Week 8 NFL Power Rankings: Bengals Enter Top Ten With Massive Win

The week was a wild one as the Buccaneers looked vulnerable again on the road and the Saints had a massive loss at home to the Giants. The Cowboys and Chargers have firmly inserted themselves into the top ten to the point even a loss within the next week or two wouldn’t knock them out. How will this change things for the Week 8 NFL Power Rankings? See for yourself and also check out Lineups Week 8 Lines & Picks.

NFL Power Rankings 2021

1. Arizona Cardinals

Record: 7-0
Previous Rank: 7

Arizona has now won seven in a row and has the best point differential in the league currently. Offensively this team continues to click and defensively the team has made a massive improvement from last season. Keeping Kyler Murray healthy will be priority number one and the line has had some shaky games.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Record: 6-1
Previous Rank: 1

Tampa Bay has now won four straight after the loss to the Rams and they are getting it done on both sides. Tom Brady and the offense just keep on rolling and despite injuries on the defensive side, they have given opponents a tough time.

3. Los Angeles Rams

Record: 6-1
Previous Rank: 3

Despite the 6-1 start, the Rams feel like they should be blowing teams out of the water, yet that hasn’t been the case. They still are one of the most complete teams but taking more control of games would give them a bump.

4. Buffalo Bills

Record: 4-2
Previous Rank: 4

Buffalo is coming off a bye and should run through the next few weeks. The Tennessee loss was disappointing and play-calling was a bit odd. They have been blowing out most teams and still rate as one of the better defenses.

5. Green Bay Packers

Record: 6-1
Previous Rank: 6

Green Bay continues to put up wins but are winning in close fashion. Injuries have affected both sides of the ball and as long as number 12 is under center, the Packers will be a relevant bunch.

6. Dallas Cowboys

Record: 5-1
Previous Rank: 9

Dallas got through a tough stretch of their schedule and have yet to capitalize on the divisional games yet. The defense has made improvements, which was much needed from last year. Offensively they have balanced things out a bit, which has bode well for their team.

7. Baltimore Ravens

Record: 5-2
Previous Rank: 8

I still have the Ravens as the best team in the AFC North, despite the Bengals beating them this past weekend. Baltimore continues to deal with injuries and I have given teams a pass for some slip-up games. Plus the Bengals are a good side.

8. Los Angeles Chargers

Record: 4-2
Previous Rank: 10

The Chargers run defense continues to drag them down, but offensively this team can hang with anybody in the league. Tightening up a few things, the Chargers are real contenders in the AFC.

9. Cincinnati Bengals

Record: 5-2
Previous Rank: 21

Cincinnati has played some relatively close games, but this week they blew out Baltimore. Ja’Marr Chase continues to dominate at the next level and the defense has been playing surprisingly well.

10. Tennessee Titans

Record: 5-2
Previous Rank: 22

It was a really slow start for the Tennessee Titans, but they have now won three straight. Topping Buffalo and Kansas City in back-to-back weeks is impressive, despite the Chiefs really struggling.

11. Kansas City Chiefs

Record: 3-4
Previous Rank: 2

There certainly are some concerns with the Chiefs right now. Defensively they can’t stop anyone and the offensive line can’t keep Patrick Mahomes upright. While I still believe they will find their rhythm, it won’t be an easy task to run away with the AFC.

12. Cleveland Browns

Record: 4-3
Previous Rank: 5

It feels the Browns are now hanging on by a thread. Injuries have really hurt this group but they managed to pull out a win against Denver. Getting healthy will be the priority now.

13. Las Vegas Raiders

Record: 5-2
Previous Rank: 14

Las Vegas didn’t come out with the usual firepower on offense and leaned a lot on Josh Jacobs early. An odd choice that reminds us that the Raiders are amongst a group of teams that can look good for a few weeks only to completely unravel the next.

14. New Orleans Saints

Record: 4-2
Previous Rank: 16

New Orleans is a team I don’t know what to make of just yet. The Giants loss was still a red flag and the offense just doesn’t look like it can effectively put up points at a consistent rate. However, defensively this team is stout and will make them a tough opponent each week.

