Iowa State Vs. Texas Odds, Picks, and Predictions (2/5/22)

Iowa State Vs. Texas Odds, Picks, and Predictions (02/05/22)

This Saturday, February 5th, the showdown between the Iowa State Cyclones and the Texas Longhorns will commence in Austin, Texas. The two teams are currently standing in the top 25 in the nation and the top half of the incredibly competitive Big 12 Conference. They have already previously met this 2021-2022 NCAA basketball season resulting in a 79-70 victory for the Cyclones, but the Longhorns are looking to reclaim their spot as a victor. The matchup will be electric with high tensions to remain in a ranked position, and as March Madness nears, every game counts. Both teams are coming out of losses against other Big 12 opponents, so a win this week could help keep them secure in a comfortable place in the conference. 

Iowa State Vs. Texas Betting Odds

The Iowa State Cyclones started their season on fire with a 13-1 record in their first 14 games. They’ve recently fallen to some of their Big 12 opponents, such as the Oklahoma Sooners, the Baylor Bears, the Texas Tech Raiders (1-1), the TCU Horned Frogs, and the Kansas Jayhawks (0-2). However, they’ve been able to pull out victories against their rivals as well, taking them 16-6 in overall play and 3-6 in conference play. In their games, they have done consistently well against the spread. Overall, they’re 13-9 ATS, which is the third-best record in the Big 12. When they last played Texas, they pulled an upset that covered their +2.5 spread, and they might be able to do it again. However, in this meeting, the Texas Longhorns are given an 85.2% power index from ESPN, so an upset might be more difficult than last time. The Longhorns are also 16-6 in overall play but have a slight advantage of 5-4 in conference play. They currently stand in fourth place in the Big 12 and are #23 overall. Even with their better record, they have been significantly worse against the spread. They’ve gone 9-13 ATS, leaving them with a 40.9% cover rate, the second-worst in the Big 12. 

Although the matchup is in favor of Texas, their record ATS can leave many in doubt of their ability to cover bets. When you include the previous performance from both teams, Iowa State seems like a more comfortable competitor to take ATS. Because of this, I predict Texas will walk away with the win, but Iowa State will cover the spread.

Iowa State Cyclones Odds

Iowa State came out of this season like a rocket, barreling through the competition. When on the road, they’ve also been a standout team, which not many teams can brag about. When the Cyclones are on the road, they score 13.8 more points above the national average point total. However, they’ve gone 2-3 on the road, which makes it seem like it’s hard to close the win when they’re not on their home court. On average, the Cyclones score 69.2 points per game, and they can hold their opponents to an average of 60.9 points per game. 

Their high point totals are contributed by their leading scorer, the senior guard, Izaiah Brockington. Brockington averages a staggering 17.1 points per game, with 47.5% of his shots ending in points. On the road, his average drops slightly to 44.6%, but against Texas, he shot 42.9% from the field. Brockington is also an impressive rebounder, averaging 7.8 per game, making him an all-around threat on the court. Brockington has been a clutch player for the Cyclones under pressure and helps the team significantly with his shots in overtime. The Texas Longhorns have an impressive defense that can hold their opponents to an average of 55.5 points per game and were successful in shutting Brockington down to 8 points in their last meeting. If the Longhorns can keep Brockington occupied, the Cyclones may be in trouble.

Luckily, Brockington can look to his teammates, Tyrese Hunter and Gabe Kalscheur, if he gets shut down. Hunter and Kalscheur average just over 10 points per game each, and they both have an impressive court IQ. Not only are they great shooters, but they also are the top two assisting players on the team. They both know how to draw in the defense to make room to swing it to the corner or give a short pass to their forwards to secure points. Kalscheur is a true athlete against the Texas Longhorns. In their last meeting, he was unstoppable with an incredible 22 points. He only averages 34.8% from the field, but against Texas, he woke up and shot 50%. In this matchup, all eyes will be on Kalscheur to see if he will have another electric game against the Big 12 rivals.


Texas Longhorns Odds

This season, the Texas Longhorns have been a considerable threat to NCAA Men’s Basketball. Their defense has been the highlight of their team. Although they’ve had difficulty covering their spreads, they have successfully kept their opponents to only 55.5 points per game, while they’re able to put up 68.5 points on their end. It’s no surprise that they’re in the top four in one of the most competitive Division I basketball divisions. However, their previous loss to Iowa State may make many question if they’ll be strong enough to win this rematch.

Senior forward Jimmy Allen has been the key to this team’s success. Standing at 6’6”, Allen has been deemed as a threat before many games even start. He leads the team in points, rebounds, and assists, proving him to be an all-around player for his Texas Longhorns team. He averages 11.5 points per game and sinks 52.5% of his shots. Against the Cyclones, he was heavily guarded and was held to 8 points but shot 75% from the field. If his teammates can get him an appropriate screen or if he can make room against his opponents, Allen can be a real problem on offense. 

Against Iowa State, guard Marcus Carr had the most success. Carr was able to put up 15 points against the Cyclones (+4 than average) which kept the Longhorns in the game. On average, Carr is a mid-tier shooter, going 38.9% from the field. However, when Carr is on his home court, his stat improves to 40%. In this matchup, Carr will need to be the leading man drawing in the defense to free up his teammate Jimmy Allen under the basket. If these teammates can execute a disproportionate pick-and-roll, the point values will skyrocket on offense and may result in a revengeful win for the Longhorns.


Iowa State Vs. Texas Picks and Predictions

This matchup will be all about the offensive abilities of both teams. Obviously, all eyes will be looking at Iowa State’s Gabe Kalscheur to see if he can pull out another staggering game. Twenty-two points against the Texas Longhorns’ defense is a remarkable statistic for any player. The Longhorn forward, Jimmy Allen, will also be a pivotal player to look out for in the paint. If the Longhorns can effectively utilize Allen in this game, the victory should go to Texas. However, if they can’t shut down Kalscheur or Brockington, this game may slip in favor of the Cyclones once again.

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