2019 MLB Power Rankings (Updated 9/24/19)

houston astros
1. Houston Astros

Previous: 3, Team Rating: 89, Strength: Bullpen, Starting Pitching, Offense, Weakness: None

The Astros topped 100 wins yet again, and took home the AL West. They are the team to beat in my eyes, but a few teams are breathing down their neck. 

los angeles dodgers
2. Los Angeles Dodgers

Previous: 1, Team Rating: 93, Strengths: Starting Pitching, Offense, Weaknesses: Speed

The Dodgers are leading the way in the National League, and are loaded top to bottom. The pitching staff is going to have to show some more consistency in the playoffs.

new york yankees
3. New York Yankees

Previous: 2, Team Rating: 91, Strengths: Starting Pitching, Bullpen, Offense,  Weaknesses: Starting Pitching

It will now be time to see the Yankees rag tag team compete in the postseason. Getting Luis Severino back will be a big addition.

minnesota twins
4. Minnesota Twins

Previois: 4, Team Rating: 77, Strengths: Offense, Starting Pitching Weaknesses: Bullpen

Minnesota was an excellent ball club this year, and they had a tremendous road record. Offensively they are built to compete, but the staff going up against the AL ball clubs is a concern.

atlanta braves
5. Atlanta Braves

Previous: 6, Team Rating: 83, Strengths: Offense, Bullpen, Weaknesses: Starting Pitching

Ronald Acuna had a historic year, and the Braves overall kept a fair distance from what was expected to be a closer race.

cleveland indians
6. Cleveland Indians

Previous: 7, Team Rating: 89, Strengths: Starting Pitching, Bullpen, Weaknesses: Offense

Cleveland overcame a lot, and posted 90+ wins. While it was hard to see them ship away a few players and largely be sellers this offseason, they are in the midst of a postseason berth.

oakland athletics
7. Oakland Athletics

Previous: 8, Team Rating: 75,  Strengths: Offense, Bullpen, Weaknesses: Starting Pitching

Oakland have showed last year as no fluke. They get Frankie Montas back, and Sean Manaea is getting back to speed. They overcame a bad projected rotation and got to 95+ wins.

washington nationals
8. Washington Nationals

Previous: 12, Team Rating: 89, Strengths: Starting Pitching, Weaknesses: Bullpen

Washington had a second half serge, and were a team that struggled in the beginning of the year. The staff is one of the best in the business, and everyone is healthy offensively.

tampa bay rays
9. Tampa Bay Rays

Previous: 10, Team Rating: 78, Strengths: Starting Pitching, Bullpen, Weaknesses: Offense

In the midst of a tough playoff race, Tampa Bay proved they were one of the top teams in the Ammerican League. In a tough AL East they held their own.

st louis cardinals
10. St. Louis Cardinals

Previous: 11, Team Rating: 84, Strengths: Bullpen, Weaknesses: Starting Pitching

The Cardinals were another team that surprised in the second half. They rode good pitching, which was a concern heading into the latter months.

milwaukee brewers
11. Milwaukee Brewers

Previous: 14, Team Rating: 85, Strengths: Offense, Weaknesses: Bullpen & Starting Pitcher

Despite having no starting pitching, and the injury to Christian Yelich, this group has pushed for the postseason. However, with a -2 differential and .500 expected record, some luck went their way.

chicago cubs
12. Chicago Cubs

Previous: 9, Team Rating: 86, Strengths: Starting Pitching, Offense, Weaknesses: Bullpen

Changes within the Cubs organization might be happening sooner rather than later as they under-performed this year. A postseason miss is a big L for this club.

13. Philadelphia Phillies

Previous: 13, Team Rating: 88, Strengths: Offense, Weaknesses: Starting Pitching, Bullpen

Philadelphia struggled with consistency this season, and in a juiced ball season, the offense was rather pedestrian after what was supposed to be a loaded offense.

boston red
14. Boston Red Sox

Previous: 5, Team Rating: 93, Strengths: Offense, Weaknesses: Starting Pitching & Bullpen

Boston’s pitching was doomed after Chris Sale went down and David Price shortly followed. They played from behind most of the year, and now have important decisions to make.

new york mets
15. New York Mets

Previous: 21, Team Rating: 85, Strengths: Starting Pitching, Weaknesses: Bullpen

The Mets made a push towards the end, and finished over .500, but ultimately they fell short. They are in a good spot to continue to build around a strong staff and few offensive weapons.

