Jacksonville Jaguars at Cincinnati Bengals Matchup Preview 10/20/19: Analysis, Depth Charts, Daily Fantasy

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The Jaguars are headed to Cincinnati on Sunday to take on the winless Bengals. The Jaguars have looked like a powerful defensive unit, but it’s yet to be seen how powerful they’ll be without Jalen Ramsey. Leonard Fournette has also been racking up yards, and seems to be over the slump he was in at the beginning of the season. The Bengals, meanwhile, have not looked quite as promising this season. They are one of two remaining winless teams, the other being the Miami Dolphins. One promising possibility for this matchup is that A.J. Green might be returning against the Jaguars, and he would give a huge boost to this offense. However, it’s not guaranteed, and therefore the Bengals are going to have to be prepared to beat the Jaguars with what they have right now. The Jaguars are the favorites in this matchup, but the Bengals could have a chance to get their first win, especially if A.J. Green is healthy. Click here for betting information and more details on the Jaguars at Bengals matchup.

TV Schedule

Date: Sunday, October 20th, 2019
Time: 10:00 AM
Location: Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati, OH
Coverage: CBS

Injury Report

Jaguars: Marqise Lee (D), Josh Oliver (Q), Cody Davis (Q), Geoff Swaim (Q), James O’Shaughnessy (O), Nick Foles (O)
Bengals: William Jackson (O), Andre Smith (Q), Kerry Wynn (O), Dre Kirkpatrick (D), Ryan Glasgow (Q), Cordy Glenn (Q), Carlos Dunlap (Q), A.J. Green (Q)

Jacksonville Jaguars Analysis

Jacksonville JaguarsToday, the Jaguars defense took a huge hit when they traded Jalen Ramsey to the Rams. Ramsey is one of, if not the best shutdown corner in the league. He’s been out for the past couple of weeks, and I think his absence has shown. The Jaguars defense held a powerful Saints’ offense to only 13 points. Michael Thomas, however, got 89 yards on 8 receptions. I can almost guarantee that if Ramsey was in, Thomas wouldn’t have had such a good game. Luckily, they’re going up against the Bengals. The Bengals offense hasn’t been the best this year and will be a great proving ground for the Jaguars to test a more permanent Ramsey-less defense. Their pass rush put up three sacks against the Saints, who have a pretty good offensive line. Their defense definitely isn’t doomed without Ramsey. After all, they held the Saints to 13 points. But they’re definitely going to feel the impact of his departure.

Despite only putting 6 points up against the Saints, the Jaguars offense has looked pretty promising this year. Minshew has stepped up to the plate in a big way. He sits at 1,442 yards on the year with nine touchdowns and two interceptions, a much better ratio than some elite quarterbacks like Jared Goff and Dak Prescott. D.J. Chark has also stepped up in a big way, and his chemistry with Minshew is undeniable. He has 528 yards on 30 receptions for the year, and is tied for 2nd in the league with Amari Cooper, Terry McLaurin, and Adam Thielen for touchdowns with 5. Fournette has seen a bit of a return-to-form lately, having a 100+ yard game against the Panthers before their defensive battle with the Saints last week. The Bengals allow an average of 184.5 rushing yards per game (a stat that jumped after the Ravens put up 269 rushing yards against them) the most in the NFL. I think the Jaguars are going to get their win on the ground against the Bengals on Sunday.

Jacksonville Jaguars Depth Chart

QB: Gardner Minshew
RB1: Leonard Fournette
RB2: Ryquel Armstead
WR1: Chris Conley
WR2: D.J. Chark
WR3: Dede Westbrook
TE: Geoff Swaim

Cincinnati Bengals Analysis

Cincinnati BengalsUnfortunately, the Bengals have been pretty injury-stricken this year. They have a couple of injuries to their offensive line which has led to Dalton being sacked 22 times, the 3rd most in the league. The Panthers have a strong pass rush, and if they can get 3 sacks on a Saints offensive line that has allowed 11 on the season, they’re going to be putting a lot of pressure on Dalton. Dalton has also been without star receiver A.J. Green, which has stifled their passing game even more. John Ross stepped up for him, but also went out with a shoulder injury. They still have talent when it comes to receivers, with Tyler Boyd having a 10 reception, 123 yard, one touchdown game against the Cardinals, and Auden Tate having a 91 yard game off of 5 receptions against the Ravens. Fortunately, there’s a possibility A.J. Green is returning in this game against the Jaguars. While the Jaguars secondary is no joke, A.J. Green is going to be a huge boost for the Bengals offense.

The Bengals’ biggest problem against the Jaguars is going to be their defense. Specifically, their run defense. The Ravens absolutely tore the Bengals up on Sunday, putting up 269 yards and 2 touchdowns on the ground. It was a similar story with the Cardinals, who put up 266 rushing yards. Fournette has shown huge improvements lately (except for a slow game on Sunday) and is most likely going to prove a problem for the Bengals defense. The Bengals have a chance at winning this game, especially if A.J. Green is back with no Ramsey to cover him. But they’re going to need to stop the Jaguars from tearing them up on the ground, and based on their game against the Ravens that’s going to be easier said than done. Therefore, the Jaguars are the favorites this Sunday, but the Bengals definitely have a chance if they’re able to stop the run.

Cincinnati Bengals Depth Chart

QB: Andy Dalton
RB1: Joe Mixon
RB2: Giovani Bernard
WR1: A.J. Green
WR2: Auden Tate
WR3: Tyler Boyd
TE: C.J. Uzomah

Daily Fantasy

If you have Leonard Fournette I’d definitely recommend starting him. This is an incredibly favorable matchup for him and he has the potential to get huge yards. As explained earlier, the Bengals run defense was useless against the Ravens. The story was pretty similar with the Cardinals who put up 266 yards on the ground against the Bengals. Fournette is looking forward to having a field day with this Bengals rush defense. A.J. Green, if he’s back, might be a good choice. There’s a possibility he’s still floating around on your waiver wire if nobody picked him up, or if somebody dropped him for a healthy receiver. The Panthers have a good secondary, but without Ramsey an elite receiver has the chance to put up big numbers. However, I’m not expecting the Bengals to be passing well on Sunday due to the Jaguars pass rush and an injury-stricken offensive line, so he might not be your best option.

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