2024 NBA Draft Big Board + Prospect Rankings: Comparisons and Analysis for Each of the Top Prospects in the 2023 Draft

Our 2024 NBA Draft Big Board is an updated rankings system for Lineups’ 30 highest-rated NBA prospects. The NBA Draft Big Board includes prospects from all different types of developmental leagues, including the NCAA, the G-League, Overtime Elite, overseas leagues, and more. Measurements used for analysis include height, wingspan, and weight, though things such as age, projectability, skill, and NBA player comparisons are also considered. Throughout the season, this NBA Draft Big Board page is constantly updated, reflecting injuries, level of play, and other potential catalysts that could help or hurt a prospect looking to make his NBA dreams come true. Individual scouting reports on the players are linked through their names (below the table) as well for more in-depth analysis.

NBA Draft Big Board 2024

NBA Draft Big Board 2024: Prospect Rankings

1.  Alexandre Sarr, Perth

2. Isaiah Collier, USC

3. Matas Buzelis, G-League

4. Zaccharie Risacher, JL Bourg

5. Nikola Topic, KK Mega Basket

6. Ja’Kobe Walter, Baylor

7. Ron Holland, G-League

8. Donovan Clingan, UConn

9. Bobi Klintman, Cairns Taipans

10. Stephon Castle, UConn

11. Cody Williams, Colorado

12. Reed Sheppard, Kentucky

13. Kel’el Ware, Indiana

14. Aday Mara, UCLA

15. Tyrese Proctor, Duke

16. Robert Dillingham, Kentucky

17. D.J. Wagner, Kentucky

18. Aaron Bradshaw, Kentucky

19. Izan Almansa, G-League

20. Ryan Dunn, Virginia

21. Justin Edwards, Kentucky

22. Terrence Shannon Jr., Illinois

23. Kevin McCullar, Kansas

24. Dalton Knecht, Tennessee

25. Oso Ighodaro, Marquette

26. Zach Edey, Purdue

27. Baba Miller, Florida State

28. Tyler Smith, G-League

29. Bub Carrington, Pittsburgh

30. Kyle Filipowski, Duke

NBA Draft Big Board 2024: Risers and Fallers

In the NBA Draft Big Board: Risers and Fallers section, we detail the biggest risers and fallers from week to week leading up to the NBA Draft based on interviews, individual workouts (Pro Days), hype, additional information, and further highlights, especially for professional overseas prospects still playing. Check out the NBA Draft Big Board risers and fallers once the pre-draft cycle

    *last updated June 19, 2023

    NBA Draft Big Board FAQ

    What is an NBA Draft Big Board?

    An NBA Draft Big Board is a list of the top eligible basketball prospects, or “best remaining players,” often created by an analyst, draft expert, or avid fan. A Big Board can change throughout the season, leading up to the draft, due to players’ performances, injuries, and more.

    How is an NBA Draft Big Board different than an NBA Mock Draft?

    An NBA Mock Draft is created with the intention of projecting the order of teams drafting and the players that those teams will draft. An NBA Draft Big Board lists out the creator’s opinion on the best prospects available, which is quite different than a Mock Draft.

    How many players are listed on an NBA Draft Big Board?

    It depends. Usually, the creator of an NBA Draft Big Board will list out their top 30 players, similar to this list, or they could be even more extensive and rank their top 60-100 players that are eligible for the NBA Draft.

    How different can one NBA Draft Big Board be from others?

    NBA Draft Big Boards can vary greatly between analysts, fans, or experts. For instance, certain collegiate or international players could be listed in the top 10 or top 15 on one NBA Draft Big Board but could be completely excluded from another.

    How accurate are NBA Draft Big Boards?

    This is what can make NBA Draft Big Boards so fun: it varies. Even elite prospects sometimes don’t work out at the next level, and comparing Big Boards is an interesting way to see how accurate or inaccurate someone’s projections turn out..

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