Daily MVP Film Breakdown: Aldridge’s Career High 56

On Thursday night, LaMarcus Aldridge put together a big man performance for the ages in arguably the game of the year. It took double overtime, but he notched his first ever 50-point game in a 154-147 win over Oklahoma City.

This performance is even more impressive considering he played 30 minutes in a loss the night before, scoring just 13 points on 4/12 shooting in Memphis. However, Aldridge put up huge numbers by outworking and simply beating Steven Adams, who Coach Pop said scared him before the game. Adams would be my first pick if I were to choose a bouncer from the NBA ranks, but he could not toss LaMarcus out of the club all night.

Aldridge set the tone by establishing unbeatable interior position on Adams, and then he went to the fadeaway that he’s famous for. It was too wet even for Aquaman on this night.

LA had it all going in this one, and a big part of his game now is setting screens, rolling, and working off the ball. DeMar DeRozan has a knack for drawing multiple defenders,

Derrick White has been phenomenal for San Antonio lately, and he hit Aldridge with a few perfect dimes to put him in great position to get a basket.

Aldridge got a ton of help from his friends, but his game was a perfect balance between working off the ball and dominating in the post against the seven-foot anchor of the best defense in the league.

If you decide to double Aldridge, the Spurs have enough shooters and playmakers around him to make you pay.

When Adams limped to the locker room late in the fourth, Aldridge set about abusing anybody who dared to attempt to guard him on the left block.

Poor Jerami Grant got the worst of it. If Steven Adams couldn’t stop the jumper, there was no way Grant was gonna do it.

When Adams came back into the game, Aldridge kept giving him the work.

Aldridge has ninja style timing on his pump fakes down low. He knows exactly how to protect the ball and get defenders out of position.

Aldridge’s timing is also exquisite on the defensive end of the floor, where he anchors the best defense in the NBA over the last month. He isn’t the scariest rim protector, but he ends possessions with ninja moves at the basket.

If the situation calls for standing tall and swatting a shot at exactly the right moment, he can do that too.

DeRozan finished this game with just 16 points, but 11 assists, and Aldridge finished with 56 and just 4 assists, so naturally, one of the last plays of the game was Aldridge’s slickest pass of the year to a cutting DeMar for the layup.

There are so many ways LaMarcus Aldridge can beat you, and he showed damn near every one of them in the first 50-point game of his career. You bet he took the game ball with him when he was done.

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