texas rangers
16. Texas Rangers

Previous: 16, Team Rating: 68, Strengths: Offense,  Weaknesses: Starting Pitching & Bullpen

It wasn’t a bad year for Texas, but it was certainly going to be hard to compete with Oakland and Houston within the division.

san francisco giants
17. San Francisco Giants

Previous: 17, None, Team Rating: 66, Strengths: Bullpen, Weaknesses: Offense, Starting Pitching

It was an up and down year for the Giants, and they will finish the season below .500. With a weak farm system and aging stars, the future is still in major question.

arizona diamondbacks
18. Arizona Diamondbacks

Previous: 18, Team Rating: 76, Strengths: Offense, Starting Pitching  Weaknesses: 

Despite losing names in the offseason, Arizona was in the thick of it for most of the year. It will be interesting to see where they go moving forward.

los angeles angels
19. Los Angeles Angels

Previous: 15, Team Rating: 77, Strengths: Offense, Weaknesses: Starting Pitching, Bullpen

The Angels struggled for most of the year, and Mike Trout as usual was the bright spot with this group.

colorado rockies
20. Colorado Rockies

Previous: 19, Team Rating: 83, Strengths: Offense, Weaknesses: Starting Pitching, Bullpen

Colorado struggled with injuries, and the rotation fell back down to earth after over performing last season. They have a lot of questions heading into the offseason.

san diego padres
21. San Diego Padres

Previous: 20, Team Rating: 74, Strengths: Starting Pitching & Bullpen, Weaknesses: Offense

San Diego was going to be a year or two away anyway, but now is time to focus on the youth, which is exciting with Fernando Tatis and Chris Paddack.

cincinnati reds
22. Cincinnati Reds

Previous: 22, Team Rating: 77, Strengths: Starting Pitching & Bullpen,  Weaknesses: Offense

Eugenio Suarez and the starting rotation were the real stars throughout the season. They entered the season as a dark horse, but more expected results followed.

chicago white
23. Chicago White Sox

Previous: 23, Team Rating: 67, Strengths: Bullpen,  Weaknesses: Offense & Starting Pitching

This has always been about finding guys for the future. Chicago has a few older pieces that they could move, and I would be shocked if they didn’t sell at the deadline. They are 20 .500, and we are just watching some of the youthful pieces for the future.

pittsburgh pirates
24. Pittsburgh Pirates

Previous: 24 Team Rating: 77, Strengths: None, Weaknesses: Starting Pitching, Bullpen

The Pirates ended up being one of the worst teams in baseball, and injuries to the rotation didn’t help. However this offense is stuck in one place at the moment.

seattle mariners
25. Seattle Mariners

Previous: 25, Team Rating: 70, Strengths: Offense, Weaknesses: Bullpen, Defense

Seattle would have likely lost 100 games if they didn’t get off to a hot start.

toronto blue jays
26. Toronto Blue Jays

Previous: 26, Team Rating: 69, Strengths: Bullpen, Weaknesses: Offense, Starting Pitching

Much like Chicago, we are watching the Blue Jays for the up and coming talent. They are a young team, and will be sellers at the deadline. A fan favorite, Marcus Stroman, is likely on the move, which would diminish their rotation even more.

kansas city royals
27. Kansas City Royals

Previous: 27, Team Rating: 65, Strengths: None, Weaknesses: Bullpen, Offense, Starting Pitching

Kansas City is barely about to win their 40th game, and offensively they have struggled this season. They are in the midst of a major rebuild, and only have a few pieces worth building around for the future.

miami marlins
28. Miami Marlins

Previous: 28, Team Rating: 59, Strengths: Starting Pitching, Weaknesses: Bullpen & Offense

Miami hasn’t been awful, the pitching staff has been sneaky good, but everything else is below average. The offense has not crossed the 400 run mark, and it is hard to see this team climbing out of this hole over the next few years.

detroit tigers
29.Detroit Tigers

Previous: 20, Team Rating: 70, Strengths: None, Weaknesses: Bullpen, Offense, Starting Pitching

Detroit rivals the bottom few here in terms of being the worst team in baseball. They have scored just 357 runs on the year, and have a -212 run differential.

baltimore orioles
30. Baltimore Orioles

Previous: 30, Team Rating: 60, Strengths: None, Weaknesses: Bullpen, Starting Pitching, Offense

Baltimore’s 7-3 stretch in their last ten games puts their record above a few, but this team has allowed over 600 runs on the season. Heading for another 100+ loss season is no shocker to us baseball fans.

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