Cam Akers Injury Update For Super Bowl LVI

Cam Akers Injury Update For Super Bowl LVI

At the beginning of the 2021 NFL regular season, Rams fans were hit with the disappointing news that their starting running back, Cam Akers, suffered a torn Achilles injury. An injury of that magnitude usually leaves players on the sideline for nine months. However, Akers made a vow to his quarterback that he would return to the field when postseason games began. He followed through on his promise and was able to make it back on the field in a monumental six months for the last game in the regular season against the San Francisco 49ers. When playing the 49ers again in the NFC Championship game, Akers was struck in the shoulder and was removed from the game for a short while. He returned to the game but was labeled as questionable throughout the following week. As the Super Bowl game nears, fans and players were crossing their fingers in the hope he would return, and he has finally been cleared.

Akers’ Importance to Rams’ Offense

Cam Akers is the starting running back of the Los Angeles Rams despite being absent from the team from Week 1 to Week 17 of the regular season. After his Achilles injury, Akers returned to the field and secured 151 yards on 57 attempts in his four games. Akers had a very short season with the Rams this year, but his undefeatable spirit is a key to the Rams’ offense. Although his absence still allowed for the Rams to win the NFC West title, his presence would have made the team even more explosive. Last year, Akers was able to help push his team to the NFC Divisional round, putting up 221 yards in the two postseason games. He is a threat on the field and a lifting spirit off the field that can help give the Rams the boost of confidence they need going into this Super Bowl matchup.

Cam Akers Injury Update

Akers was struck in the shoulder when he played in the NFC Championship game, which pushed him back on the sideline for over 40 snaps. He was able to return to that game, but coaches wanted to ensure his health before starting him in his first Super Bowl appearance. He has been cleared from his shoulder injury after a limited practice on Wednesday and has been able to participate in a full practice on Thursday. Hopefully, Cam Akers will be able to stay healthy throughout the entirety of this Super Bowl game to help his team strive for their first Super Bowl title in Los Angeles.

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