MLB Free Agent Tracker 2020-2021

Gerrit Cole

Position: SP

Former Team: Houston Astros

New Team: New York Yankees (9 Yrs/$324 Million)

Lineups Analysis: The Yankees went out and got their ace. After the run Gerrit Cole put on in Houston, he will become the top dog in the Bronx. Arguably the best pitcher in baseball will look to lead the Yankees to a World Series win.

Anthony Rendon

Position: 3B

Former Team: Washington Nationals

New Team: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (7 Yrs/$245 Million)

Lineups Analysis: Washington had some decisions to make as far as who they were going to keep, and Anthony Rendon headed out west. He will join the Angels, bolstering a lineup that already features the game’s best player.

Stephen Strasburg

Position: SP

Former Team: Washington Nationals

New Team: Washington Nationals (7 Yrs/$245 Million)

Lineups Analysis: Stephen Strasburg was a playoff hero for the Nationals, and he got paid like one. Washington drafted Strasburg back in 2009, and he is looking to remain with the club for another half a decade.

Zack Wheeler

Position: SP

Former Team: New York Mets

New Team: Philadelphia Phillies (5 Yrs/$118 Million)

Lineups Analysis: Zack Wheeler won’t move terribly far, and will stay within the same division. Wheeler will move to a slightly less favorable home ballpark for pitching, but filled a need for the Phillies.

Josh Donaldson

Position: 3B

Former Team: Atlanta Braves

New Team: Minnesota Twins (4 Yrs/$92 Million)

Lineups Analysis: It has been a few years, but Josh Donaldson finally got that contract he was looking for. While Minnesota didn’t need dramatic help on the offensive side, Donaldson will slide into one of the game’s best offenses.

Madison Bumgarner

Position: SP

Former Team: San Francisco Giants

New Team: Arizona Diamondbacks (5 Yrs/$85 Million)

Lineups Analysis: Those Giants championship teams are starting to find their way out of the Bay Area. Madison Bumgarner is another one who stays within the division. This gives the Diamondbacks a replacement for Zack Greinke.

Hyun-Jin Ryu

Position: SP

Former Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

New Team: Toronto Blue Jays (4 Yrs/$80 Million)

Lineups Analysis: Toronto has a group of young hitters that will be the future of baseball. They needed pitching and went out and landed Hyun-Jin Ryu on a four year deal. I love this for both sides, although the AL East is a downgrade from pitching in the NL West.

Yasmani Grandal

Position: C

Former Team: Milwaukee Brewers

New Team: Chicago White Sox (4 Yrs/$73 Million)

Lineups Analysis: After taking a one year deal with the Brewers last season, he will get the contract he was looking for with Chicago. Great addition for both sides.

Nick Castellanos

Position: OF

Former Team: Chicago Cubs

New Team: Cincinnati Reds (4 Yrs/$64 Million)

Lineups Analysis: One of the top signings of the offseason was Nick Castellanos. He will get a bump playing in Great American Ballpark for half of his games.

Mike Moustakas

Position: 3B

Former Team: Milwaukee Brewers

New Team: Cincinnati Reds (4 Yrs/$64 Million)

Lineups Analysis: Another offseason addition for the Reds was Mike Moustakas as they continue to load up on bats.

Dallas Keuchel

Position: SP

Former Team: Atlanta Braves

New Team: Chicago White Sox

Lineups Analysis: Chicago needed some pitching depth, and will get a consistent groundball arm ini Dallas Keuchel.

Will Smith

Position: RP

Former Team: San Francisco Giants

New Team: Atlanta Braves (3 Yrs/$40 Million)

Lineups Analysis: A weak spot was the bullpen last season, and Atlanta made sure to address that with Will Smith.

Drew Pomeranz

Position: RP

Former Team: Milwaukee Brewers

New Team: San Diego Padres (4 Yrs/$34 Million)

Lineups Analysis: Drew Pomeranz has a new role as a bullpen arm, and San Diego’s bullpen is one of the best.

Kyle Gibson

Position: SP

Former Team: Minnesota Twins

New Team: Texas Rangers (3 Yrs/$28 Million)

Lineups Analysis: Texas needed pitching and didn’t make a big splash, but Kyle Gibson is a nice piece who will be an upgrade for their rotation.

Will Harris

Position: RP

Former Team: Houston Astros

New Team: Washington Nationals (3 Yrs/$24 Million)

Lineups Analysis: Washington had a leaky bullpen, and Will Harris will move from one championship team to another.

Tanner Roark

Position: SP

Former Team: Oakland Athletics

New Team: Toronto Blue Jays (2 Yrs/$24 Million)

Lineups Analysis: Tanner Roark goes to the AL East, which is not an ideal move for any pitcher right now.

Avisail Garcia

Position: OF

Former Team: Tampa Bay Rays

New Team: Milwaukee Brewers (2 Yrs/$20 Million)

Lineups Analysis: Milwaukee made a few sneaky good moves, and Avisail Garcia gets a bump in Miller Park.

Michael Pineda

Position: SP

Former Team: Minnesota Twins

New Team: Minnesota Twins (2 Yrs/$20 Million)

Lineups Analysis: Staying in Minnesota, Michael Pineda will try and get back on track after an up and down 2019.

Marcell Ozuna

Position: OF

Former Team: St. Louis Cardinals

New Team: Atlanta Braves (1 Yrs/$18 Million)

Lineups Analysis: Another one year deal for Marcell Ozuna, but also another one year deal for a big bat on the Braves.

Cole Hamels

Position: SP

Former Team: Chicago Cubs

New Team: Atlanta Braves (1 Yrs/$18 Million)

Lineups Analysis: Atlanta handed out another one-year deal, and they get some depth on their rotation.

Corey Dickerson

Position: OF

Former Team: Philadelphia Phillies

New Team: Miami Marlins (2 Yrs/$17.5 Million

Lineups Analysis: Corey Dickerson finds himself in Miami, and continues to bounce around the league.

Kole Calhoun

Position: OF

Former Team: Los Angeles Angels

New Team: Arizona Diamondbacks (2 Yrs/$16 Million)

Lineups Analysis: Kole Calhoun isn’t traveling far, but will try and jumpstart his career in Arizona.

Jordan Lyles

Position: SP

Former Team: Milwaukee Brewers

New Team: Texas Rangers (2 Yrs/$16 Million)

Lineups Analysis: Jordan Lyles was another starting pitcher move for the Rangers, and heading to the AL is not ideal for Lyles.

Travis d’Arnaud

Position: C

Former Team: Tampa Bay Rays

New Team: Atlanta Braves (2 Yrs/$16 Million)

Lineups Analysis: After a few years of platooning guys, Travis d’Arnaud will join the Braves as a full-time backstop.

Didi Gregorius

Position: SS

Former Team: New York Yankees

New Team: Philadelphia Phillies (1 Yrs/$14 Million)

Lineups Analysis: A sneaky good signing for the Phillies, which will push Jean Segura to second base and create a very good infield.

Other Notable Free Agents

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