FuboTV Streaming Review & Free Trial: Stream NFL Redzone, Premier League, Golf

fubotv 1FuboTV has been around since 2015, but its main focus was on soccer. A lot has changed with the coverage of soccer, as it is now more universal and spreads across multiple streaming services. Now, FuboTV is trying to assert itself with the streaming giants like Hulu. They certainly offer up a lot of channels and add-ons, but the price might turn some away, especially for those focusing on cutting back. FuboTV has a few packages that they offer, which include features like live TV channels, 4K streaming, and a cloud DVR to record programs. For the sports fan, there is a lot to like about the channels they offer alongside possible add-ons to beef up your sports coverage.

FuboTV Overview

In the range from inexpensive to expensive, FuboTV leans towards the expensive side. It is unlikely to be much cheaper than the cable service you are currently using. Pricing aside, FuboTV has upgraded their product as they are now one of the major live tv streaming services. They have channel packages that go over 100+ and they are the only streaming service that currently has 4K ability. I am a big fan of the interface and it has come a long way as well. The guide and customization aspects to it are easy to use, as is the Cloud DVR that comes with 500 hours.

If you are simply just looking to get away from cable but want to keep a bulk of your channels, FuboTV offers up a variety of add-ons, but the Ultra package makes the most sense to use. It is more expensive than Hulu and YouTube TV but has more options. For the sports fan, FuboTV has plenty of coverage on live channels and this is a big plus as everything is in one app. For example, those with cable, if you are looking to stream you have to download multiple apps to get coverage. The NFL Red Zone channel is a top add-on to consider for any football fan.

FuboTV also has a lot to offer for the family with entertainment and kids channels. There are also parental controls to help contain what is available for kids. One of the major advantages FuboTV has over its competitors is the ability to be international and use their product, as most streaming services are just for the United States.

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FuboTV Free Trial & Promotions

Both the family and Latino packages offer a seven-day free trial. The ultra package does not feature a trial but is only an extended version of the family package. You can watch seven days for free and they highlight no commitment and you can cancel at any time.


FuboTV Pricing & Package Options

PackagePrice (Per Month)Free Trial
Family$64.99Yes (7 Days)
Latino$29.99Yes (7 Days)

There are three main plans for FuboTV, starting with the family package. It is $64.99 a month and features 107 channels, Cloud DVR Plus, and Family share. The Ultra plan is $84.99 a month, with 1982 channels, alongside Showtime, Sports Plus, and Fubo Extra. The Fubo Latino package is $29.99 a month and features 32 channels, Cloud DVR, and Standard Share.

Sports to Live Stream on FuboTV

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For much of the major sports here in the United States, you are getting coverage through the live channels with FuboTV. With the ESPN channels in addition to TNT and ABC covering NBA games that are nationally televised, FuboTV has you covered. They also have NBATV which gives you an additional NBA channel, but it covers the NBA 24/7. While you won’t be able to get every game, you will also be able to get college basketball if you are into that. There is no NBA League Pass add-on to use, but the amount of televised games has risen over the last decade.

NFL & College Football

One of the major add-ons is the NFL Red Zone package. If you are unfamiliar with NFL Red Zone, it is a channel that is designated to jump from game-to-game every Sunday to bring you the best action. It is a great way to skip commercials and boring games. The price tag is not as bad as it is included in the sports package. Now you are not limited to Red Zone as you have NBC, ESPN, Fox, NFL Network, and CBS included in your live channels. That way you can watch live games, including primetime games.

College football is also provided within most of the sports channels. All the major networks will run college football games, but FuboTV also has Big Ten Network, ESPNU, ACC Network, PAC12 Network, and the SEC Network.


Much like how the NBA sets up, MLB can be viewed upon the nationally televised games. You won’t miss a game come playoff time with TBS included, alongside the usual networks like Fox and ESPN. In the sports package, you also will have MLB Network and MLB Strike Zone. There are multiple national games per week, but if you are looking to watch one team consistently or want more variety, MLB Extra Innings is a package not included with FuboTV.


Hockey has been on the back burner in terms of major sports, as they do not have as many televised games on. When they do, you will be covered with the NHL Network, NBC, and NBC Sports. If you are a more avid fan or want local team coverage, then this is going to be a very limited option. That seems to be the case with most streaming sites.


