2019 MLB Power Rankings (Updated 5-14-19)

1. Houston Astros

Move: None, Team Rating: 89, Strength: Bullpen, Starting Pitching, Offense, Weakness: None

Houston currently has the best record in baseball, and are 9-1 in their last ten games. They have been one of the better home teams in baseball at 6-4. The only knock they have is the 9-9 record against teams above .500, but nobody is really running away there.  

2. Los Angeles Dodgers

Move: None, Team Rating: 93, Strengths: Starting Pitching & Offense, Weaknesses: Bullpen & Speed

The Dodgers aren’t moving from the prior rankings, as they have the third best record in baseball. This is a loaded offense, and the rotation is getting healthier. They are also 16-11 against teams above .500. This offense continues to be one of the deepest in baseball, and Justin Turner has finally gotten going. 

3. Chicago Cubs

Move: +12, Team Rating: 86, Strengths: Starting Pitching & Offense, Weaknesses: Defense

After a struggling start, the Cubs have now won eight of their last ten games, and are ten games over .500. This is good for the second best record in baseball. Jon Lester looks like the old Jon Lester, and the rest of the staff is starting to pick things up as well. In addition to the strong offense, they are looking good.

4. Minnesota Twins

Move: +8, Team Rating: 77, Strengths: Offense, Weaknesses: Starting Pitching & Bullpen

Houston held their own against Houston twice, and this offense is for real. The staff and bullpen is still something that can fall back a bit and cause them to stumble, but overall Minnesota is now the front runners in the AL Central. When the weather heats up, Target Field will be favorable for this Minnesota offense.

5. New York Yankees

Move: +6, Team Rating: 91, Strengths: Starting Pitching & Offense,  Weaknesses: Injuries & Bullpen

The injuries continue to pile up for New York, but this team has shown its depth. They are 7-3 in the last ten games, and are closing in on the Tampa Bay Rays. New York has still struggled against teams above .500, and that is where they just miss being with the elite teams like Houston in the AL.

6. Milwaukee Brewers

Move: +1, Team Rating: 85, Strengths: Offense & Speed, Weaknesses: Bullpen & Starting Pitcher

The Brewers are going to be in a dogfight for the NL Central. Their starting rotation is missing at least one more key arm, but the bullpen is starting to look like last year’s. The offense is still one of my favorites, and they are dominant at home. 

7. Philadelphia Phillies

Move: -1, Team Rating: 88, Strengths: Offense, Weaknesses: Speed

Aaron Nola and Bryce Harper are struggling in a big way, and yet this team is 24-16. Nola is a little more nerve wracking for a better return, but we know Harper is going to come around. They are 8-2 against teams above .500, and have one of the deepest lineups in baseball. 

8. Boston Red Sox

Move: +6, Team Rating: 93, Strengths: Speed, Weaknesses: Starting Pitching & Bullpen

The reigning champs are looking like the reigning champs again. Chris Sale has strung together some good starts. The offense is finally clicking, and this helps a rotation that was struggling for most of the season. They will run into a pretty good schedule over the next few weeks to bolster their win column.

9. Tampa Bay Rays

Move: -6, Team Rating: 78, Strengths: Speed, Starting Pitching, Bullpen, Weaknesses: None

Tampa Bay is starting to weaken a little bit. The offense has dried up against good pitching, and Tyler Glasnow is now out for the next month. This Rays team is still going to be in the thick of it for most of the year, but we are seeing a team start to regress just a bit. 

10. St. Louis Cardinals

Move: -6, Team Rating: 84, Strengths: Bullpen & Offense, Weaknesses: Starting Pitching

Two weeks was a major turn for St. Louis, and not in a good way. The rotation has looked mediocre, and the offense went missing in some good spots. Now they have had a tough schedule so far, but that isn’t going to go away in this division. They have won two games in the last ten games. The concerns are starting to show with this rotation.

11. New York Mets

Move: -6, Team Rating: 85, Strengths: Offense, Weaknesses: Bullpen & Defense

The Mets have been middling over the last few weeks, and have one of the bigger drops within the rankings. The rotation is full of big names, but consistency hasn’t been there. They are -15 in run differential, which is not great. They are another team with a tough schedule, but this team might be all over the place this year.

