Kevin Durant Request Trade From Brooklyn: Possible Trade Destinations & Rumors

Kevin Durant Requests Trade Out Of Brooklyn

Let the chaos ensue! Kevin Durant has officially requested a trade out of Brooklyn, which is a minor shock considering Kyrie Irving recently decided to stay with the Nets. While rumors of Durant wanting out have circulated over the past few weeks, there has been no concrete evidence suggesting he was unhappy with Irving and Simmons in Brooklyn. Durant has presented two preferred trade destinations to the Nets’ front office: Miami and Phoenix. The Suns are the clear front-runners to snag Kevin Durant, one of the most highly anticipated players ever on the trade block. Still, there is one dark horse team below that could make a run for KD, so take a look at the destinations and possible packages offered below.

Possible Kevin Durant Trade Destinations

Teams will be lining up for the Durant sweepstakes. Not every team will be in contention but there are a few championship contenders that can offer Durant a chance to win and also give the Nets an opportunity to salvage some sort of future.

Phoenix Suns

Durant has listed two teams as preferred trade destinations as of Thursday afternoon: Miami Heat and Phoenix Suns. Phoenix is the most obvious destination because it gives Deandre Ayton a landing spot for a sign-and-trade, and it can also include Mikal Bridges in the move. The Suns have the most assets to give up for Durant and could even include Cam Johnson and a few future first-rounders. Not many teams can give up as much as Phoenix can, and it seems like Durant might force himself there if talks become stagnant. Brooklyn would come out of that trade in decent shape; it wouldn’t have KD anymore, but a lineup of Kyrie Irving, Cam Johnson, Mikal Bridges, Ben Simmons, and Deandre Ayton is nothing to scoff at. The likelihood of Brooklyn turning around and moving Kyrie Irving could be relatively high, and the return could be exponential. The Nets have an opportunity to get younger and competitive for the foreseeable future as their best players would be well under 30 years old. Keep an eye out on a potential Irving trade after KD gets moved.

Miami Heat

The Miami Heat are another team that Durant has mentioned as preferred, but there are some complications with this move. Brooklyn can’t get Bam Adebayo because of the league’s Designated Rookie Extension Rule; it already has Ben Simmons on its roster. This makes it extremely difficult to imagine Miami offering a more appealing package than what Phoenix can offer. At the very least, Tyler Herro and three or more unprotected first-rounders would be required even to have a conversation.

Memphis Grizzlies

While Memphis has not been mentioned as a preferred trade destination, there is the possibility that the Grizzlies will go all out to get a second star next to Ja Morant. Memphis has the cap space and trade assets to put together an appealing trade for Brooklyn, but the biggest question is whether or not it would have the heart to include a player like Jaren Jackson Jr or Desmond Bane. Bane and Jackson are beloved by Grizzlies fans and have embodied the city’s mentality effortlessly. Despite having a young roster, Memphis finished as the No. 2 seed in the Western Conference and gave the Warriors, the eventual champions, a run for their money. There is little to no chance that Brooklyn would even pick up the phone unless one or both players are included. Still, that has not stopped Ja Morant from trying to recruit KD. Below is a tweet where Ja says “easy money,” likely referring to Durant’s Instagram name “easymoneysniper.”

Philadelphia 76ers

Philly seems to be another team that may have enough assets to make Brooklyn raise a brow. The Sixers could offer a package that includes Tobias Harris, Tyrese Maxey, Matisse Thybulle, and a set of future first-rounders. Philly’s biggest competition currently would include the Phoenix Suns, who may have a better package to send to Brooklyn. Additionally, the Sixers were not listed as a preferred destination by Durant, so who knows whether this is a legitimate possibility.

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