Jacksonville Jaguars at Carolina Panthers Matchup Preview 10/6/19: Analysis, Depth Charts, Daily Fantasy

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are flying into Carolina to take on the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. The Jaguars, led by Minshew magic and Jalen Ramsey, are looking to keep that magic alive with their third win in a row. Meanwhile, the Panthers are starting to look strong again after losing Cam Newton to an injury, also looking to snag a third win in a row. McCaffery has been a powerhouse for them, getting 93 rushing yards, a rushing touchdown, and 86 receiving yards against the Texans. Meanwhile, Fournette turned it on last week getting the Jaguars 225 yards on the ground, his first 100+ game since week 11 of 2017. Overall, the favorites in this game are the Jaguars due to their tough defense and their magical momentum going into this game, but it could really go either way on Sunday. For odds movement and full matchup history, visit the Jacksonville Jaguras vs Carolina Panthers matchup page

TV Schedule

Date: Sunday October 6, 2019

Time: 10:00 AM PST

Location: Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC

Coverage: CBS

Injury Report

Jaguars: Gardner Minshew (Q), D.J. Alexander (Q), Jalen Ramsey (Q), Josh Oliver (Q), Ronnie Harrison (Q), James O’Shaughnessy (Q), Cody Brown (Q), Leonard Wester (Q), Nick Foles (O)

Panthers: Chris Hogan (O), Cam Newton (O), Greg Little (Q)

Jaguars Analysis

Jacksonville JaguarsLeonard Fournette had an awesome game against the Broncos last week. In fact, that Sunday afternoon performance put Fournette’s total yardage up to 404 for the year, ranked third in the league less than ten yards below Christian McCaffrey of the Panthers and Dalvin Cook of the Vikings. He looked like the old Fournette in this game, running down everyone in his path to grab a couple extra yards. The real question going into this game against the Panthers is whether this was a one-week fluke, or if Fournette really is back. If it’s the latter, the Panthers’ bottom 10 run defense might have a problem keeping him contained, much like the Broncos did.

Unfortunately, the Jaguars are pretty heavily affected by injuries this week. Nick Foles went out with a collarbone injury in week 1. Minshew, however, has been making waves in the NFL. He’s a great character and nobody can deny that the numbers he’s been putting up are pretty impressive, especially for a backup quarterback thrust into the starter position in the middle of week 1. As of now, unfortunately, Minshew is questionable for Sunday with a knee injury. Without Minshew in the game, the Jaguars would be playing with their third string QB, which would dramatically decrease their chances at a victory. Furthermore, Jalen Ramsey hasn’t been practicing due to a back injury. Having a player like Jalen Ramsey on your team can galvanize your defense in hugely powerful ways, and he would be instrumental in stopping the Panthers’ offense on Sunday. Minshew and Ramsey are healthy and ready to play by Sunday, they should be able to edge out a victory over the Panthers, especially if they can get Fournette going.

Jacksonville Jaguars Depth Chart

QB: Gardner Minshew
RB1: Leonard Fournette
RB2: Ryquel Armstead
WR1: Chris Conley
WR2: D.J. Chark
WR3: Dede Westbrook
TE: Geoff Swaim

Panthers Analysis

Carolina PanthersThe Panthers offense has been through some rocky situations this season with Cam Newton’s injury, but one thing has remained consistent: Christian McCaffery. McCaffery has been putting up incredible numbers this year. Against the Rams in week one he got 209 combined rushing and receiving yards, and two touchdowns. In week 3, he gained a total of 188 combined yards with 1 touchdown against the Cardinals. Last week, he gained the Panthers a combined 179 yards and scored a touchdown. However, McCaffery can be stopped, as shown by the Buccaneers in week 2. The Buccaneers held him to a meager 53 combined yards and 0 touchdowns. However, the Buccaneers are ranked number 1 in least yards allowed against the rush. The Jaguars, however, are ranked 13th. McCaffery should have no problem going back to his usual 100+ yard self against the Jaguars this week. Kyle Allen, their new starting quarterback while Cam Newton gets healthy, has been putting on a pretty good performance through the air. However, he has been having trouble with fumbles, fumbling three times against the Texans. He needs to get the turnovers under control if he wants to put this game away.

The Panthers’ defense is looking pretty good, especially if the Jaguars are down to a third string quarterback. The Panthers have 18 sacks over 4 weeks, tied with the Patriots for the most sacks on the year. A third string quarterback simply doesn’t have the NFL experience to deal with a powerful pass rush like the Panthers have put together. Especially Will Grier, who is fresh out of the 2019 draft and new to the NFL this season. The Jaguars have given up 10 sacks on the year, which isn’t bad, but isn’t great either. That number is as low as it is in part due to Minshew’s ability to avoid sacks. The Panthers have a huge opportunity to totally disrupt the Jaguars’ passing game on Sunday, especially if the Jags are down to their third string.

Carolina Panthers Depth Chart

QB: Kyle Allen
RB1: Christian McCaffrey
RB2: Reggie Bonnafon
WR1: D.J. Moore
WR2: Curtis Samuel
WR3: Jarius Wright
TE: Greg Olsen

Daily Fantasy

While Leonard Fournette was a no-start for the majority of this season so far, it’s looking like this could be a good game to start him. He has a lot of momentum coming into this game, and the Panthers’ run defense might not be able to stop him. I would also suggest starting McCaffrey, as he always has the potential to chew up defenses. I wouldn’t start any Jaguars receivers. Their passing game is in jeopardy with the Panthers’ strong pass rush, and the potential for them to be starting Will Grier. Even if Minshew is in, the Jaguars are going to be getting most of their yards on the ground this game as they won’t want to get Minshew more hurt than he already is.

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