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Now that the off-season is underway, keep tabs on NBA trades with the 2023 NBA trade tracker. The first major trade of the 2023 off-season took place in mid-June when the Washingon Wizards decided to move on from Bradley Beal; they traded Beal to Phoenix for a series of second-rounders, a picks swap, Chris Paul, and Landry Shamet.

This blockbuster trade is likely just the tip of the iceberg, as many stars such as Damian Lillard, Jaylen Brown, DeMar DeRozan, Pascal Siakam, OG Anunoby, and others have been mentioned in trade rumors. Continue to check in on the 2023-24 NBA Trade Tracker throughout the off-season to see which players or picks your team is getting and what our experts think of them!

NBA Trade Tracker 2023-24: Overall Analysis

Bradley Beal has already been dealt in a league-altering trade for Chris Paul, Landry Shamet, and a few picks. Paul is likely to be moved shortly after, with the Los Angeles Clippers seemingly being frontrunners. Washington seems to be entering a rebuild, which could mean that Kristaps Porzingis will also be on the move. The 2023 NBA Draft is expected to be filled with trades, so stay tuned for a barrage of moves that will be tough to otherwise keep up with!

NBA Trade Tracker 2023-24

The NBA Trade Tracker should heat up, with the 2023 NBA Draft coming up and free agency to follow shortly after that. Expect a ton of moves in the coming weeks, ranging from All-Stars being moved to contenders to seemingly meaningless draft pick swaps. Our team will keep you up to date with every move through this NBA Trade Tracker!

NBA Trade Tracker: Memphis Grizzlies & Phoenix Suns (July 6, 2023)

Grizzlies Receive: Isaiah Todd, 2024 first-round pick swap (lowest between Suns/Wizards), 2030 first-round pick swap (lowest between Suns/Wizards)

Suns Receive: 2025 second-rounder (via Pelicans), 2028 second-rounder (via Grizzlies), 2029 second-rounder (via Grizzlies) Analysis: Memphis is both betting on its own future and the future demise of Phoenix and Washington with this move; it makes nothing but sense. The Grizzlies arguably have the best core of players under 25 years old and everyone is under contract; those second-rounders are going to hold virtually no value, as they should all be in the 50s.

Sure, Memphis was able to grab a player with exceptional upside (GG Jackson) in the second round in this year’s draft, but that is the exception to the rule; it was one of the deepest drafts in recent memory and there is high risk with Jackson anyway. Instead of having three worthless second-rounders, the Grizzlies got first-round swaps for the 2024 Draft and for the 2030 Draft.

Next year’s draft swap is likely meaningless; however, the 2030 swap is interesting. The Suns have went “all-in” on winning now, which means they will likely crash and burn once Durant and Beal retire and Booker and Ayton are outside of their primes. They are tied up for the foreseeable future. And three seconds for a potentially high draft pick in 2030 is a suspect move. NBA Trade Tracker Grades:

Grizzlies Grade: A

Suns Grade: C-

NBA Trade Tracker: Dallas Mavericks, Boston Celtics & San Antonio Spurs (July 5, 2023)

Mavericks Receive: Grant Williams, Two second-rounders (via SAS)

Celtics Receive: Two second-rounders (via DAL)

Spurs Receive: Reggie Bullock, 2030 pick swap rights (via DAL) Analysis: This is an overpay for Dallas but it fills a major need. The Mavericks had one of the weakest and thinnest frontcourts in the NBA last season but they have quickly fixed that issue by completing a sign-and-trade for Grant Williams, and drafting Olivier-Maxence Prosper and Dereck Lively II, while also bringing in Richaun Holmes. Dallas has plenty of backcourt talent and now it is filling out the frontcourt.

