Travis Jones is another guy who could’ve easily been taken in the 2nd round and no one would’ve batted an eye. The guy is a great tackler in the run game and does a phenomenal job of shedding blocks. He’s an overall highly intelligent player too. Many times in college he would hide behind blocks almost as if to disguise an opening only to shed the block at the perfect moment and make a tackle. He will be a great complement on the interior to Calaris Campbell on the edge.

Grade: A

Round: 4 Pick: 110 / Daniel Faalele, OT, Minnesota

Faalele has all the right physical qualities you’d look for in an NFL tackle. 6’8”, long arms, and overall athletic build make him an attractive player once you enter the 4th round. Generally, he has great upside but will need to be refined quite a bit. He doesn’t have the best hands and can struggle at maintaining leverage. Coaching and scheme fit will likely make or break Faalele’s career, but there’s undoubtedly a lot to work with.

Grade: B

Round: 4 Pick: 119 / Jalyn Armour-Davis, CB, Alabama

Armour-Davis will be walking into a secondary that features Marcus Peters, Marcus Williams, Marlon Humphrey, and Kyle Hamilton on day 1. A product of Alabama, Armour-Davis only saw one year as a starter and had a good not great year. He’s got a great speed and size combination and has flashed playmaking ability, but with no consistency. Receivers who are able to adjust to body language and make quick inside cuts will be a problem for him, though he certainly has room to grow.

Grade: B

Round: 4 Pick: 128 / Charlie Kolar, TE, Iowa State

This was the Raven’s first pick that I found somewhat skeptical. Kolar undoubtedly has great hands and is a solid blocker, but TE is far from a position of need for the Ravens and Kolar would go on to become the first of two TE’s taken by the Ravens in this fourth round. This pick certainly signals some of what Harbaugh wants to do personnel wise on the offensive side of the ball in 2022, and it will be interesting to see how he moves both Kolar and Likely around

Grade: C

Round: 4 Pick: 130 / Jordan Stout, P, Penn State

A punter in name but really a jack of all trades when it comes to special teams. Stout averaged 46 yards per punt in college, with 35 landing inside the 20 compared to only 3 touchbacks. As a kickoff specialist, Stout’s kickoffs resulted in touchbacks on 59 of 65 attempts. He’s also capable of kicking long field goals in the case that Justin Tucker gets injured — making a career long 57 yarder at Penn State.

Grade: B

Round: 4 Pick: 139 / Isaiah Likely, TE, Coastal Carolina

Similar to Charlie Kolar, I like Isiah Likely as a prospect, but I think the fit here is interesting. Given this team gave up Marquise Brown, you’d think they’d be hunting for a WR at some point in the 4th round given they had 6 picks. Instead, they went with two TE’s — drafting the better prospect of the two second. Likely will have a chance to shine, though, especially when they run 2 TE packages. If he lives up to his profile, this offense could shape up to be a safety’s worst nightmare.

Grade: B+

Round: 4 Pick: 144 / Damarrion Williams, CB, Houston

Williams doesn’t have the best measurables but he’s an athletic, durable player. Given his leadership qualities, he’s a solid pickup at this point in the draft. He isn’t super long and can be more easily discarded than you’d like for a corner but is great at changing direction quickly. In many ways he acts as a foil to Jayln Armour-Davis.

Grade: B+

Round: 6 Pick: 196 / Tyler Badie, RB, Missouri

Though he is a bit shorter, Badie is a solid pass catcher with a great motor. The Ravens get JK Dobbins back from injury this season, and Badie could be a nice complementary piece to a Ravens team that loves speed out of the back field. Overall, he’s a shifty back who uses every ounce of his nearly 200lb frame.

Grade: A

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