Los Angeles Dodgers Starting Lineup With Shohei Ohtani: Dodgers Starting Lineup Today

Shohei Ohtani has officially joined the Los Angeles Dodgers, signing an unprecedented 10 year $700 million contract with the franchise. Find updated Dodgers’ starting lineup and roster information here ahead of 2024 season. Post-Ohtani acquisition, the Dodgers enter the 2024 season with +600 odds of winning the 2024 World Series.

Los Angeles Dodgers Starting Lineup With Shohei Ohtani

  • 2B: Mookie Betts (R)
  • 1B: Freddie Freeman (L)
  • C: Will Smith (R)
  • DH: Shohei Ohtani (L)
  • 3B: Max Muncy (L)
  • RF: Jason Heyward (L)
  • CF: Kike Hernandez (R)
  • LF: David Peralta (L)
  • SS: Miguel Rojas (R)

The Dodgers are the only team to enter the 2024 season with three players ranked inside the top 10 of the MLB’s “Top 100” list. Those three players are all offensive stars who own MVP awards, Freddie Freeman, Mookie Betts, and Shohei Ohtani. Paired with Clayton Kershaw on the mound and manager David Roberts in the dugout, the Ohtani signing signals that owner Max Walter has gone all in on the upcoming 2024 season. While their competition in the NL West remains relatively weak, despite the postseason success of the 2022 Diamondbacks, the Dodgers will have their hands full against the Braves or Phillies and any AL matchup they would meet in the World Series should they get there. Interestingly enough, LA’s lineup is extremely left-handed, which could benefit them against many other potential contenders, such as the Yankees, but aces like Max Fried, Blake Snell, or even Jordan Montgomery of the defending champion Rangers could give them some issues.

Los Angeles Dodgers Full Roster

SPClayton Kershaw
SPBobby Miller
SPEmmett Sheehan
SPLance Lynn
SPRyan Pepiot
SPMichael Grove
RPJoe Kelly
RPBrusdal Gaterol
RPAlex Vesla
RPCaleb Fergueson
RPEvan Phillips
RPRyan Brasier
RPShelby Miller
DHShohei Ohtani
CWill Smith
CAustin Barnes
1BFreddie Freeman
2BMookie Betts
2BGavin Lux
3BMax Muncy
SSMiguel Rojas
RFJD Martinez
RFJason Heyward
CFKike Hernandez
CFJames Outman
LFDavid Peralta
LFChris Taylor

While he’s known as the best two-way player in about a century, Ohtani will solely act as a designated hitter in his first season as a Dodger, as he recovers from Tommy John surgery to his pitching arm. He joins a star-studded roster that now incredibly includes four MVPS; Ohtani himself, as well as Freddie Freeman, Mookie Betts, and Clayton Kershaw. With Ohtani on the team, the Dodgers currently lead all other MLB teams in World Series odds.

Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Odds

Los Angeles Dodgers Starting Lineup FAQ

Who Is the Dodgers’ Manager?

The Los Angeles Dodgers manager is Dave Roberts. A former MLB outfielder of Japanese descent, Roberts is entering his 9th season with the Dodgers.

Who Is the Dodgers’ Starting Pitcher?

Clayton Kershaw is the Dodgers best starting pitcher. Having been with the Dodgers since his 2008 MLB debut, Kershaw has led the MLB in ERA 5 times throughout the course of his career. While Kershaw is the indisputable ace right now, Ohtani could challenge him for that title in 2025 or beyond as his arm heals up and he enters the rotation, while the 35 year old Kershaw could potentially slow down.

Who Is the Dodgers’ Best Player?

The Dodgers best player is Shohei Ohtani. Arguably the best two-way player since Babe Ruth, Ohtani is a two time winner of the MLB’s American League “Most Valuable Player” award, was the definitive MVP of the 2023 World Baseball Classic as Japan won the title over team USA, and was voted the “Best Male Athlete” at the 2022 ESPYs.

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