Boston was going to lose Grant Williams regardless, so pulling in second-rounders is a big win for the C’s. Meanwhile, San Antonio bring in a solid 3-and-D wing and lands a pick swap in 2030, when it will likely be much more competitive. NBA Trade Tracker Grades:

Mavericks Grade: A-

Celtics Grade: B+

Spurs Grade: B+

NBA Trade Tracker: Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs & Cleveland Cavaliers (July 1, 2023)

Heat Receive: Trade Exception, Future Second-Rounder

Spurs Receive: Cedi Osman, Lamar Stevens, Future Second-Rounder

Cavaliers Receive: Max Strus Analysis: Cleveland may have paid a lot to get Max Strus, but Strus helps immensely with the Cavs half-court offense, spacing, and shooting. It is no mystery that the Cavs have had issues getting consistent play at the three and is really their missing piece. If Strus plays up to his potential, Cleveland will get a whole lot better with this trade.

San Antonio needs some more talent and moveable assets on its roster; this move gives it Lamar Stevens and Cedi Osman, who will likely find some minutes next season. This is not a needle-mover at all but the Spurs have to put a team on the floor.

Miami at least got something back from this trade. Hopefully, the trade exception helps the Heat bring in a piece to replace Strus. NBA Trade Tracker Grades:

Heat Grade: B+

Spurs Grade: B

Cavaliers Grade: A-

NBA Trade Tracker: Cleveland Cavaliers & Utah Jazz (July 1, 2023)

Cavaliers Receive: Damian Jones

Jazz Receive: Cash Considerations Analysis: The Cavs are absorbing Jones’ contract. This trade ultimately is not going to move the needle for either team, but it does allow the Jazz to save a little money and create an open roster spot. NBA Trade Tracker Grades:

Cavaliers Grade: C

Jazz Grade: C

NBA Trade Tracker: Indiana Pacers & New York Knicks (July 1, 2023)

Pacers Receive: Obi Toppin

Knicks Receive: Two future second-rounders Analysis: New York had little choice but to move on from Toppin, who just did not fit in well there. Unfortunately, his value has diminished quite a bit, so the Knicks did about as good as they could in this move.

Meanwhile, Indiana pulled off a heist; this move gives Toppin a fresh start, with more minutes and the chance to play alongside Tyrese Haliburton, especially in the pick-and-roll. Toppin could have a career resurgence in Indy. NBA Trade Tracker Grades:

Pacers Grade: A

Knicks Grade: B

NBA Trade Tracker: Memphis Grizzlies, Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Clippers, Oklahoma City Thunder, & Atlanta Hawks (July 1, 2023)

Grizzlies Receive: Josh Christopher, Trade Exception, Vanja Marinkovic

Rockets Receive: Dillon Brooks, Alpha Kaba, 2026 second-rounder (via LAC), 2027 second-rounder (via MEM)

Clippers Receive: KJ Martin

Thunder Receive: Usman Garuba, TyTy Washington Jr, Rudy Gay, 2023 Second-Rounder (via HOU), 2024 Second-Rounder (via HOU), 2029 Second-Rounder (via HOU)

Hawks Receive: Patty Mills, 2025 Second-Rounder (via MIN), 2028 Second-Rounder (via HOU) Analysis: There’s a lot to like about the direction the Clippers are headed in, especially if they bring in James Harden to pair with Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. They might as well go all-in at this point. Assuming that trio stays healthy, they will be one of the favorites in the Western Conference.

Still, Los Angeles needs some young talent that would benefit from a change of scenery, and KJ Martin fits the bill. The Clippers only had to move two future seconds, which is a tremendous value for him.

This is another move that Houston just had to make, much like moving on from Usman Garuba and TyTy Washington, even if it did not get the value back it would have liked. Based on the Rockets’ signings, they seem to be leaning towards attempting to be semi-relevant sooner versus later.

As mentioned above, Garuba and Washington were moved from Houston to Atlanta originally, but were ultimately rerouted to the Thunder. Oklahoma City adds to its young core and gives it even more tradeable assets, too.

