NFL Trade Tracker 2021

We are headed for a busy offseason as this free agency class is massive and another loaded offensive draft class is coming into play. There are also quite a few NFL teams that are in need of a quarterback and one main quarterback wanting out. The Deshaun Watson sweepstakes will be the talk of the summer that is if anything comes about. The draft class has a couple of strong quarterback prospects and we should see a lot of deals around draft day. Stay tuned here as we will cover every NFL trade of the 2021 offseason and season with plenty of analysis.

Indianapolis Colts & Philadelphia Eagles (February 18th, 2020)

Colts Receive: Carson Wentz (QB)
Eagles Receive: 2021 3rd Round Pick, 2022 2nd Round Pick (Conditional)

Lineups Analysis: Indianapolis was one of those quarterback-needy teams heading into the offseason and the rumored Carson Wentz was likely going to be in play given Frank Reich and his connections. It was clear Wentz needed a change of scenery and the Colts giving up a 2021 3rd round pick and 2022 2nd round pick isn’t bad. Although there are some details that if Wentz plays over 75% of the snaps or makes the playoffs, this will turn into a 2022 first-round pick. The Colts can get around that if Wentz is struggling by allowing Jacob Eason to eat some snaps to make sure they keep their first-round pick. However, I would bank on the Colts being successful in 2021.

Detroit Lions & Los Angeles Rams (January 30th, 2021)

Lions Receive: Jared Goff (QB), 2022 First Round Pick, 2023 First Round Pick, 2021 Third Round Pick
Rams Receive: Matthew Stafford (QB)

Lineups Analysis: The Rams are in a win-now mode, especially with no draft picks and a lot of salaries tied up to just a few big players. While they do get out of the Jared Goff deal, they did have to attach a couple of first-round picks. This trade certainly makes sense for both sides and if this deal gets the Rams a Super Bowl, you can say this works out for everyone. Picks are a bit overrated in my eyes and while Detroit has quite a few, we still need to see what they do with them. The Lions will commit to Goff, but we know their options will be open.

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