Greedy Williams LSU 2019 NFL Draft Profile

Prospects from the front seven have been more hyped this year than any other position group. This hype has put a shadow over the rest of the defensive prospects

One of the players that will get out of that shadow quickly in the NFL is Greedy Williams.

Williams is widely considered as the best corner in this draft after putting up impressive numbers at Louisiana State University.

During his two years as a starter he had 20 pass breakups and eight interceptions. This level of production will likely translate well to the NFL because of his combination of length and speed.

Some mock drafts have Williams going as high as 14th, while others have him slipping out of the first round. I personally believe someone with his talent should go in the first round, but with the amount of talent in this draft, it’s hard to tell when he will go.


Length – Williams is 6’2” with an above average wingspan, meaning he has the length to be disruptive at the next level. He will automatically have a spot as a red zone corner because of this above average length for a corner.

Patience – While in coverage Williams doesn’t bite hard on double moves or pump fakes. He has the patience to continue to follow the receiver and that makes him a lot harder to beat.

Playmaking – During his time at LSU he only had eight interceptions, but he still made plenty of plays. His 20 pass breakups were big for LSU’s defense. When given the opportunity Williams can make a good play on the ball.


Tackling – Whenever he comes up to tackle, he would occasionally just throw his back at the ball carrier. If he continues to do that at the next level, he will struggle to do anything for run support. If he can learn to wrap up more consistently then this issue will fade away.

Deep ball coverage – Whenever he would have to locate the ball on deep balls with his back to the quarterback, he struggled. He wasn’t aced with too many of these plays while playing in the SEC, but if he wants to be a day-one starter at the next level then he needs to work on this.

Zone coverage – When in zone coverage he sometimes gets lost looking in the backfield. He also occasionally will follow a receiver out of his zone and give another receiver in his zone enough space to make a play.


Football IQ – 7/10 – He showed some weaknesses in diagnosing a route early. Other than that, he showed good awareness and a decent football IQ.

Athleticism – 8/10– he has good speed, he ran a solid 4.37 40-yard dash at the combine this year, but he struggled on occasions having the quickness to follow and stop short quick routes.

Man coverage – 9/10 – When he only had to focus on the receiver in front of him, he thrived. He was a lock-down corner in man coverage during college and I think he’ll be a good man cover corner at the next level.

Zone coverage – 5/10 – He struggled many times in zone coverage last year. Even though he still made some plays because of his speed and length, he won’t be able to hide his mistakes like that next year.

Tackling- 5/10 – He can tackle receivers easily; however, he struggles when he needs to step up and make a play in the ground game.

NFL Comp

Byron Jones – I believe Williams will have a better career than Jones has had so far, however I think their skillsets out of college are similar. Both have good height and good speed, but there was still some question marks for both of them coming out of college.


Greedy Williams is the best corner in the draft in my opinion and he should go in the first round. He will make an impact early in coverage against fade routes in the red zone. If he can improve his tackling and zone coverage, he has the potential to make it as an impactful starting DB in the NFL.

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