Daily MVP Film Breakdown: Klay Thompson Can’t Miss

Every one of Klay Thompson’s flamethrower games looks exactly the same, and he added another by netting 44 points and hitting an NBA-record 10 threes in a row to start the game.

Whenever Klay goes nuclear, every outlet puts together a video compilation that counts his buckets and his dribbles, and every time the former overwhelms the latter. The most deadly off-guard assassin in the game put on another master class in moving without the ball, dicing the Lakers apart and shooting 85% from the floor and 91% from three.

So many screens for Thompson come in the corner as he runs the baseline, and they free him to cut up the wing to an open spot along the arc. It’s probably his favorite move.

On a lot of these screens, Kevin Durant is full-on committing assault on multiple victims. It makes sense that the string bean superstar gets that kind of whistle, but some of these are egregious.

Thompson’s teammates kept getting him open with screens all game, and the Lakers defense got burned over and over again because they somehow didn’t expect it.

DeMarcus Cousins is integrating himself into this already terrifying Warriors lineup, and he seems to already have a good feel for feeding the hot hand. When Klay started to get rolling, Boogie kept setting screens for him and passing to him, often at the same time.

Not all screens free Thompson for a three. Most of the time the picks have him moving away from the basket, but sometimes they create excellent opportunities to curl around them and slash to the rim.

Defenses are rightfully afraid of Thompson’s shooting, and that leads to some extreme coverages that allow layups from time to time.

Klay does most of his work without the rock, but he’s not half bad when he puts the ball on the floor and attacks the middle. It’s not his preferred weapon, but it’s on his utility belt.

One of the best things about this Warriors team is that they play for each other. When someone gets hot, his teammates look to get him the ball and give him clean shots to keep the momentum going. Steph and KD both wanted Klay to rip this heat check, and he obliged.

It’s also awesome to see the star of the show give back to his teammates, even when he can’t miss. This play exemplifies the selflessness of the Warriors. Steph was practically jumping up and down telling Durant to pass it to Klay, and Thompson gave it right up to his wide-open Splash Brother.

Thompson is averaging 27 points per game in January after 18 per game in December, and he’s shooting 57% from the floor and 51% from deep this month. With Klay locked in and Cousins growing in the offense, Golden State looks pretty unstoppable right now.

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