There was a strong possibility that the Grizzlies were going to lose Dillon Brooks for absolutely nothing; however, that did not end up being the case. Memphis was able to bring in Josh Christopher, a former first-rounder who is still really young, as well as getting a massive trade exception that will help it bring over a veteran wing at some point. NBA Trade Tracker Grades:

Grizzlies Grade: A+

Rockets Grade: C-

Clippers Grade: B+

Thunder Grade: B+

Hawks Grade: C

NBA Trade Tracker: Oklahoma City Thunder & Miami Heat (June 30, 2023)

Thunder Receive: Victor Oladipo

Heat Receive: TBD, Trade Exception Analysis: Presti brings in Oladipo in a move for a veteran leader off the bench; he won’t play much this upcoming season due to a significant injury, but he brings leadership to a young team that needs it. This move will help OKC in the long term. Meanwhile, Miami is able to move off Oladipo’s contract and create a trade exception that could potentially help it land Damian Lillard. NBA Trade Tracker Grades:

Thunder Grade: B+

Heat Grade: A

NBA Trade Tracker: Washington Wizards & Detroit Pistons (June 30, 2023)

Wizards Receive: Future second-rounder, Trade Exception

Pistons Receive: Monte Morris Analysis: Like many other trades on this tracker, there aren’t any big winners. The Pistons bring in Monte Morris, a veteran backup guard, to add some experience and depth. Meanwhile, Washington continues to “blow it up” by moving on from yet another player from last season’s roster. NBA Trade Tracker Grades:

Wizards Grade: C+

Pistons Grade: B-

NBA Trade Tracker: Indiana Pacers & Sacramento Kings (June 30, 2023)

Pacers Receive: 2028 Second-Rounder (via DAL), 2030 Second-Rounder (via SAC)

Kings Receive: Chris Duarte Analysis: At this point, Indiana was just looking to move off Duarte, whose stock plummeted after a really rough season. The Pacers are deep in their backcourt now, so his contract and roster spot had to go.

Meanwhile, Sacramento made a really strong move here. What is the common denominator between Duarte’s strong rookie season and his awful second year outside of health? The answer is Domantas Sabonis. Sabonis and Duarte developed strong chemistry together, so this is a spectacular, low-risk, high-reward move from Sacramento. NBA Trade Tracker Grades:

Pacers Grade: B

Kings Grade: A

NBA Trade Tracker: Brooklyn Nets & Detroit Pistons (June 30, 2023)

Nets Receive: Trade Exception

Pistons Receive: Joe Harris, 2027 second-rounder (via DAL), 2029 second-rounder (via MIL) Analysis: Brooklyn has some meaningless second-rounders to throw around after making several massive trades in the past few months. The Nets create a $19.9 million trade exception which should give them the latitude to make a few more moves this off-season. Ultimately, this is a huge win for Brooklyn; there were too many cooks in the kitchen anyway and Harris’ contract has proven to be a bad one.

The Pistons brought in Harris, who, if healthy, can provide some much-needed movement shooting to this Detroit team. Additionally, they were able to reel in two future seconds for the inconvenience of Harris’ contract. While this is not a sexy trade for the Pistons, they still got improved their team and secured future draft capital in the process. NBA Trade Tracker Grades:

Nets Grade: A

Pistons Grade: B+

NBA Trade Tracker: Utah Jazz & Atlanta Hawks (June 26, 2023)

Jazz Receive: John Collins

Hawks Receive: Rudy Gay, future second-rounder Analysis: While Atlanta is finally able to move on from John Collins and get off his sizable contract, it could not have sold any lower on Collins, who has been on the trading block nearly as long as Myles Turner. That is what you get for waiting around. This move was necessary for the Hawks, but they simply waited for Collins’ value to diminish too much to call this a “good trade” for them.

