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A lot of teams have made decisions to change up their looks, but not all of them have been for the better. The Chargers and Bucs are two of the teams that have gone back to a more throwback look and have succeeded, and other teams like the Falcons and Rams went for big switches and have drawn criticism from their fanbases. Take a look below at our list of the top 10 uniforms in the NFL.

1. Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers are moving into a new stadium and this offseason they announced some new uniforms as well. They overhauled their logo and uniforms this season going back to the old powder blues full time. They had normally been reserved for special occasions but we will see the powder blues all season long in 2020 and beyond. Another big thing people like about the new uniforms is the return of the number on the helmet, which is a classic look we saw with the Chargers back in the days. Overall these uniforms.

2. Seattle Seahawks

Seattle underwent a big redesign from Nike in 2012 and in my opinion, it has paid off in a big way. They can go simple with all navy uniforms or go for a splash with the neon green kit which is one of the best color rush options in the league. But my favorite has to be all navy because it works so well with the neon secondary color and allows the players to wear some pretty crazy neon shoes if they choose. They aren’t loved by all but they are one of the best in the league in my eyes.


3. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens haven’t had a real uniform refresh in a while but I love their black, white and purple color scheme. They also tend to mix and match different pieces of their uniform because everything goes well with their classic black helmet. My personal favorite is the black pants with purple jersey combo but you can’t really miss with any of these options in my opinion. People will bring up the outdated number style but in the grand scheme of things that means very little to me.


4. Green Bay Packers

When it comes to best uniforms the Packers might not be the first team to come to mind but they have a classic uniform that will never go out of style. The green and yellow combo is unique and as long as they don’t wear their throwbacks they are easy to look at. They have received praise for their white on white combo that they wear on the road in select games. These uniforms go perfectly with the yellow helmets and should be worn more and more often. The Packers are a classic team with a great classic uniform.


5. New Orleans Saints

The Saints have a very basic uniform but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be top tier on our list. The gold pants and helmet look of their away uniforms are very nice but their best combo is the color rush package. The color rush uni’s are white on white with gold numbers and stripes which is up there for me with the Seahawks as one of the best color rush combinations in the NFL. If you like the simplistic style the Saints do that right.


6. Pittsburgh Steelers

Like the Packers, the Steelers have a classic uniform that hasn’t changed much over the years. Fun fact, they are the only team in the NFL with a logo on their helmets that is only on one side. You can’t go wrong with either the home or away combo but personally I like the home black and yellow is the most. You won’t see many combinations and changes with Pittsburgh, other than the all-black color rush, but it works and people around the world notice when the Steelers are on TV.


7. San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers uniforms are classic. Even though I am not a fan of their all-black uniforms with the gold helmets, everything else they offer is great. The red with gold pants is something we are used to but the all-white with red numbers pairs great with the gold helmet and it has become one of my new favorites in the league. We better get used to seeing these more often with the 49ers on the rise after a trip to the Super Bowl last year, and as long as they aren’t wearing the all-black uni’s I won’t mind.


8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs uniforms were not the best in prior seasons but with Tom Brady and company joining the team this season it lined up perfectly for a change. In 2020, like the Chargers, the Bucs will return to a more retro look that we saw with the team when they were led by Jon Gruden. They now have a white, red, and brown main colored jersey and their new helmet this year will also be brown with a red logo.

9. Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders are making the move to Las Vegas this season but they will not be making any major uniform changes to associate with the move. They have a simple black, white, and silver color scheme but it all works perfectly with their classic silver helmet. My personal favorite Raiders uniforms are their all-white combo with the silver numbers. They seem to pair better than the black numbers and it is a lot like what the 49ers are doing with their “throwback” all whites. The Raiders have a timeless look and we will not likely see any major changes with them in a while.

10. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are an interesting team on this list because as a whole nobody really thinks about them having good uniforms. They have one of my favorite color schemes in the league but the execution isn’t the best with all the combos. However, the all-black uniforms paired with the teal and the white pants with teal jersey are great. The road whites leave a lot to be desired but with new ownership, this is a team that could see a big redesign sometime in the near future.


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