Kansas City Royals All-Time Lineup/ Roster

This Kansas City Royals team is one of the weakest lineups yet. Their only established bat is George Brett though they do have a bunch of guys who can run and hit for average. The strategy for them will likely be to play some small ball and utilize their good defense. The outfield has great range and the entire infield is filled either with Gold Glove winners or solid defenders.

Starting Lineup

1. Willie Wilson, RF (S)
2. Amos Otis, CF (R)
3. Whit Merrifield, 2B (R)
4. George Brett, 3B (L)
5. Mike Sweeney, 1B (R)
6. Hal McRae, DH (R)
7. Frank White, SS (R)
8. Salvador Perez, C (R)
9. Alex Gordon, LF (L)
Bret Saberhagen, P (R)
Manager: Ned Yost


Salvador Perez
2011-19: 381 Runs, 141 HR, 1,503 RBI, 4 SB, .266 BA/.297 OBP/.442 SLG

While Salvador Perez is listed as a member of the Royals this year, he won’t suit up for a game this year after undergoing Tommy John surgery earlier this year. Nevertheless, he’s been an integral part of the team and is one of the more solid players on the current team. He’s rated as one of the best defensive catchers over the past few years and offensively, he’s always consistent. He’s essentially a 25 homer guy who’s going to get you 55 runs and 75 RBI on a yearly basis. He won’t hit for much average but defensively, he’s the best bet the Royals have.

Honorable Mentions: Darrell Porter, Mike Macfarlane

First Baseman

Mike Sweeney
1995-07: 700 Runs, 197 HR, 837 RBI, 50 SB, .299 BA/.369 OBP/.492 SLG

During his 13 year run with the Royals, Mike Sweeney was one of their most consistent hitters. However, he did have the unfortunate of playing some of their worst years in the league, especially during the prime of his career. From 199 to 2005, Sweeney earned himself 5 All Star appearances and was a great all around bat. He hit for power, average, knocked his teammates in, and even played some great defense. However, the rest of the Kansas City squad did him no help as they would go a combined 465-668 during those 7 years with their best finish being 3rd place.

Honorable Mentions: Eric Hosmer, Billy Butler

Second Baseman

Whit Merrifield
2016-19: 297 Runs, 48 HR, 520 RBI, 253 SB, .315 BA/.365 OBP/.460 SLG

At second base is another current Royal, Whit Merrifield. While he’s only been around the team for a few years, Merrifield has already made himself known as one of the best second baseman in the league and most versatile players. In addition to logging time at second, he’s seen time all over the field at first and all three outfield spots. He’s a high contact hitter and has the perfect combination of speed and power. He’ll make an ideal #3 hitter who can do a little bit of everything.

Honorable Mentions: Joe Randa, Jose Offerman


Frank White
1973-90: 912 Runs, 160 HR, 886 RBI, 178 SB, .255 BA/.293 OBP/.383 SLG

The shortstop spot was a close one to call. Freddie Patek is a great speedster that should fit nicely into the bottom of the lineup as a great steals threat. He’ll pair nicely with the top of the order and form a great combination with those speedsters. Frank White is another great shortstop who plays some amazing defense. However, he’s got a different offensive skill set as he’s a power bat with significantly less speed. However, this team is built on defense and at the shortstop position, that’ll be especially true. White is our pick here and he’ll slot right into the bottom half of the lineup.

Honorable Mentions: Freddie Patek, Alcides Escobar, Rey Sanchez

Third Baseman

George Brett
1973-93: 318 Runs, 88 HR, 291 RBI, 33 SB, .281 BA/.377 OBP/.514 SLG

The most famed player in Kansas City history, George Brett is also famous for a pine tar incident back in 1983. He was a great player during his career and consistent doing everything for the Royals. The Hall of Famer was MVP in 1980 and earned himself 13 straight All Star appearances. During his best years, Brett could do it all. He’ll fit perfectly into this Royals team who’s lineup features an otherwise long list of good but not great bats.

