End of the Season NFL Power Rankings

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The NFL regular season came to a close on Sunday. The playoff picture is now set as 12 teams look to hoist the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the year. Here are the final 2019 NFL power rankings.
Baltimore Ravens

1. Ravens 14-2

The Ravens finish the season on a 12-game winning streak and finish with the best record in the NFL. Lamar Jackson is going to finish as this years MVP, and the Baltimore is the favorite to win the Super Bowl. With how they’ve played this season, it’s hard to see them not winning it all.
San Francisco 49ers

2. 49ers 13-3

San Francisco finished as the top seed in the NFC this season. They beat Seattle on the road to secure the spot and will have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. The 49ers defense is the real deal, and will be the reason they make a huge run in January. Oh, and George Kittle.
New Orleans Saints

3. Saints 13-3

New Orleans gets the short end of the stick this season. They finish 13-3, tied with Green Bay and San Francisco, but lose the tie-breaker and will have to play Wild Card Weekend. This also means potentially having to play two of three games away from the dome to go to the Super Bowl.
Green Bay Packers

4. Packers 13-3

Green Bay might be one of the worst teams to receiver a first-round bye in recent memory despite being 13-3. All that matters is getting the bye, so they’ll have a chance to rest their guys for a week.
Kansas City Chiefs

5. Chiefs 12-4

Kansas City snuck their way into a bye with a win over the Chargers at home. The Chiefs are starting to click on all cylinders heading into the playoffs.
New England Patriots

6. Patriots 12-4

Despite a 12-4 record, the Patriots have major issues going into the playoffs. They lost to the Dolphins in week 17 to lose their first-round bye. They will be playing in Wild Card Weekend for the first time in a decade.
Seattle Seahawks

7. Seahawks 11-5

Seattle failed to secure a first-round bye after their loss to San Francisco on Sunday night. They now have to travel to Philadelphia for their matchup against the Eagles. The Sahawks are only +7 in point differential.
Houston Texans

8. Texans 10-6

Houston has had such an up and down season heading into the playoffs. They do have home-field advantage, which will help, but the Bills defense is very good, and Deshaun Watson will have to do a lot to get a win.
Buffalo Bills

9. Bills 10-6

Buffalo heads to Houston next Saturday for their playoff game. This will be fun to see a Buffalo team that has impressed down the stretch of season go up against a quarterback like Deshaun Watson.
Minnesota Vikings

10. Vikings 10-6

The Vikings come into the playoffs as the sixth seed. This is going to be a tough road to go through as they’ll need to win three straight road games to make it to the Super Bowl.
Tennessee Titans

11. Titans 9-7

Tennessee is in the playoffs for the second time in three seasons. Ryan Tannehill has been incredible for the Titans, and will look to makes some noise in Foxborough next weekend.
Philadelphia Eagles

12. Eagles 9-7

Philadelphia held off the Giants and secured a playoff spot for the third straight season. The Eagles are very banged up again this year, but they have a chance to make magic happen now that they’re in.
Los Angeles Rams

13. Rams 9-7

The Rams failed to make the playoffs for the first time under Sean McVay. The Rams defense really turned things around, but struggled offensively this year. Maybe a team shouldn’t pay Jared Goff $130 million.
Chicago Bears

14. Bears 8-8

What a disappointing season for Bears fans. Chicago’s issues at quarterback and play-caller were a big reason why they failed to meet expectations in 2019. A quarterback is everything in this league, and the Bears simply don’t have one.
Pittsburgh Steelers

15. Steelers 8-8

Pittsburgh almost snuck into the playoffs using second and third string quarterbacks. If Ben Roethlisburger didn’t get inured to start the season, it would have been interesting to see what the Steelers could’ve done.
Dallas Cowboys

16. Cowboys 8-8

Dallas has a better point differential than seven playoff teams, and failed to make the playoffs. Jason Garrett doesn’t stand a chance to keep his job through Monday. The talent on this roster can’t be wasted any longer. They need a new head coach.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

17. Bucs 7-9

Jameis Winston is the most electric quarterback in NFL history. He is the first player ever to have 5000 passing yards, 30 touchdowns, and 30 interceptions. He is a truly incredible talent and will continue to electrify the Tampa area.
Denver Broncos

18. Broncos 7-9

Denver finished the season on a high note winning five of their last eight games. Vic Fangio has this team in a good spot. The Broncos just need to find a quarterback that puts them over the edge. Easier said than done with Jon Elway running the show.
Oakland Raiders

19. Raiders 7-9

Oakland choked down the stretch of the season, and failed to make it into the playoffs. Jon Gruden will get them back to playing January soon enough. It’s only a matter of time.
Atlanta Falcons

20. Falcons 7-9

Atlanta is another team that finished the season strong by winning six of their last eight games. They’ll be looking to build their defense up to get back into the playoffs.
Indianpolis Colts

21. Colts 7-9

Indianapolis finishing 7-9 makes every Colts fan wonder how this season would’ve played out if Andrew Luck was still their quarterback. They head into the offseason wondering how they’ll get back to the playoffs in 2020.
New York Jets

22. Jets 7-9

This is a bit of surprise that the Jets were able to finish 7-9. Injuries really hurt their season, and Sam Darnold missing time due to mono made them a joke at the beginning of the season. They won six of their last eight games, which gives Jets fans hope that they’re on the rise.
Cleveland Browns

23. Browns 6-10

What a dumpster fire of a season for the Browns. With such high expectations, they finish the season at 6-10, and Freddie Kitchens is out at head coach. They will have a top-10 pick in 2020. Baker Mayfield should get back to work this offseason instead of dancing.
Jacksonville Jaguars

24. Jaguars 6-10

Doug Marone could be out in Jacksonville as early as Monday. They struggled with their quarterback situation, and need to work on the defense.
Arizona Cardinals

25. Cardinals 5-10-1

Arizona has a bright future ahead of them with Kyler Murray. Kliff Kingsbury had a fairly decent season in his first year as an NFL head coach. Now, the Cardinals need to add weapons around Murray to create an explosive offense.
Los Angeles Chargers

26. Chargers 5-11

If you flipped every one score game in the NFL, then the Chargers would be 12-4 and be the top seed in the AFC. Alas, that wasn’t how the season worked out, and will have a top-10 pick in the 2020 draft.
Carolina Panthers

27. Panthers 5-11

Carolina will be looking for a quarterback and head coach this offseason. The Panthers finished the season losing their last eight games to finish 5-11.
Miami Dolphins

28. Dolphins 5-11

Despite going 5-11, the Dolphins definitely exceeded expectations. After a horrific start to what was supposed to be a tank season, they won five of their last nine games. Head coach Brian Flores deserves a ton of credit for the job he’s done with this roster.
New York Giants

29. Giants 4-12

The Giants are another team that will benefit from a high draft pick. They have Jones and Barkley to build around on offense, but now it’s time to work on the defense. Jones also needs more weapons.
Detroit Lions

30. Lions 3-12-1

Detroit’s season has been a disaster. Fortunately, Matthew Stafford decided to restructure his contract, so the Lions can use more money in free agency. They need to acquire talent fast.
Washington Redskins

31. Redskins 3-13

Bruce Allen has been fired, and it looks like Washington will bring in Ron Rivera as their next guy. This should be a good move for the Redskins with Dwayne Haskins as their future, and the number two pick.
Cincinnati Bengals

32. Bengals 2-14

The Bengals were able to finish their season with a win, and remain the first pick in the 2020 NFL draft. If they watched the College Football Playoffs on Saturday, then they’ll most likely want to take Joe Burrow with their selection.

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