Best DFS Sites for Super Bowl 2024: Strategy & Promo Codes For Underdog, PrizePicks, & More

Daily Fantasy Sports have been rapidly growing in popularity and serve as a fun alternative betting angle for those interested in that market leading to the big game. With more platforms than ever before, here is a list of some of the best DFS sites for you to use for the Super Bowl.

DFS Super Bowl Strategy

By wagering on DFS, you are essentially picking from a pool of players who you think will perform the best on that day. You are given a budget so you have to be strategic about building your lineup, being better off finding value on low-cost players while spending the bigger dollars on those who have a heavy usage like Christian McCaffrey.

Not all apps listed below are traditional DFS type platforms as some of the newer books have transitioned to more of a Pick’em DFS style of wagering. When using a Pick’em style DFS site, you are basically making a parlay of player props for high payouts. Heading into the Super Bowl, both teams may focus on attacking each other’s weakness in run stopping which gives value towards the overs for each other’s running backs and unders for their pass catchers.

Best Daily Fantasy Sites: Top Apps & Bonuses

Daily Fantasy Site
Lineups Rating
Promo Code
Play Now
PrizePicks Fantasy Logo
$100 Bonus
100% Deposit Match up to $100
UnderDog Fantasy
$100 Bonus
Up To $100 Deposit Match + Free Pick’Em Special
Sleeper Fantasy Logo
$500 Bonus
100% Deposit Match up to $500
Betr Fantasy Logo
$500 Bonus
100% Deposit Match up to $500

DraftKings DFS

One of the original DFS sites that have been around for years, DraftKings remains on top of the list of best traditional DFS platforms. It’s an easy to use app, presents plenty of different types of contests and cash games, and has a friendly user interface. Much like the DraftKings sportsbook, their DFS app also has plenty of promos for you to make some extra cash as well.

FanDuel DFS

Like DraftKings DFS, FanDuel DFS has also been around for a while and remains as one of the most popular DFS apps as well. FanDuel DFS also has a friendly user interface with a plethora of contests and games for you to choose from. You can play for as little as $1, giving new users the opportunity to test it out for little risk to see if they like DFS or not.

Prize Picks

While DraftKings and FanDuel DFS are platforms to build lineups against others, Prize Picks is a Pick’em DFS. Instead of taking on others, you pick more or less on player prop stats in the form of a parlay. The more props you add into a wager the higher the potential payout. They offer an abundance of sports that you can pick and choose from while making these parlays, as well as occasionally offering promos and free squares to help you make some cash.


Following the footsteps of Prize Picks, Underdog swiftly came in with the same style of wagering while also churning out new and innovative ways to bet. They have recently exploded in popularity due to their best ball contests, bringing in more variety to go with their Pick’em style of games as well. Factor in their app being easy to use and user-friendly and Underdog has cemented themselves as a major player moving forward in the industry.


An app for fantasy football and expansive mock drafting, now dipping their toes with DFS Pick’em with instant success. What differentiates Sleeper from the other apps is that they make it easy to go against your friends, creating private leagues to battle each other for bragging rights. Their social aspect may be a feature other apps will use moving forward, making Sleeper the pioneer of social DFS wagering.

Betr Picks

Betr Picks is one of the newest apps in the space, providing both a sportsbook and DFS Pick’em platform. They don’t really differentiate from the other books other than arguably having one of the biggest celebrities to the younger crowd in Logan Paul, as well as having one of the bigger payouts by being able to build a Pick’em parlay to pay out 100x. Other than the 100x type wagers, Betr seems to be just another typical DFS site that may struggle to break away from a crowded industry.

Boom Fantasy

Much like the previously mentioned apps, Boom Fantasy is also a Pick’em DFS site. How Boom Fantasy differentiates itself is that they throw in longshots and favorites instead of 50/50 type wagers, affecting the payouts as well. Boom Fantasy also excels with their user-friendly promos, routinely throwing out risk free promos where you can combine a free square with one other prop for a high chance to cash. The beauty of those promos’ is should your square lose then you lose nothing at all.


Like Sleeper, Fluff bases their model on being a social app to differentiate in a crowded DFS space. It’s a unique app where you can play for fun or play for prizes, using Fliff cash to build up enough money in order to make a cash withdrawal. The issue with Fliff is that they have a relatively small selection of sports to wager on, as well as potentially looking to gimmick to retain their customer base. Should the social aspect continue to grow in popularity, as well as release more sports to wager on, then expect Fliff to climb up the boards as a viable app for people to use.


One of the least popular DFS sites in a crowded industry, SuperDraft has struggled to differentiate from its competitors due to its high rollovers and lack of unique aspects. They do offer a plethora of promos and bonuses that appeal to its users, but they can only retain their customers’ attention for so long before they are deemed not worth staying around for. Factor in a lackluster customer support and it’s tough to see SuperDraft surviving against far more established apps.

Kody is a sports betting writer here at Lineups. He specializes in college sports as well as the NFL and NBA. He won’t quit believing in the Lions Super Bowl chances even when they are eliminated.

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