Daily MVP Film Breakdown: Bradley Beal’s First Triple Double

Bradley Beal made the most of his opportunity to control the game with John Wall out against Phoenix, scoring 40 points in his first career triple double and coming up clutch at the end of a triple overtime thriller.

Beal is constantly overlooked as Wall’s sidekick on a Wizards team that hasn’t done much of note. He’s talented, 25 years young, and now he has as many 40-point games in Washington as Michael Jordan did.

Beal’s unconventional style jumps off the screen when you watch his tape, especially in the way he handles the ball. He plays at his own speed, and changes that speed several times per drive. His arhythmic dribble keeps defenders off balance, and he’s so smart about using that to his advantage.

Beal’s finishes at the rim are just as creative and nuanced as his dribbling. He knows exactly how to manipulate the defense, and he absolutely loves to freestyle while floating under the basket.

Keeping the defense off balance is Beal’s specialty, and he does it in a variety of ways. He always seems to be thinking ahead to how his move will move the defense, playing multi-level chess while rookie DeAndre Ayton attempts to play defense.

Beal’s teammates also benefit from his wonky style and high-level understanding of the game. Anybody who can break the defense down off the dribble like this can create for himself and anyone else. He dropped 15 dimes in this game.

Thomas Bryant was the primary beneficiary. He scored 31 points on perfect 14/14 shooting, and that’s not all that surprising considering Beal dropped him seven dimes on some very high percentage looks.

Beal really started to get hot as the game got late and close. With his Wizards down and desperately in need of a spark, he provided it with an offensive board and tip in.

Even though he did most of his damage off the bounce, Beal also displayed his ability to hit outside shots late in the game. This game is often about getting hot at the right time, and that’s what Beal did.

In the extra periods, Beal showed all of the stylistic nuance that makes him special. On this play, he attacks at exactly the right split second to beat both defenders and get Bryant another easy dunk.

Beal scored 10 of his 40 points in the third overtime period. He must have been exhausted after playing over 50 minutes, but it did not show as he attacked the rim.

Even after all of that, the Suns still had a chance to send the game to quadruple overtime. Beal made sure that didn’t happen.

It was a Herculean effort from Beal, and he showed that he can do some special things with the basketball if given the opportunity.

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