CeeDee Lamb NFL Draft Prospect Profile 2020 (Scouting Report)

It is between CeeDee Lamb and Jerry Jeudy for the best wideout in the draft, and there are many people predicting that he will be the first wide receiver off the board. Some say he could connect with Kyler Murray at Arizona and get that Sooner connection going again. Lamb is a true playmaker with excellent speed and athleticism. His work in the open field is truly something to watch. The team that lands him will get a true touchdown threat anytime he touches the ball. Lamb produced all three years of college at Oklahoma, in what was a pass heavy offense. Projected to go within the first half of the first round, Lamb has a chance to make an impact early on in his career.

College Production


If you are looking for college production, CeeDee Lamb certainly brought it. He had double-digit touchdowns in his final two years, and produced over 20 yards per reception in his Junior year. Even in his Freshman season, he posted a 47-807-7 line. 2019 was a monster year for him, as he was the go-to guy with Jalen Hurts under center. Within the Big 12, he ranked first in receiving touchdowns and yards per reception. He was third in touchdowns, and sixth in the NCAA in receiving yards. Benefiting from a pass happy attack and a bad Oklahoma defense, Lamb excelled. The day one production is what is really impressive, and he remained consistent in all three seasons.

Video Breakdown

No surprise to see CeeDee Lamb dominating highlight tapes. He is much more than a home run threat, as he is one of the top playmakers in the draft. His speed in the open field makes him a threat to score after every catch. At 0:20 we see the catch at almost a complete stop, and then quick spin to the house. The acceleration after the catch separates him from some of the other wideouts in this draft. In just the play after, he sheds a tackle in the open field and once again finds the end zone. Texas Tech certainly did showcase how not to tackle. At 1:30 he shows off more moves in the open field, and he is a tough guy to bring down in space. You might remember this one, but at 1:54 the open field magic he brings is at another level. In most of this video Lamb is blowing by almost everyone or in some sort of space. At 3:22 we see him get up in coverage and find the ball.


  • Route Running
  • Hands
  • Catch In Traffic
  • Yards After Catch
  • Footwork
  • High Motor
  • Blocking
  • Line Up Multiple Positions
  • Agility

Lamb has terrific route running skills, and his quick feet and fluid motions help him get open in various ways. He is going to be a tough cover on quick slants, and his cuts in general are at another level. His ability to get behind zone coverage is going to be an issue for opposing defenses, and we saw that at Oklahoma as well. The highlight reel focuses on his ability to work after the catch. I talk about his speed a bit below, but his agility and acceleration is fantastic. He is tough to bring down in the open field, and his high motor after the catch adds to that. Lamb should have no problem lining up all over the field at the NFL level. He also works well in run blocking, and a lot of this is tied to his effort. Lamb is excellent at going up and getting the ball, and has excellent hands. He will be a reliable option for whoever is throwing his way.


  • None

If you have found your way to a few scouting reports already, you might see they have speed as a negative for Lamb. This is a bit odd. While he isn’t going to run a 4.3 – 4.4 and be DeSean Jackson, he is going to be extremely productive with what he has. Lamb should run right around a 4.5, and he has that open field speed to deliver big plays after the catch. He also has enough agility to make guys miss and still be a vertical threat with his footwork. Not every wide receiver needs to have elite speed, so this is not a con for me.

NFL Comparison

Odell Beckham is a little bit smaller and has a bit more speed, but the similarities are there. He has an excellent catch radius, and his agility and burst is strong. Lamb resembles a very similar skillset. They can go up and make highlight reel catches, and that big play potential off quick slants is also there. The draft spot is going to be similar, and Lamb’s upside can certainly look like OBJ’s career.

Best/Worst Fit

I think many would like to see Lamb in Arizona with Kyler Murray, as that would elevate that offense to another level. However, I like his fit in Indianapolis with Frank Reich. The Colts are in dire need of a playmaker, and Lamb can fit that role. He is a hard worker and Colts fans will adore that. While Indy is still figuring out their quarterback situation there are worse spots he could land. New York and Oakland still are places where I could see production being limited given the offensive line play for the Jets still and then both quarterback spots still being questionable.

Skill Ratings + Breakdown

Hands – 9

Lamb really excels in this department, where we saw him make a wide variety of catches. He has excellent radius on slant routes, and will go and get the ball. Lamb also plays extremely well in the air, and makes some highlight catches.

Routes – 9

He is diverse in his route tree and we saw quite a bit of versatility at Oklahoma. Lamb is going to be a problem underneath in the NFL, but he can push his routes down field as well.

Agility – 8

Lamb has tremendous footwork, and I like the acceleration from stopping points after his catch. He is a problem in the open field, and is very elusive.

Speed – 8

As mentioned above, I think his speed is a bit underrated. He has decent burst and in the open field is a real threat to break it all the way. Lamb may not have that Mike Wallace type vertical threat, but that’s fine.

Blocking – 8

This is an overlooked part of his game. He isn’t the biggest wideout in the field, but he puts in all the effort. We saw him turn defenders outside, which was a plus for the Oklahoma run game.

Size – 7

A bit slim, and could bulk up just a tad for the NFL. The 6’2 frame though gives him length to make big plays.

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