MLB Projected Starting Lineups, Matchups and Injury News 5/4/19

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Injury News

  • DJ LeMahieu and Miguel Andujar return to the Yankees lineup, but at the cost of James Paxton heading to the IL.
  • Christian Yelich remains questionable for today’s game, dealing with back issues.

Today’s MLB Matchups

Underneath each game you will find game and lineup notes, alongside betting and fantasy tips. Clicking into each team will bring you to their team hub where you can look at news, stats, projected lineups, schedule, and more.

Minnesota Twins (19-11) @ New York Yankees (18-13)

Starting Pitchers: Jake Odorizzi (R) vs. J.A. Happ (L)

  • Both the Twins and Yankees will get easier pitching matchups today. Both offenses are averaging over five runs per game this season.
  • Jake Odorizzi has a 25% strikeout rate, and has allowed a 27% hard-contact rate. He is still the same arm, but it is odd to see his expect stats pretty low too.
  • J.A. Happ has been allowing a .360 xwOBA and 18% strikeout rate. Tough matchup against the Twins today. Nelson Cruz stands out with a 57% hard-contact rate.

St. Louis Cardinals (20-12) @ Chicago Cubs (17-12)

Starting Pitchers: Michael Wacha (R) vs. Yu Darvish (R)

  • The Cubs are averaging 5.7 runs per game this season, which is the third best in baseball. However, more of their offense has come on the road.
  • Yu Darvish has a whopping 17% walk rate this season, and hitters have a .353 xwOBA off Darvish this season.
  • Michael Wacha has a 14.4% walk rate, and hitters have a .217 xBA.

Seattle Mariners (18-16) @ Cleveland Indians (17-13)

Starting Pitchers: Mike Leake (R) vs. Carlos Carrasco (R)

  • The Indians offense is averaging 3.8 runs per game this season, but have a chance to get back on track against Mike Leake.
  • Carlos Carrasco is making his first start off the IL. He has a 34% strikeout rate this season, and 5.7% walk rate.
  • Mike Leake has a .565 xSLG allowed and a 41% hard-contact rate.

Kansas City Royals (11-22) @ Detroit Tigers (14-15)

Starting Pitchers: Homer Bailey (R) vs. TBD (R)

  • Detroit has been a bottom five offense this season, averaging 3.4 runs per game.
  • Homer Bailey is allowing a 48% hard-contact rate, and .480 xSLG. His strikeout rate is up, and has potential against Detroit still.

Atlanta Braves (16-16) @ Miami Marlins (9-22)

Starting Pitchers: Mike Soroka (R) vs. Trevor Richards (R)

  • The Marlins are averaging 2.8 runs per game, and are the only team averaging under three runs.
  • Mike Soroka draws another excellent matchup, and has a 29.6% strikeout rate so far in 2019 and hitters have just a 26.2% hard-contact rate.
  • Trevor Richards has been limiting damage, but does have a 13% walk rate.

Oakland Athletics (15-19) @ Pittsburgh Pirates (14-15)

Starting Pitchers: Chris Bassitt (R) vs. Trevor Williams (R)

  • Both Oakland and Pittsburgh are bottom ten in runs per game this season.
  • Josh Bell has a 52% hard-contact rate and .552 xSLG this season.
  • Trevor Williams has been a league average righty outside of his ERA. Oakland’s offense has been trending downward over the last two weeks.

Tampa Bay Rays (21-11) @ Baltimore Orioles (11-22)

Starting Pitchers: Ryan Stanek (R) vs. Dylan Bundy (R)

  • Tampa Bay is averaging over five runs on the road this season, while Baltimore averages under four at home.
  • The Rays are big favorites again, sitting as -168 favorites with an implied total of 5.4.

Washington Nationals (13-18) @ Philadelphia Phillies (18-13)

Starting Pitchers: Patrick Corbin (L) vs. Jake Arrieta (R)

  • Washington is scoring 1.6 runs per game over the last three games.
  • Patrick Corbin has allowed a 45% hard-contact rate, but this ties in with his 29% strikeout rate this season.
  • Jake Arrieta has turned into somewhat of an average arm. He has dropped below a 20% strikeout rate, and hitters have a .333 xwOBA.

Houston Astros (18-14) @ Los Angels Angels (15-17)

Starting Pitchers: Wade Miley (L) vs. Trevor Cahill (R)

  • You might be surprised to see Houston is averaging just .10 more runs per game than Houston this season.
  • Trevor Cahill has been a different arm this season, allowing over a 40% hard-contact rate, and has a sub 20% strikeout rate.
  • Miley continues to dodge damage, and faces a team that hits cutters well, which Miley throws over 50% of the time.

San Francisco Giants (14-18) @ Cincinnati Reds (13-19)

Starting Pitchers: Dereck Rodriguez (R) vs. Tanner Roark (R)

  • San Francisco and Chicago are both averaging under four runs per game, and sit in the bottom seven of the league.
  • Rodriguez has suppressed offenses this season. Hitters have a pedestrian .312 xwOBA and .392 xSLG.
  • Tanner Roark continues to get hammered by left-handed bats, but is allowing a .384 xwOBA overall.

Boston Red Sox (15-18) @ Chicago White Sox (14-16)

Starting Pitchers: Eduardo Rodriguez (L) vs. Manuel Banuelos (L)

  • Both teams are averaging over five runs per game over the last three, and take on two southpaws.
  • Eduardo Rodriguez has a 25% strikeout rate, and hitters have below a 30% hard-contact rate this season.
  • J.D. Martinez continues to mash, and leads the Sox with a .645 xSLG.

New York Mets (16-16) @ Milwaukee Brewers (18-16)

Starting Pitchers: Zack Wheeler (R) vs. Gio Gonzalez (L)

  • Milwaukee has been a better home offense this season, averaging 5.4 runs per game compared to 4.2 on the road.
  • Gio Gonzalez is back in Milwaukee making his 2019 debut there. Gonzalez has been an up and down southpaw over the last few seasons, and will need to dodge a couple of right-handed Mets bats.

Toronto Blue Jays (15-17) @ Texas Rangers (14-16)

Starting Pitchers: Thomas Pannone (L) vs. Lance Lynn (R)

  • Lance Lynn has a .404 xSLG against and 38% hard-contact rate. Left-handers are better targets against Lynn.
  • Toronto has an implied total of 4.8, and the Rangers sit at 5.3.

Arizona Diamondbacks (19-13) @ Colorado Rockies (15-18)

Starting Pitchers: Luke Weaver (R) vs. Kyle Freeland (L)

  • Colorado hasn’t exactly had a lot of home offense this season, sitting with 4.9 runs per game, compared to 4.4 on the road. Arizona has been a better road offense, and get the Coors bump.
  • Kyle Freeland is allowing a .347 xwOBA and .456 xSLG. He has struggled a bit this season in comparison of last year.

Los Angeles Dodgers (21-13) @ San Diego Padres (18-15)

Starting Pitchers: Rich Hill (L) vs. Joey Lucchesi (L)

  • Joey Lucchesi has allowed just a 31% hard-contact rate, and has a 25% strikeout rate. He relies on that unique curveball of his to get guys out.
  • The Dodgers are slight road favorites again, but a low scoring game is projected.
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