15. Minnesota Vikings

Record: 3-3
Previous Rank: 18

Minnesota has come out as expected, they play close games and have had some swing both ways. Offensively they can put up points with anyone but the defense hasn’t bounced back as it was expected to.

16. Indianapolis Colts

Record: 3-4
Previous Rank: 23

The Colts should be 4-3 after blowing a major lead against the Ravens but they bounced back strong. Tennessee didn’t lose games against Buffalo and KC which makes this game important in trying to get in the AFC South race.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers

Record: 3-3
Previous Rank: 24

Offensively this team is hindered by the aging arm of Ben Roethlisberger and the offensive line. The defense will keep them in games but any sort of let down by the defensive side, this unit is struggling to put up points. They are scoring on par with the Jaguars currently.

18. New England Patriots

Record: 3-4
Previous Rank: 17

New England has beat up on the poorer teams but overall this group isn’t in the AFC picture. With the Chargers, Browns, Titans, Bills on the horizon, the record should reflect that in a few weeks.

19. San Francisco 49ers

Record: 2-4
Previous Rank: 12

San Francisco is now 2-4 and quickly falling out of the NFC West race that they were expected to be a part of. While injuries have played a part, Kyle Shanahan doesn’t seem to be clicking with the offense.

20. Denver Broncos

Record: 3-4
Previous Rank: 13

The schedule hardened up and the Denver record dropped. They are now 3-4 after starting out 3-0 and are struggling to put up points. Hard for this offense to be trusted moving forward.

21. Seattle Seahawks

Record: 2-5
Previous Rank: 11

The absence of Russell Wilson continues to be a big one, but if the defense can continue to stay hot and keep up this play, they could steal a game or two before he returns. If they can’t it will be a big ask to be in the playoff picture.

22. Atlanta Falcons

Record: 3-3
Previous Rank: 28

Atlanta still isn’t a great team but there is talent spread out on both sides of the ball that make them a threat each week. At least Kyle Pitts is showing why he was taken so highly.

23. Philadelphia Eagles

Record: 2-5
Previous Rank: 20

While Jalen Hurts might be good at putting up fantasy points, this offense is really struggling. Playcalling and personnel makes it tough to like this Eagles team this season.

24. New York Giants

Record: 2-5
Previous Rank: 25

Injuries have plagued the Giants and without your core skill position players, it is tough to compete. But we will give some credit to Daniel Jones for playing well over the last few weeks.

25. Carolina Panthers

Record: 3-4
Previous Rank: 15

While the schedule was tougher over the last few weeks, what really send the Panthers spiraling down the rankings was the loss to the Giants. Sam Darnold has not instilled any faith for him being a starting quarterback moving forward.

26. Washington Football Team

Record: 2-5
Previous Rank: 19

Washington has been dealt a bad hand with injuries to start the year but you can’t make any excuses for the defense. They are giving up monster points and wins are going to be hard to come by.

267. Chicago Bears

Record: 3-4
Previous Rank: 26

Chicago and Justin Fields are not in a position to win or even put up average offensive numbers. There is more concern for the growth of Fields do to this compared to winning games.

28. Miami Dolphins

Record: 1-6
Previous Rank: 27

Miami has fallen off a cliff and defensively they can’t stop anyone. They might be sellers before the deadline and wave the white flag on the season.

29. New York Jets

Record: 1-5
Previous Rank: 29

New York doesn’t stand a chance against anyone at the moment. The offense is lost and the defense just gave up 50+ to Mac Jones and the Patriots.

30. Detroit Lions

Record: 0-7
Previous Rank: 30

I feel for this Lions team that are more competitive than their 0-7 record shows. This team has some bright young pieces to build around, which is the positive moving forward.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars

Record: 1-5
Previous Rank: 32

Urban Meyer has finally cleared the headlines and the Jaguars are not going to have a winless season, so there are some positives to look forward to.

32. Houston Texans

Record: 1-6
Previous Rank: 31

Houston’s season continues to go as expected. Davis Mills has struggled to put up any sort of points, making them an easy win each week.

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