Daily MVP Film Breakdown: The King Interviews The Brow

LeBron James created a lot of hype around his matchup with Anthony Davis, and the game certainly lived up to it. AD dropped 30 and 20 but LeBron came out on top with 22 points and 14 dimes in a triple-double.

Of course, LeBron made waves earlier this week when he responded to a question by saying it would be awesome to play with Davis. Amid accusations of tampering, he downplayed it by saying that if asked, he would say he’d like to play with a lot of different guys. Sure, but LeBron has been the central focus of NBA coverage since he was 18. He knew exactly what he was doing when he said that, and nobody in their right mind would question his media savvy.

This game played as a Harvard Business Review case study about a no-brainer merger between two companies that clearly have core competencies that complement each other, except it was awesome. It was a very public, very entertaining job interview. LeBron James, the CEO of the Lakers, stood looking out the window in his office at Staples Center.

“Hello Anthony, please have a seat,” he said without averting his gaze. He is a man who needs no introduction, but he introduced himself anyway. “My name is LeBron James. I’m the best player in the NBA and I have been for years now. I’m one of the greatest passers of all time. Here, let me show you.”

There is so much nuance to LeBron’s passing. The timing, the non-verbal communication, the angles, the bounce, the spin, it’s all beautiful.

As LeBron made Ivica Zubac look like Wilt in his prime, Davis showed off all of the reasons he would make a perfect pairing next to James. He grabbed 20 boards on the night and got buckets with ease. He even made a few especially nice ones over James.

As the game went on, they both continued to go at each other. They never really met at the rim, it was more of a mutual wave as one passed by the other.

This is the closest we got to a midair showdown, and Davis never really had a chance. LeBron makes a tiny fake cut and realizes that Jrue Holliday has lost a visual, and then when Ingram sees him LeBron is ready to sprint at the rim and jam it home.

The game was competitive late, but LeBron got buckets by attacking players other than Davis. It makes sense considering the Brow’s talent level on that end. AD got an easy tip in on an offensive board when LeBron stopped moving when the shot went up.

What did they say to each other after the game? What about at dinner? What is there to say?

LeBron is a legend who passes better than anyone in history and still can’t be stopped. In year 16, he’s without question the smartest basketball mind playing the game right now. He’s at an age where he needs to save energy for the playoffs, and he could use a young superstar to lighten the load and do some of the dirty work on both ends. Enter 25-year-old Anthony Davis, a top-five player in the league averaging 28 points and 13 boards this year.

LeBron and AD should want to play together. It’s a match that seems predestined, and if it happens this year or next it will completely shift the landscape of the NBA as we know it.

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