MLB Projected Starting Lineups, Matchups and Injury News 4/24/19

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Today’s MLB Matchups

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Kansas City Royals (7-17) @ Tampa Bay Rays (16-8)

Starting Pitchers: Jake Junis (R) vs. Blake Snell (L)

  • Blake Snell is making a return from injury, and hopefully he stops moving bathroom furniture around. Snell was his Cy Young self before the IL trip, sporting a 40% strikeout rate, and limits hard-contact to 24.5%.
  • Tommy Pham has been making extreme hard-contact this season, sitting at 56%.

Miami Marlins (7-16) @ Cleveland Indians (12-10)

Starting Pitchers: Sandy Alcantara (R) vs. Jefry Rodriguez (R)

  • Sandy Alcantara has a sub-20% strikeout rate this season, but is holding hard-contact to 25%.
  • Francisco Lindor is back in the lineup, and Jason Kipnis has been back the last few games. This lineup gets a little bump from where they were the first few weeks.

Milwaukee Brewers (13-12) @ St. Louis Cardinals (14-9)

Starting Pitchers: Jhoulys Chacin (R) vs. Adam Wainwright (R)

  • Jhoulys Chacin and Adam Wainwright both have similar struggles and are similar pitchers. Wainwright uses that curveball 39% of the time. Chacin uses a slider 45% of the time. Both have struggled with left-handed hitters.

Washington Nationals (11-11) @ Colorado Rockies (10-14)

Starting Pitchers: Anibal Sanchez (R) vs. German Marquez (R)

  • German Marquez has a 24% strikeout rate this season, and hitters have a .302 xwOBA against him. Tough matchup against the Nationals, but Marquez has established himself as the Colorado ace.
  • Anibal Sanchez is inducing a ton of weak contact, and sports average expected stats. His strikeout and walk rates are very mediocre.

Texas Rangers (12-10) @ Oakland Athletics (13-13)

Starting Pitchers: Kyle Dowdy (R) vs. Aaron Brooks (R)

  • Aaron Brooks has allowed a 43% hard-contact rate, and has a sub 20% strikeout rate.

Seattle Mariners (16-10) @ San Diego Padres (13-11)

Starting Pitchers: Felix Hernandez (R) vs. Chris Paddack (R)

  • The downward trend of Felix Hernandez continues, as his strikeout rate sits at 15%, and hitters have a 46% hard-contact against him.
  • Chris Paddack has been the real deal, with a 28% strikeout rate and .279 xWOBA.

San Francisco Giants (10-14) @ Toronto Blue Jays (11-13)

Starting Pitchers: Drew Pomeranz (L) vs. Clay Buchholz (R)

  • Drew Pomeranz has a 27% strikeout rate this season, using his curveball 46% of time. Pomeranz looks similar to himself when he was in San Diego.
  • Clay Buchholz has been pretty pedestrian after a strong season in Arizona last year. His expected stats are below average and his strikeout rate of 13% is not ideal.

Atlanta Braves (11-11) @ Cincinnati Reds (9-13)

Starting Pitchers: Mike Soroka (R) vs. Tanner Roark (R)

  • Mike Soroka is one of the young arms that will be a future piece in Atlanta for years to come. Not much of a sample size yet in 2019, but he has a solid slider, and mixes his pitches fairly well.
  • Tanner Roark has allowed a 50% hard-contact rate and .342 xwOBA. His struggles to lefties still are occurring in 2019.

Arizona Diamondbacks (13-11) @ Pittsburgh Pirates (12-9)

Starting Pitchers: Merrill Kelly (R) vs. Jordan Lyles (R)

  • Christian Walker has made some adjustments at the plate, and this season he has a 61% hard-contact rate and .427 xwOBA. His 29% strikeout rate is the only knock.
  • Merrill Kelly has limited some damage, but expected stats are pretty pedestrian and he has a 10% walk rate.
  • Jordan Lyles is another Pittsburgh arm that has done well this year. He has a 29% strikeout rate and .272 xWOBA.

Chicago White Sox (9-13) @ Baltimore Orioles (9-16)

Starting Pitchers: Ervin Santana (R) vs. John Means (L)

  • Ervin Santana has always been a name that has over-performed in his career. This season so far he has a higher walk rate than strikeout rate, and a .501 xwOBA.
  • Curious if John Means can keep up this play. He has a 26% strikeout rate and has held bats to a .281 xwOBA.

Detroit Tigers (12-10) @ Boston Red Sox (9-15)

Starting Pitchers: Tyson Ross (R) vs. Eduardo Rodriguez (L)

  • If you were curious on how Miguel Cabrera is hitting the ball this season, he has a 51% hard-contact rate and .363 xwOBA. His strikeout rate is higher than his career norm.
  • Tyson Ross isn’t throwing his slider as much as prior seasons. He is throwing it at a 29% rate, using cutter and fastball more.
  • Eduardo Rodriguez has the best expected stats of any Boston starter. Hitters have just a 28% hard-contact rate against Rodriguez, and a .303 xwOBA.

Philadelphia Phillies (12-11) @ New York Mets (13-10)

Starting Pitchers: Vince Velasquez (R) vs. Jason Vargas (L)

  • Andrew McCutchen has a 50% hard-contact rate this season, and his numbers against left-handed pitching have been solid over the last few seasons. Rhys Hoskins, Maikel Franco, and J.T. Realmuto all had plus numbers against lefties.
  • Vince Velasquez is throwing his fastball 65% of the time, but limiting hard-contact to under 30%.
  • Jason Vargas has struggled this season with an 11% strikeout rate and .451 xwOBA.

Los Angeles Dodgers (15-10) @ Chicago Cubs (11-10)

Starting Pitchers: Walker Buehler (R) vs. Cole Hamels (L)

  • Walker Buehler has started to get things right, and his expected stats back him up a bit. Hitters have a .296 xwOBA off him and just a 25% hard-contact rate.
  • Cole Hamels has allowed a 49% hard-contact rate this season, but has had pin point control with a 3% walk rate. His strikeouts have been rising each start.

Minnesota Twins (13-8) @ Houston Astros (14-9)

Starting Pitchers: Kohl Stewart (R) vs. Justin Verlander (R)

  • Justin Verlander has been up to his usual, as hitters have a .235 xBA and 30% strikeout rate against him. He will take on a familiar opponent from his old AL Central days.

New York Yankees (13-10) @ Los Angeles Angels (9-15)

Starting Pitchers: C.C. Sabathia (L) vs. Felix Pena (R)

  • Felix Pena has a .407 xwOBA and 51% hard-contact allowed so far this season. His slider usage is high at 40%, but strikeouts haven’t been there yet.
  • C.C. Sabathia has been doing his usual, limiting hard-contact and power with off-speed stuff and his cutter.
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