Daily MVP Film Breakdown: John Wall, Point God

John Wall is averaging the third-most assists in the NBA, and he dropped some of the filthiest dimes of the year in Sunday night’s 40-point, 14-assist performance against the Lakers.

The 12-18 Wizards are certainly struggling, and Wall has several significant and well-documented flaws as a player, but games like these remind us why the nine-year veteran has been an All Star for the last five seasons.

Wall’s ability to push the pace and create baskets in transitions is one of his main calling cards, and it featured prominently in this game. There are only a handful of point guards capable of going baseline to baseline in five dribbles and finish over anybody, but that’s what Wall does for a living.

Wall completely commands the attention of the defense on the break, and that’s when he makes some truly dazzling passes.

Wall also made a ton of plays in the half-court offense. He had the gravitational pull of a small planet, consistently pulling multiple defenders into his orbit before ishing it off for a high-percentage look.

The night before, LeBron and Lonzo became the first Laker teammates to have triple doubles in the same game since Magic and Kareem, and they looked quite tired from that effort. Los Angeles pretty much lost this game in the first half, and they played the second half like it didn’t matter.

This made for a stark contrast with the notably energized Wall. He’s often maligned for sluggish, sedentary play, but he was the hardest-working man in the league on this night. He electrified the arena with saucy passes, crazy dribble moves, and deft finishes at the rim.

He also provided a spark on defense, contributing 3 blocks and 2 steals.

Wall isn’t the best outside shooter, but he stroked 4-8 from deep in this one. It was just one of those nights where he shot confidently and accurately, and he’s tough to guard when that’s happening.

Wall also shot 7-9 on two-pointers outside the restricted area. Most weren’t as well-contested as this one over Tyson Chandler to beat the halftime buzzer, but the defense didn’t seem to matter all that much,

Wall has never had this many points and assists in the same game before. The scoring and shooting will vary from night to night, but you can always count on this true Point God to put on a passing performance most other players could only dream of.

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