NFL Divisional Round Odds and Lookahead Lines: Four Bets to Make This Weekend

Get a jump on NFL Divisional Round odds & lookahead lines, along with four bets to place before lines begin to move for next week. Find updated NFL Divisional odds below.

2024 Divisional Round NFL Odds & Lines

Lookahead NFL odds & Lines for the 2024 Divisional Round

2024 NFL Divisional Round Betting Picks

The divisional round has just about everything a fan can want, between rivalries renewed and first-year starting quarterbacks looking to lead upsets. Let’s take a look at the opening divisional round odds and explore which bets are worth placing early.

San Francisco 49ers (-9.5) vs. Green Bay Packers

Kyle Shanahan has met Matt LaFleur twice in the playoffs, and the 49ers outclassed the Packers both times – first in an NFC championship game rout, then in a stunning upset at Lambeau Field. As hot as Jordan Love has been, this might not be the right matchup for Green Bay.

Joe Barry’s defense remains a major concern, even after showing some positive signs the last two weeks. The 49ers can script an offense better than any team in the league, and the fear of the Packers falling into an early deficit is real in what could be a mismatch between play-callers.

Few quarterbacks have found real success against the 49ers’ loaded defense, and Love’s inexperience – along with the inexperience of his receivers – has to be at least a mild concern against a defense that can prepare so well for opponents.

Kansas City Chiefs Moneyline (+122) vs. Buffalo Bills

The Chiefs just didn’t look the part for much of the regular season, but the better value might be on Kansas City. Even more importantly, this line might gain momentum for the Chiefs as the week goes on, given their lack of injury concerns. Kansas City has been a better road team this season, and the Chiefs clearly won’t be heavily affected by projected 20-degree temperatures in Buffalo.

The Bills let the Steelers hang around in the wild card round, which likely wouldn’t have ended as well had they done the same against Kansas City. The short week also leaves an injury-ravaged Bills defense vulnerable as they try to get Terrel Bernard and others healthy. The Bills can win this game if the Chiefs’ offense reverts back to its regular season ways, but a continued commitment to getting the ball to Rashee Rice and Travis Kelce could give Kansas City an advantage here.

Detroit Lions (-6) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This line can be found at both 6 and 7 points right now — depending on the sportsbook — but it’s unlikely this number will move meaningfully in the Bucs direction before kickoff. Lions -6 is worth a close look as long as the line is under a touchdown.

Detroit showed how well it can script its offense early in the game when it scored three touchdowns on its first three drives against the Rams. While the Buccaneers’ defense may present a tougher challenge, the unit allows a concerning 102.0 passer rating on the road. The offense might not be built to dig out of an early hole.

The Lions also already shut down Baker Mayfield and co. earlier in the season. While the offense has come together in recent weeks, Tampa looked unconvincing in the final two games of the season, and taking advantage of the Eagles’ disappearing defense at home shouldn’t be taken as an indicator that Mayfield and the passing game can keep up in Detroit like the Rams could. Lions -6 is a nice early play.

Houston Texans (+9.5) vs. Baltimore Ravens

This one is tougher to gauge, as line movement seems fairly unlikely without many injury questions for either team entering the week aside from Mark Andrews. The idea that the Ravens will come out firing on all cylinders after resting in Week 18 and enjoying a bye last week might be short-sighted, though.

Lamar Jackson has gotten off to slow starts in past playoff games, albeit in a different offensive system, and he didn’t respond well after a first-round bye in his first MVP season. The Texans’ defense did a respectable job in Baltimore earlier in the season, all things considered, but the offense struggled mightily in that matchup.

With C.J. Stroud playing his best football — even without Tank Dell — and the rookie running on the adrenaline of winning two win-or-go-home games, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Texans get off to a hot start in Baltimore and just hang around with a Ravens team that should prevail in the end.

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