NFL Power Rankings 2020: Aaron Rodgers And Green Bay Keep Rolling

2020 Record: 14-1 / Previous Week’s Rank: 1

Kansas City has locked up the one seen and are planning to rest their starters in a well deserved Week 17 game. While there haven’t been convincing wins down the stretch this is the best team in football.

Green Bay Packers

2020 Record: 12-3 / Previous Week’s Rank: 3

Aaron Rodgers continued his MVP-like season as the Packers rolled Tennessee. This team is playing well and for me they are the best team in the NFC.

Buffalo Bills

2020 Record: 11-3 / Previous Week’s Rank: 2

Buffalo had a monster win this week against Denver and the offense put up 40+. Josh Allen is playing as well as anyone right now and the Bills have clinched the division.

2020 Record: 11-4 / Previous Week’s Rank: 5

It was the Alvin Kamara show this week as he racked up 6 TDs against Minnesota. New Orleans is one of the premier teams in the NFC but will need to ride their defense more than the offense.

Pittsburgh Steelers

2020 Record: 12-3 / Previous Week’s Rank: 4

Pittsburgh struggled early on but found their groove in the second half. Pittsburgh clinched the AFC North but questions still remain about both sides of the ball.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2020 Record: 10-5 / Previous Week’s Rank: 6

Tampa essentially had a bye week facing the Lions. Tom Brady needed one half to put up 300 yards and a couple touchdowns before handing it off to the backup.

Seattle Seahawks

2020 Record: 11-4 / Previous Week’s Rank: 8

Seattle has played well defensively of late and against the Rams it was their first test in a few games. Offensively they have become a bit more sluggish and that is a concern heading into the playoffs.

Baltimore Ravens8. Baltimore Ravens

2020 Record: 10-5 / Previous Week’s Rank: 12

Baltimore is starting to find their form offensively and the Giants defense isn’t a cakewalk. They get the Bengals in Week 17 that will likely bring them to 11 wins and a playoff berth.

Indianapolis Colts

2020 Record: 10-5 / Previous Week’s Rank: 7

Failing to hold on against Pittsburgh now has the Colts on the outside looking in and they need some help. It will be disappointing if they miss the playoffs as I find them to be a top-ten team.

Los Angeles Rams

2020 Record: 9-6 / Previous Week’s Rank: 9

The Rams have pushed their playoff luck to Week 17 and a win will guarantee them a spot. However, they are likely going to have to do it without Jared Goff.

Tennessee Titans

2020 Record: 10-5 / Previous Week’s Rank: 11

If the Titans can’t control the game with Derrick Henry they don’t have much of a shot to win games with this defense. That showed once again against the Packers.

Miami Dolphins

2020 Record: 10-5 / Previous Week’s Rank: 13

Miami had a wild win over the Raiders as Brian Flores made another switch to Ryan Fitzpatrick late in the game. While I don’t love the two-QB system, Miami is winning games.

Cleveland Browns

2020 Record: 10-5 / Previous Week’s Rank: 10

Even with the late-week scratches for the wide receivers, Cleveland should have won this game and choked it away. They still are in a good spot to make the playoffs but the margin of error is small.

Chicago Bears

2020 Record: 8-7 / Previous Week’s Rank: 15

Chicago continues to pummel these poorer teams and it has kept them in the playoff race. They still need a quarterback despite what the reports say about Trubisky.

Arizona Cardinals

2020 Record: 8-7 / Previous Week’s Rank: 14

This was one of the biggest coaching advantages I have seen all year as the 49ers dominated the Cardinals. Kyler Murray is banged up and possibly out in a must-win Week 17 game.

2020 Record: 6-9 / Previous Week’s Rank: 16

Washington didn’t have much of a shot with Terry McLaurin out and Antonio Gibson at 50%. Dwayne Haskins was benched and then released early in the week. They now must win to make the playoffs.

Minnesota Vikings

2020 Record: 6-9 / Previous Week’s Rank: 17

Minnesota wasn’t going to beat the Saints but they sure helped anyone with Alvin Kamara on their fantasy team win a fantasy championship this week. The defense has taken a major step backward.

Los Angeles Chargers

2020 Record: 6-9 / Previous Week’s Rank: 20

Justin Herbert has continued to impress and this was a game that we usually see the Chargers lose, but they came away with a win over division rivals. The future is bright in Angeles.

2020 Record: 6-9 / Previous Week’s Rank: 24

It was a gritty win for the 49ers as they beat the Cardinals in a win that knocks the Cardinals possibly out of the playoffs. Jeff Wilson had a monster day with over 200 all-purpose yards.

