NCAAB Creighton Vs. Texas Predictions, Picks, Odds (12/1/22)

Arguably the main event of the Big East-Big 12 Battle, popular preseason sleeper pick Creighton takes on arguably the best team in basketball in Texas. Creighton has built a nice resume so far, thwarting Arkansas and narrowly losing to Arizona while Texas smacked around Gonzaga. In a battle of titans, who will come out on top?

Creighton Vs. Texas Odds

Oddsmakers lean towards Texas remaining undefeated, setting the number at -6.5 on the open. Bettors have been torn, keeping the number where it’s at as we inch towards tipoff. Creighton has a more impressive resume and has shown they can compete with the elite, while Texas has had a more friendly schedule with a win over Gonzaga as their crowning achievement.

As for the total, oddsmakers set this at 139.5, Bettors are uncertain how this script may go with Creighton’s elite offense going against Texas’s vaunted defense, keeping the number relatively where it opened at. It has taken a few ticks to 140.5 on some books but has stayed the same relatively everywhere else.

Creighton Vs. Texas Prediction & Pick

The Pick: o139.5

If Creighton has proved anything during their impressive stretch of play it’s that their offense can score on some of the best defenses. This was on display in their battle with Arkansas, ranked 6th in AdjD, when they won 90-87. While Texas will poise as a step up in defense, I see little to no reason why Creighton can’t excel once again.

This team flat out scores and they do it with numerous weapons on the court. The Bluejays currently play nine players with meaningful minutes with five of them scoring in double digits. With over half the team being able to score productively, Creighton has an onslaught throughout the whole course of the game.

They play an efficient, clean style of offensive play. They limit turnovers to maximize on possessions while shooting at a very efficient rate. Creighton currently shoots 38.2% from deep and over 60% from inside the perimeter. Their ability to stretch out the defense by respecting the deep ball has allowed Creighton to get more high quality looks by making cuts to the rim for high scoring opportunities.

Their three-point prowess will be more vital than ever as Texas has been a stone wall in defending under the perimeter. Teams are shooting well below average underneath the perimeter against Texas so far this season. If Creight can stretch out the defense, they can use their height advantage down low for scoring opportunities.

Texas will also be able to do their part for the total as well as their offense ranks 12th in AdjO. They are incredibly deep as well with nine players playing meaningful minutes. While only three are in double digit scoring, they can play more fresh throughout the game and keep the pace in transition for quick points on the board.

Creighton Vs. Texas Key Matchups

Can Creighton continue to play a clean game against Texas? Will Ryan Kalkbrenner be able to break the defense?

Creighton efficiency vs Texas Havoc

As previously stated, Creighton’s offense plays a clean style of play by limiting their own turnovers and giving themselves more possessions and looks at the basket. Texas on the other hand has been creating Havoc for opposing offenses with a high steal and turnover rate.

While it may kill a Creighton possession, this may also be beneficial for our over as this can translate to quick points on the board for Texas should they get out in transition. Texas will be slightly undersized and will need to get out fast and avoid half court sets where Creighton can anchor down the paint.

Ryan Kalkbrenner vs Texas middle ground defense

Speaking of undersize, Creighton’s Ryan Kalkbrenner will be vital in getting the Bluejays offense going as his facilitation from down low will stretch out the Texas defense. With multiple weapons at the perimeter and making cuts in the open gaps, Creighton can shift the defense to their will should they capitalize on open looks.


Take the over in what could be a potential championship preview with two of the best teams battling it out. With key advantages for both teams that translate to scoring opportunities, we should see no shortage of points in this one.

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