Honorable Mentions: John Mayberry, Kevin Seitzer, Mike Moustakas

Left Fielder

Alex Gordon
2007-19: 841 Runs, 185 HR, 725 RBI, 113 SB, .258 BA/.338 OBP/.414 SLG

Possibly the weakest outfield bat, Alex Gordon certainly makes up for his defense. He’s been the heart and soul of these recent Royals teams and one of their leaders. The 6 time Gold Glove winner also owns a Platinum Glove and is widely considered one of the best defensive left fielders in the league. While his hitting stats have certainly gone down in recent years, Gordon remains a viable option at the plate and can still hit for a decent average. In his prime, he was a five tool player but nowadays, he’s a glove and contact bat.

Honorable Mentions: David DeJesus, Ed Kirkpatrick

Center Fielder

Amos Otis
1970-83: 1,074 Runs, 193 HR, 992 RBI, 340 SB, .280 BA/.347 OBP/.433 SLG

Patrolling center field for over ten years, Amos Otis is the ideal player for Kansas City at this spot. For most of his career, Otis was a great base stealer and should have no probleming ground defensively. The 5 time All Star and 3 time Gold Glove winner should prove to be a very productive piece in the Royals lineup and will be a great #2 hitter alongside his fellow right fielder.

Honorable Mentions: Lorenzo Cain, Carlos Beltran, Jarrod Dyson

Right Fielder

Willie Wilson
1976-90: 1,060 Runs, 41 HR, 509 RBI, 612 SB, .289 BA/.329 OBP/.382 SLG

Playing 15 of his 19 career years in the bigs with the Royals, Willie Wilson will surely be an integral part of the offense. H offers defensive versatility all over the outfield and can cover quite a bit of ground. He‘s a tremendous base stealer that should have no problem hitting right at the top of the lineup. He gives Kansas City a great source of runs and isn’t afraid to steal. While there isn’t much pop to his game, a defensive, speedy center fielder will be ideal for the Royals.

Honorable Mentions: Johnny Damon, Danny Tartabull, Al Cowens

Designated Hitter

Hal McRae
1973-87: 376 Runs, 133 HR, 533 RBI, 26 SB, .286 BA/.338 OBP/.479 SLG

After beginning his career with the Reds, Hal McRae shifted leagues and changed his career. He quickly became one of the best on base getters for the Royals and showed great numbers all around. While not much of a power hitter, he knocked in a bunch of runs in his days and even added some speed for a few seasons. There’s definitely room for him on this team though he might not play the biggest role.


Bret Saberhagen
1984-91: 110-78 Record, 3.21 ERA, 5.9 K/9, 1.8 BB/9

Coming into the big at the age of 19, Bret Saberhagen couldn’t have asked for a better scenario. The Kansas City team was tremendous at the time and reached the playoffs that year, though eventually they would lose to the rival Tigers. In 1985, he helped the Royals capture a World Series title though the years after weren’t so great. Kansas City began struggling after their postseason run and it wouldn’t be until 2014 until they reached the postseason again. However, Saberhagen continued to be dominant and would win a pair of Cy Youngs and be named to the All Star team twice during the rest of his tenure with the team.

Honorable Mentions: Kevin Appier, Mark Gubicza, Zack Greinke


Ned Yost

While he doesn’t have a winning record and has seen his team’s record go downhill as of late, Ned Yost is the manager of this team. He’s the longest tenured skipper the club has ever had and his World Series ring played a large part in that. In 2015, he led the Royals to the Fall Classic for the second year in a row and pulled off one of the most improbable seasons the league has recently seen. Armed with a small budget team and a group of players that seemingly shouldn’t have been able to win, Yost led them to a World Series title.

Originally from San Francisco, California, Justin Yeung has grown up as an avid Giants and Warriors fan, watching them both through the good and bad times. Currently, he is a junior attending the University of California, Irvine majoring in business economics and minoring in management. When he’s not in class, you’ll often find Justin at various sporting events and pursuing his goal of visiting all 30 Major League stadiums.

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