Iowa State Vs. Miami Odds, Picks, and Predictions (3/25/22)

The Sweet 16 round of the 2022 March Madness tournament is underway, with games taking place on Thursday and Friday this week. We’ve seen considerable upsets throughout the course of the tournament, leaving the foundations of picks feeling shaky. Iowa State and Miami have climbed their way through the ladder to make it to the third round in the Midwest region. Both teams have pulled off their own upsets to get this positioning and will be facing off against each other this week. On Friday, March 25th, at 10:00 PM EST, we’ll watch the final game of the Sweet 16 round between the #11 Iowa State Cyclones and the #10 Miami Hurricanes on TBS.

Iowa State vs. Miami Betting Odds

The matchup between Iowa State and Miami is the Sweet 16 game that is predicted to be the closest out of all games played this round. Miami is the slight favorite walking into this matchup with a spread of -2 (-110). Iowa State is a close underdog with a +2 (-110) spread. Throughout the tournament, Miami has had greater success with offensive powers. They have scored an average of 74 points per game, whereas Iowa State has only put up an average of 57 points per game in March Madness. Iowa State has had a more uniform defensive front but have made their equal share of turnovers. This game will be the most exciting as we look to see who will advance onto the Elite 8, and my bet is on Miami.

My Prediction: Miami Wins 67-61, Miami Covers

Iowa State Odds

The Iowa State Cyclones have barreled their way through the first two rounds of the March Madness Tournament, shocking many in their upsets against #6 LSU and #3 Wisconsin. This team came into this tournament after huge losses by 30 points at the end of their regular season and the Big 12, so their performances have been shocking. They have not been able to put up large sums of points, being unable to break the 60 point mark in both games, but their defense has been phenomenal to keep their opponents to even lower values. Iowa State has been controlling the key in their games, shooting most of their shots within a similar area, not utilizing the entirety of the court. Gabe Kalscheur carried his team in their last match against Wisconsin with 22 points, shooting 52.6% from the field. Izaiah Brockington has also been a crucial player, having a huge role in the LSU game, scoring 19 points. These two players have been the backbone of this team and will need to showcase their skills even more in this matchup if they seek to advance onto the next round.

Miami Odds

This Miami basketball team has shocked the nation with their path in this year’s March Madness after scraping against #7 USC and then smoking the #2 Auburn teams to make it to the Sweet 16. When the brackets were released, many chose Miami to be an upset over USC, but nobody expected them to take down Auburn by 18 points. Miami took the lead early in the game and never allowed Auburn to take over the lead throughout the entire game. As a team, they shot 48.5% from the field and held Auburn to a shocking 30.4% accuracy. The Hurricanes also forced 13 turnovers from Auburn and kept their turnover rate extremely low with only 4. Isaiah Wong and Kameron McGusty helped carry this team to victory, scoring 21 and 20 points against Auburn. The two guards took shots all over the court and forced Auburn’s defense to struggle to guard their movements. Going against Iowa State, these two will need to continue to play unpredictably and keep the defensive pressure heavy.

Iowa State vs. Miami Picks & Prediction

When looking at the established bets for this matchup, there is great uncertainty with how the tournament has gone so far. Throughout the tournament, Iowa State has been unable to put up large point sums, so the bet of Iowa State scoring under 65.5 (-110) could be one of the more stable predictions. Miami’s moneyline is set for -140 and has solid potential to hit as well.

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