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The NFL trade front can be a little quiet at times, but that doesn’t stop us from checking in on all the latest trade news. With the 2020 season set to begin, teams will be looking to move players on expiring contacts as well as moving up or down in the upcoming draft. We did see a few trades last season, like Emmanuel Sanders going from Denver to San Francisco, as well as Kenyan Drake going from Miami to Arizona. The big one was Los Angeles trading for Jalen Ramsey, giving up a two first-round picks. Keep up to date with our NFL Trade Tracker, which brings you instant analysis and recaps both sides of the trade. Teams are having quicker turnarounds these days, and players could be on the move more frequently than before.

NFL Trade Tracker 2020
NFL Trade Tracker 2019

Looking into 2020 there are some rumors that could carry over from last season. Some players were pretty vocal about wanting out, starting with Jamal Adams in New York. While it didn’t seem close to happening, Dallas might have picked up the phone to see what the asking price was. Cam Newton didn’t play a down last year due to injury, and will be healthy heading into 2020. There are doubts about his health still, and Carolina has not committed to him moving forward. With teams like Chicago and Indianapolis looking for a possible quarterback change, he is a candidate that could be traded. We also still have no idea if Trent Williams wants to play for the Redskins, or will hold out for another trade.

Denver was a team that was active in trade talks as they had a few names that teams were after. With a lot of changing in the guard on the defensive side, that could be the case again. Josh Norman is another name that could be on the move in 2020, and plenty of teams would be looking to bolster their secondary. There are a lot of fringe teams right now that could be that next San Francisco 49ers team, meaning they take a major jump in just a year’s span. Teams like Indianapolis, Tampa Bay, Atlanta, Detroit, and Arizona will be looking to make moves over the offseason. Whether that comes via trade, we will have to see, but teams have been more active in trading during the draft over recent years.

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