Daily MVP Film Breakdown: KAT The Unicorn

Karl-Anthony Towns reminded everyone why he’s regarded as one of the young unicorns in the NBA, doing it all and stuffing the box score with 34 points, 18 rebounds, 7 assists, 6 blocks, and three steals.

Towns showed his tremendous versatility on offense, but he started the game by protecting the rim patiently and effectively.

KAT does everything that a 7-footer is supposed to do. He plays good defense in the paint, and on the other end he sets hard screens, rolls to the basket, finishes through contact, and cleans up the offensive glass.

Towns collected 10 offensive boards in this game, and just would not be denied when he was in the vicinity of the ball.

Here, Towns got an offensive rebound that maybe shouldn’t have counted.

As the game progressed and Towns got more confident, he began showing us the things that make him truly special at the center position. It started with some jump shots.

Towns has a rare talent for shooting the ball as a center, and his ability to drive is even rarer. Pair the two, and you get a truly dynamic triple threat wherever he catches the ball.

Towns truly is a guard who grew into the body of a center. Outside of Giannis Antetokounmpo, do you trust any other seven-footer to run the fast break and finish it with a no-look pass like this?

Towns’ incredible versatility coupled with his size makes him a matchup nightmare. He can post up anybody, cut off the ball and finish with authority, and he can pick and roll or pop to the three-point line with the best of them, shooting 39% from deep this year.

After showing off every single tool in his utility belt and effectively securing the win for his team, Towns bookended the game with his most emphatic block of the night.

So how do you stop Karl-Anthony Towns, a seven-footer who can do literally everything on a basketball court? Well, when he’s locked in like he was last night, you don’t.

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