Soccer, both international and club, was the main draw for FuboTV back when they launched in 2015. If you are a soccer fan then you are in the right spot, especially if you are a fan of multiple leagues. BeIN Sports might be one of the hardest channels to get outside of having a cable provider, and FuboTV is able to bring that to you, which means you will get Spanish La Liga French Ligue 1, and much more. Both Fox and ESPN have begun carrying MLS and the German league, which is going to give you even more matches to watch.

NBC Sports and NBC hold the English Premier League, and while you can get these channels solely through their app, they are also included through the live TV channels. You will also be able to get international coverage, and if you have the Latin and Spanish channels, then you will be able to have your option for language when it comes to watching soccer.


With UFC signing a contract with ESPN you will be able to find some events within the ESPN channels. However, the pay-per-view events are going to need to be purchased through ESPN+. This can create a bit of a headache as it is launched in a completely different app. FuboTV does offer up a few UFC Series like UFC Reloaded and UFC Tonight. If you are exclusively looking for just UFC, ESPN+ makes the most sense.

Premium Channels & Add Ons

FuboTV offers up a few add-ons to enhance your viewing experience. If your account did not come with the DVR plus, you can purchase an extended 500 hours for your cloud DVR for $9.99 a month. The family share allows three devices to be streaming at once, which helps if you have a large family or are sharing the plan with friends. This is an added $5.99 a month. They also have Showtime and AMC which range from $4.99 a month and up.

There are plenty of sport add-ones to consider here. The Sports Plus package comes with NFL Red Zone for $10.99 a month, and this is a major as Red Zone can be purchased through cable and can also be quite pricey. In addition, you also get the major network channels like NBA TV and MLB Network. For college sports fans, SEC and PAC12 Networks are also included. FuboTV also offers a cycling package for $11.99 a month.

Which Devices Can I Watch FuboTV On?

The one device that is missing, for now, is Playstation, which has a lot to do with them trying out their own streaming service. Otherwise, FuboTV is covered on most major devices including Apple and Android products. You can also use it on various USB plug-ins like Roku and FireTV.

  • Apple Products (iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV)
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android Smartphones & TVs
  • Roku
  • Xbox One
  • Smart TVs


Is FuboTV Worth It?

For those looking to cut back on their spending for streaming and/or cable services, this is not going to be much of a dropoff, if any. In fact, there might be zero reason to switch from a cable provider to FuboTV, due to the bundles they usually package with WiFi. A cable provider still a more reliable service where streaming you might find yourself having issues if you have a slow connection.

Now if you are someone on the run or are a constant traveller, FuboTV is worth having because you can get all the channels in one place and also you can package some add-ons. The DVR feature can come in handy as well. FuboTV is a reliable service and the price to stream in 4K is worth it, as other streaming services do not feature that option. Now if you are looking for a streaming library, this is where FuboTV falls behind.



  • 4K Streaming
  • Live ESPN & Sports Channels
  • DVR Space
  • Free Trial
  • Three Simultaneous Screens
  • NFL Red Zone
  • International Availability


  • One Of The Most Expensive Services
  • Expensive Add-Ons
  • No Streaming Library


Does FuboTV Have Live Channels?

FuboTV offers live channels for you to purchase. They have local channels you can watch and subscribe through alongside most that are offered by cable providers. There are also different levels of streaming packages.

Do I Need A Cable Subscription For FuboTV?

You do not need a cable subscription to run FuboTV, as you just need an active internet connection to stream live. This is a plus for those looking to get away from cable providers and want everything within one app to watch.

Are ESPN Channels On FuboTV?

ESPN channels are provided within the FuboTV packages. This means you will be able to watch key sporting events like the NBA playoffs, Monday Night Football, UFC, and other various sports programs.

Can I Record Live TV On FuboTV?

You can record shows through the FuboTV DVR process and every account comes with 30 hours of cloud space. You can purchase more for an added fee. Recordings will stay with your account until you delete them.

How Much Does FuboTV Cost?

FuboTV has three main packages, the family, ultra, and Latino. The family is $64.99 per month, the ultra is $84.99 per month, and the Latino is $29.99 per month. All packages also come with a seven-day risk-free trial.

Does FuboTV Have A Free Trial?

FuboTV offers a seven-day free trial on its streaming services. You sign up for a package and after seven days you will be billed for a month. You can cancel before the seven days are up to avoid a charge.


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