Oakland Raiders

2020 Record: 7-8 / Previous Week’s Rank: 18

The Raiders lost in a miserable fashion this week and Jon Gruden continues to show he is not going to be leading a team back to the playoffs. The second half of the season collapse continues.

New England Patriots

21. New England Patriots

2020 Record: 6-8 / Previous Week’s Rank: 19

New England’s main issue continues to be on the offensive side. Cam Newton just isn’t the answer but there is no help around him. The defense also continues to give up big numbers on the ground.

Dallas Cowboys

2020 Record: 6-9 / Previous Week’s Rank: 27

Dallas has a very good chance of now moving into a playoff spot with Washington starting an even worse backup than Andy Dalton next week. The offense stepped up this week.

Carolina Panthers

23. Carolina Panthers

2020 Record: 5-10 / Previous Week’s Rank: 26

Facing the Washington pass rush is a tough task but Carolina played well and produced a big win. Defensively they looked great as they continue to build on that side of the ball.

Denver Broncos

2020 Record: 5-10 / Previous Week’s Rank: 21

Another one-possession loss for Denver this past week as they lost to the Chargers. Drew Lock continues to show he is not the future in Denver and we will see how they address it.

Philadelphia Eagles

2020 Record: 4-10-1 / Previous Week’s Rank: 22

The defense was atrocious for the Eagles this week and there were also some odd calls from the Eagles sidelines in key spots. This is a lost year and now they will need to decide on their future QB.

New York Giants

2020 Record: 5-10 / Previous Week’s Rank: 23

New York had a tough task this week facing Baltimore in a must-win game for both sides. The Giants are headed in the right direction but are still a season or two away.

Atlanta Falcons

2020 Record: 4-11 / Previous Week’s Rank: 25

While Atlanta hung tough against the Chiefs, this team should start to look at moving on from the Matt Ryan and Julio Jones era. A top-five pick would put them in the mix for their next QB.

Houston Texans

2020 Record: 4-11 / Previous Week’s Rank: 28

Houston really is in rough shape with minimal draft picks moving forward to try and build something around Deshaun Watson. The defense continues to be a major issue.

Detroit Lions

2020 Record: 5-10 / Previous Week’s Rank: 29

A team without a coaching staff and Matthew Stafford leaving after the first drive, this game went about as expected as the Lions are in need of a major shakeup.

Cincinnati Bengals

2020 Record: 4-10-1 / Previous Week’s Rank: 30

Cincinnati has played tough the last few weeks and there is a lot to like about this team moving forward. Tee Higgins has continued on his strong rookie year.

Jacksonville Jaguars

2020 Record: 1-14 / Previous Week’s Rank: 31

We are likely set for Trevor Lawrence to become a Jacksonville Jaguar in a few months. The Jaguars had a rough season but have some talented players on the roster.

New York Jets

2020 Record: 2-13 / Previous Week’s Rank: 32

The Jets have now won two games in a row as they have clinched the number two pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Despite Jacksonville having the worst record, the Jets are still the worst team in the league.

How Are Power Rankings Calculated?

Being in the offseason, we take 2019 success into consideration a bit, but also the moves that are being made over the offseason. Teams will be looking to bolster their team through the draft and free agency. This can have a negative or positive effect if teams are losing key pieces to what has made them so successful over the last few years. During the season, power rankings are calculated by success and also their efficiency on the field. The strength of schedule plays a key factor as well. If you’re cramming for your fantasy football draft, don’t miss the Lineups 2020 fantasy football rankings pages.

How Much Do Teams Move Weekly?

The weekly movement is going to vary from site to site in terms of their power ranking. They will also factor in different things. Now if a team loses and their starting quarterback goes down with an injury, the slide might be further. Losing and winning streaks will have a big advantage in the movement, but also the strength of the team’s wins and weakness of their losses. A loss to the Dolphins is a lot different from a loss to the Chiefs, and the same can be said for wins. Close and blowout wins/losses also play a part in the weekly movement. A higher tier team dropping a close one isn’t going to move them too far down. A middle-tier team getting a big win could bump them up a few spots.

Jason Guilbault has been writing and podcasting in the fantasy sports world for over five years. You can find his work at Daily Fantasy Cafe. He is an avid Tottenham fan, and follows the Boston sports teams. When he isn’t diving into stats, he is enjoying the outdoors or down at the local brewery.

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