Meanwhile, Utah swoops in on a low-risk, high-reward move that gives it one of the best frontcourts in the NBA, especially if Collins returns to his previous form in a new environment. The trio of Markkanen-Collins-Kessler will be highly intriguing, and don’t forget: the Jazz also scooped versatile forward Taylor Hendricks in the draft. The Jazz are not as far out from being a competitive team in the West as many people may think. NBA Trade Tracker Grades:

Jazz Grade: A

Hawks Grade: C+

NBA Trade Tracker: Los Angeles Lakers & Indiana Pacers (June 22, 2023)

Lakers Receive: 40th overall (Maxwell Lewis)

Pacers Receive: 47th overall (Mojave King), cash considerations Analysis: The Lakers get a 3&D prospect with off-the-dribble scoring potential who easily could have gone in the first round. They only gave up cash to trade up seven picks, so it’s a steal! Indiana moves down for Mojave King, a 6’5″ combo guard from the G League Ignite. Overall, Lewis was the far better prospect, so Indiana takes a hefty loss here. NBA Trade Tracker Grades:

Lakers Grade: A+

Pacers Grade: D

NBA Trade Tracker: Washington Wizards & Chicago Bulls (June 22, 2023)

Wizards Receive: Future second-round picks

Bulls Receive: 35th overall (Julian Phillips) Analysis: Chicago acquires Phillips, who provides defense, size, and youth. Washington gives up his rights for future second-round picks. It’s logical, considering they are in asset accumulation mode. NBA Trade Tracker Grades:

Wizards Grade: B

Bulls Grade: B

NBA Trade Tracker: Orlando Magic & Milwaukee Bucks (June 22, 2023)

Magic Receive: 2030 second-round pick, cash considerations

Bucks Receive: 36th overall (Andre Jackson Jr) Analysis: The Bucks get an athletic defender that thrived as a playmaker. He can help run the bench unit for Milwaukee while guarding the best bench scorer. Orlando receives a pick seven years in the future and cash. Considering the talent available, Orlando would have been better off making the selection. They were probably concerned about a roster crunch and available minutes for the 36th pick. NBA Trade Tracker Grades:

Magic Grade: B-

Bucks Grade: A-

NBA Trade Tracker: Boston Celtics & Sacramento Kings (June 22, 2023)

Celtics Receive: 38th overall (Jordan Walsh), future second

Kings Receive: 34th overall (Colby Jones) Analysis: The Kings trade up for a win-now guard that defends, passes, and shoots at a solid level. He doesn’t possess star-level potential, but he can be a great role player. Boston selects an excellent defender in Jordan Walsh and picks up a future second. NBA Trade Tracker Grades:

Celtics Grade: A

Kings Grade: A

NBA Trade Tracker: Minnesota Timberwolves & San Antonio Spurs (June 22, 2023)

Timberwolves Receive: 33rd overall (Leonard Miller)

Hornets Receive: Two future seconds Analysis: The Wolves get excellent value here – Miller was a lottery talent. The only knock is three-point shooting, but he does everything else: score, pass, rebound, defend. Great trade for Minnesota! San Antonio should have taken Miller themselves or another prospect instead of two future seconds. This draft is so deep that 33rd was essentially a 1st. NBA Trade Tracker Grades:

Timberwolves Grade: A+

Spurs Grade: D

NBA Trade Tracker: Boston Celtics & Charlotte Hornets (June 22, 2023)

Celtics Receive: 34th overall, 39th overall

Hornets Receive: 31st overall (James Nnaji) Analysis: The Celtics trade back three spots and pick up the 39th pick in a very deep draft. Boston essentially gets two players in the same tier instead of one. The Hornets trade up for James Nnaji, an athletic rim-runner that can develop into a rim protector. Given Mark Williams is on the roster, it’s not a logical selection. They probably should have kept the two picks. NBA Trade Tracker Grades:

Celtics Grade: A

Hornets Grade: C

NBA Trade Tracker: Boston Celtics & Detroit Pistons (June 22, 2023)