12. Cleveland Indians

Move: -4, Team Rating: 89, Strengths: Starting Pitching, Bullpen, Speed, Weaknesses: Offense

Corey Kluber is done for several weeks, and the Indians rotation is looking less durable by the minute. With the injuries to the rotation, the offense isn’t good enough to carry them. They are above .500 with a negative run differential. Cleveland is likely going to be middle of the rankings for the rest of the season.

13. San Diego Padres

Move: -3, Team Rating: 74, Strengths: Starting Pitching & Bullpen, Weaknesses: Contact

San Diego is better than their record suggests, and they currently sit with the same record as some playoff teams from last season. They are going to be chasing Los Angeles all year, and will need to win those close games. The Padres have yet to get everybody firing on all cylinders, but this team feels like they are going to go on a run. Chris Paddack looks like the real deal to lead the way.

14. Arizona Diamondbacks

Move: +7, Team Rating: 76, Strengths: Offense,  Weaknesses: Bullpen

The Diamondbacks have played over 30 games against teams above .500. They are four games over .500, and the offense has been excellent. This is a scrappy bunch with a pretty good rotation, and they are a dangerous team despite losing two stars in the offseason. Luke Weaver has started to piece some things together, which would be beneficial for the club.

15. Atlanta Braves

Move: -6, Team Rating: 83, Strengths: Offense, Weaknesses: Bullpen

Atlanta has been playing very average baseball, and they are about .500 in every category. It makes sense that they fell to 15 this update. The rotation has been dealing with some injuries, but the bullpen has been a real downfall at times this year. We will likely see where the Braves stand this season in a month.

16.Pittsburgh Pirates

Move: +1, Team Rating: 77, Strengths: Starting Pitching & Bullpen, Weaknesses: Offense & Speed

The rotation is starting to fall apart. Taillon is going to be out for quite a while, and all of a sudden Joe Musgrove and Jordan Lyles have started to fall back to old ways. They are still grinding out wins and are above .500, but they have beat up on teams below .500. Hard to put them in serious contention with other teams.

17. Oakland Athletics

Move: +1, Team Rating: 75,  Strengths: Offense, Weaknesses: Bullpen & Starting Pitching

Oakland isn’t on par for the 90+ wins they had last season, and with their rotation it is easy to understand why. Mike Fiers no-hitter was a feel good moment, but overall he is an average right-hander. Matt Olsen is back which helps the offense, but they have struggled on the road going 5-14.

18. Los Angeles Angels

Move: +1, Team Rating: 77, Strengths: Bullpen & Mike Trout, Weaknesses: Starting Pitching & Offense

The Angels are playing right around .500, and it is hard to see them breaking over that mark. Ohtani is back which is going to help out this offense that was lacking severe power. They are getting some hero ball from Tommy La Stella, but this offense is still not one I buy. The rotation is also struggling with health, and they are shorthanded.

19. Colorado Rockies

Move: +1, Team Rating: 83, Strengths: Bullpen, Weaknesses: Starting Pitching

The offense got going a little bit for Colorado, but the rotation is starting to regress as expected. They open up on a road trip with Boston, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. Tough stretch, but they do return to face Baltimore at home to help balance things out. Just hard for Colorado to get any groove going.

20. Washington Nationals

Move: -7, Team Rating: 89, Strengths: Speed, Weaknesses: Bullpen & Starting Pitching

Injuries have hurt Washington, but there is a weird vibe in the capital. Washington has the same record as Toronto at the moment, and are two games better than their neighbors Baltimore. The offense has been really poor, and Juan Soto being banged up lately, and Trea Turner’s absence is really showing. With the rotation, you would think they still would be okay. This is looking like a disappointing year.

21.Cincinnati Reds

Move: +1, Team Rating: 77, Strengths: Starting Pitching & Bullpen,  Weaknesses: Offense

Cincinnati is a weird team. Their offense has struggled for the most part, and their pitching has been stellar. They are +30, yet are five games under .500. Going 8-16 against teams above .500 is a struggle. This offense should get going soon, and if the pitching can keep pace, they are a sneaky team to make a run.