Celtics Receive: 31st overall, future seconds

Pistons Receive: 25th overall (Marcus Sasser) Analysis: The Celtics trade back six spots and pick up a couple of future seconds to use in trades later. They stay in the same tier of prospects available, so it’s not a huge loss. Detroit trades up for a win-now do-it-all point guard in Sasser. He’s 6’2″ and 22 years old though, so his ceiling isn’t comparable to other prospects. He plays a position that they are strong at, too, so it’s a confusing trade for Detroit. NBA Trade Tracker Grades:

Celtics Grade: B+

Pistons Grade: C

NBA Trade Tracker: Sacramento Kings & Dallas Mavericks (June 22, 2023)

Kings Receive: Nothing

Mavericks Receive: 24th overall (Olivier-Maxence Prosper), Richaun Holmes Analysis: The Kings traded the 24th pick to remove the Richaun Holmes contract from the books. Dallas uses the trade exception generated from the Bertans trade and acquires Holmes’ negative contract. They pick up an excellent defensive prospect to boost their anemic defense. It’s a win-win. NBA Trade Tracker Grades:

Kings Grade: B+

Mavericks Grade: A-

NBA Trade Tracker: Oklahoma City Thunder & Dallas Mavericks (June 22, 2023)

Thunder Receive: 10th overall (Cason Wallace), Davis Bertans

Mavericks Receive: 12th overall Analysis: The Thunder take on a bad contract, but they have the cap space to survive. Wallace is a defensive monster that can orchestrate possessions while spotting up for three. He’s also an excellent finisher around the rim. Overall, Wallace oozes versatility, which is what OKC values. He can immediately run the bench unit. Meanwhile, Dallas removes the Bertans contract for only moving down two picks. They get a $17M trade exception too, which allows them to acquire a player without sending back salary under that number. It’s a win-win trade. NBA Trade Tracker Grades:

Thunder Grade: A-

Mavericks Grade: A+

NBA Trade Tracker: Indiana Pacers & Washington Wizards (June 22, 2023)

Pacers Receive: 8th overall (Jarace Walker), two 2nd-round picks

Wizards Receive: 7th overall (Bilal Coulibaly) Analysis: The Pacers move back one spot, get their guy, and pick up two 2nds. Walker is a fantastic defender with untapped passing and shooting upside. He forms a fearsome defensive duo with Myles Turner, and his short roll passing will pair perfectly with Tyrese Haliburton. Meanwhile, the Wizards traded minimal assets to get their guy Bilal Coulibaly. He’s a long, sticky wing defender with shooting and finishing upside. However, it was a reach taking Coulibaly over Walker and Cam Whitmore. Coulibaly’s ceiling reaches fringe All-Star, while Whitmore scrapes All-NBA Third Team to me. NBA Trade Tracker Grades:

Pacers Grade: A+

Wizards Grade: B-

NBA Trade Tracker: Golden State Warriors & Washington Wizards (June 22, 2023)

Warriors Receive: Chris Paul

Wizards Receive: Jordan Poole, Patrick Baldwin Jr, Ryan Rollins, 2030 protected first-rounder, & 2027 second-rounder Analysis: The Warriors won big by getting off of Jordan Poole’s daunting contract and clearing up obvious tension and locker room troubles between him and some of the other players. However, bringing in Chris Paul instead is not the perfect fit. Perhaps, playing Paul with Klay, Steph, Wiggins, and Draymond will work, but the fit is questionable right now, at best. Further, his recent injury history is not promising, especially given the fact he is approaching 39 years old.

Washington actually got a decent return for Paul here. The Wizards get Poole, a talented young player who needs a change of scenery, as well as a young stretch four in Patrick Baldwin Jr and a future first and a future second-rounder. The Wizards committed to the rebuild, and this was the proper move. NBA Trade Tracker Grades:

Warriors Grade: B

Wizards Grade: B+

NBA Trade Tracker: Boston Celtics, Memphis Grizzlies, & Washington Wizards (June 21, 2023)

Celtics Receive: Kristaps Porzingis, 2023 No. 25 pick , 2024 first-rounder (top-four protected via GSW)

Grizzlies Receive: Marcus Smart

Wizards Receive: Tyus Jones, Danilo Gallinari, Mike Muscala, 2023 No. 35 pick Analysis: It is kind of gross how much Boston acquired in this trade; it decided to move on from Marcus Smart, in favor of starting White, and acquired an All-Star-caliber frontcourt piece in Kristaps Porzingis. In addition, the C’s got two first-rounders: a truly ridiculous haul.