22. Texas Rangers

Move: +1, Team Rating: 68, Strengths: Offense & Speed,  Weaknesses: Starting Pitching & Bullpen

Texas has a horrendous staff, but an offense that performs at home. Mike Minor still leads this rotation, but after that there isn’t much. They are 12-7 at home, and 5-14 on the road. Because of the drop off for the offense on the road, they will be around this sub .500 mark most of the way. They are also in poor form, losing seven of their last ten games.

23. Seattle Mariners

Move: -7, Team Rating: 70, Strengths: Power & Speed, Weaknesses: Bullpen & Defense

And this is why we didn’t put Seattle in the top ten at any point during the season. The bullpen has struggled, the rotation is middle of the road, and the offense has started to not hit ten home runs a game. The Mariners are 5-19 against teams above .500, which is about right for this squad. They struggled on this recent road stretch against New York and Boston.

24. Chicago White Sox

Move: None, Team Rating: 67, Strengths: Speed,  Weaknesses: Offense & Starting Pitching

I am intrigued with Chicago, as we have seen some strides from Lucas Giolito and occasional flashes of Reynaldo Lopez. The offense is talented, and the young prospects are starting to emerge more. Yoan Moncada has made a jump in plate discipline, and the two first baseman both offer up middle of the order power. If a hot stretch occurs, they might be an interesting team to make a move.

25.Detroit Tigers

Move: None, Team Rating: 70, Strengths: Starting Pitching, Weaknesses: Bullpen & Offense

Detroit fell back down to earth a little bit, as they are 4-6 in their last ten games. They have one of the worst run differentials in baseball. The offense is the downside here, scoring just 135 runs at this point in time. The rotation has been okay, but Matt Boyd’s 2019 has been excellent.

26. Toronto Blue Jays

Move: None, Team Rating: 69, Strengths: Starting Pitching & Bullpen, Weaknesses: Offense

The Blue Jays have been one of the worst offenses in baseball, and their rotation has actually been somewhat decent. Vlad Jr has struggled in the majors so far, which is disappointing given the hype, but of course he is just 20 years old. Injuries have piled up on the rotation, but the offense is the real red flag on this team.

27. San Francisco Giants

Move: None, Team Rating: 66, Strengths: Bullpen, Weaknesses: Offense, Speed, Starting Pitching

We are in a stretch of really bad offenses, and the Giants are another team with a struggling rotation too. Madison Bumgarner’s trade talk is starting to buzz a bit, and it seems to be only a matter of time. They are six games under .500, and are struggling at the plate even in good spots on the road.

28.Kansas City Royals

Move: None, Team Rating: 65, Strengths: Speed, Weaknesses: Bullpen, Offense, Starting Pitching

The Royals are teetering with Baltimore for the second to worst spot in the bigs. They have some flashes on the offensive side at times, but the rotation is one of the worst in baseball. They are in a tough stretch right now losing seven of the last ten games. KC at least has some young players to watch.

29. Baltimore Orioles

Move: None, Team Rating: 60, Strengths: None, Weaknesses: Bullpen, Starting Pitching, Offense

Baltimore is going to be a punching bag for the AL East, and have struggled as expected this season. They may steal a series or two, but this rotation is abysmal. They have allowed the most runs in baseball so far this season. The offense is bottom five, and the tough part is no prospects is in the waiting.

30. Miami Marlins

Move: None, Team Rating: 59, Strengths: Starting Pitching, Weaknesses: Bullpen & Offense

The Marlins currently have ten wins on the year, and have lost 8 of the last 10 games. They are -91 in run differential, and have the worst record in baseball. They are bad, and will remain bad.

Jason Guilbault has been writing and podcasting in the fantasy sports world for over five years. You can find his work at Daily Fantasy Cafe. He is an avid Tottenham fan, and follows the Boston sports teams. When he isn’t diving into stats, he is enjoying the outdoors or down at the local brewery.

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