While the Grizzlies gave up a lot to acquire Smart, this is the kind of necessary splash they had to make. They got a Dillon Brooks replacement for much cheaper than some of the other available wings; he fits the mold and identity of this team perfectly while also giving them a veteran presence in the locker room.

Washington really just wanted to unload its players and was kind of pigeonholed to taking cents on the dollar in regards to Beal and Porzingis. NBA Trade Tracker Grades:

Celtics Grade: A+

Grizzlies Grade: A

Wizards Grade: C-

NBA Trade Tracker: Phoenix Suns & Washington Wizards (June 18, 2023)

Suns Receive: Bradley Beal

Wizards Receive: Chris Paul, Landry Shamet, several future second-rounders, and a pick swap Analysis: Phoenix Suns owner Mat Ishbia already proved that he was not afraid to make massive, league-shaking moves when he traded a boatload to the Brooklyn Nets to acquire one of the greatest scorers of all-time, Kevin Durant.

Now, Ishbia is at it again, moving Chris Paul, Landry Shamet, and a number of future second-round picks for Bradley Beal, a three-time NBA All-Star. Beal is about to turn 30 years old and is tied to a massive contract that Washington felt like it had to get off of, especially considering it decided to embrace a rebuild. The Wizards ultimately made the right decision in moving on from Beal, but did they get enough?

The problem that Washington has run into is that it had a no-trade clause in Beal’s contract; Beal was not going to get traded unless he agreed to the move. This complicated the Wizards’ efforts in moving Beal for valuable long-term assets, as he would only waive the clause if he wanted to go to a particular destination. Further, Beal’s contract gets more and more expensive over the next few years; he has a player option ahead of the 2026-27 season, but it is hardly plausible to think he would opt out of that.

So, in short, Beal is on the wrong side of his prime and on a massive contract. The Wizards were pigeonholed to Beal’s no-trade clause that had to be waived by him; it seems like Phoenix was the only destination he was going to do that for. Meanwhile, Phoenix may have added a three-time All-Star, but he is getting older and has played just over half of the Wizards’ games in the past two seasons.

Washington hardly got any reasonable type of return on an All-Star-caliber player, as Chris Paul is 38 years old, Landry Shamet is a backup two-guard, and a set of second-rounders won’t move the needle on a successful rebuild. The Wizards get a C- from the Lineups team because they put themselves in an unwinnable position in the first place and certainly did not bring in even a respectable haul for a terrific combo guard like Beal.

On the other hand, Phoenix is in a tricky position; this was a high-risk, high-reward move that is difficult to grade at the moment. The Suns now have Beal’s contract, in addition to Deandre Ayton’s, Devin Booker’s, and Kevin Durant’s. Those four contracts make up roughly 160-170 million dollars. Currently, the Suns also have Cameron Payne and Ishmail Wainright under contract, too; however, that is it. They have a ton of roster spots to fill and are nearing the super tax.

Even before the Durant trade, depth was an issue. Then, after the Durant trade, depth became even more of an issue. Now, after this Beal trade, the Phoenix Suns are in a really interesting position, as they have to fill out their roster with very low-level players. Talk about being “married to your roster.” This move could land Phoenix an “A” if it wins the NBA Championship; however, it could get a “D” if it does not.

The Beal-Paul trade is just the first of many in the upcoming months, so keep coming back to our NBA Trade Tracker for updates! Additionally, check out reactions to the trade below, courtesy of CBS Sports YouTube channel! NBA Trade Tracker Grades:

Suns Grade: ???

Wizards Grade: C-

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