NFL Week 10 Power Rankings

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Here are this weeks NFL power rankings.
San Francisco 49ers

1. 49ers 8-0

After the 49ers went up 21-7, Arizona came storming back to only lose by three. Despite the late letdown, San Francisco is legit this season. The Carolina win said a lot, and they’ll have more chances to prove themselves in the upcoming weeks. Seattle next Monday night is one of them.
New Orleans Saints

2. Saints 7-1

The Saints are 7-1 and have Drew Brees back. They’ll be coming off the bye with four straight divisional opponents. Can the Saints avenge last years NFC Championship debacle?
Baltimore Ravens

3. Ravens 6-2

What an incredible win by the Ravens Sunday night. They knock off undefeated New England at home thanks to a lethal rushing attack.
New England Patriots

4. Patriots 7-1

New England is still good, but their flaws were exploited on Sunday night. The Patriots can’t rely on fumble luck much longer.
Green Bay Packers

5. Packers 7-2

Hard to imagine an Aaron Rodgers led offense would score only one touchdown that comes in garbage time. Rough game for the Pack all-around out in LA.
Seattle Seahawks

6. Seahawks 7-2

Seattle needed overtime to get passed Tampa Bay. Russell Wilson led another impressive comeback victory to get the Seahawks to 7-2.
Kansas City Chiefs

7. Chiefs 6-3

No Mahomes, no problem. Kansas City gets it done on a game-winning field goal. The Chiefs offense averaged 6.5 yards per play without Mahomes.
Minnesota Vikings

8. Vikings 6-3

A tough loss for Minnesota as they can’t get it done without a Mahomes-less Chiefs team. Even worse, Green Bay went to KC last week and got the job done.
Houston Texans

9. Texans 6-3

Houston was able to fight through the injuries to get the win in London. Deshaun Watson had a QB rating of 120.4 in the win. Baltimore and Indianapolis are next.
Los Angeles Rams

10. Rams 5-3

Jared Goff has played very mediocre this season. He’s completed 61 percent of his passes, thrown 11 touchdowns and seven interceptions. He needs to step up the second half of the season if the Rams want to make the playoffs.
Indianpolis Colts

11. Colts 5-3

Indianapolis couldn’t get it done with Brian Hoyer coming in to relieve Jacoby Brissett. If Brissett misses significant time, then it might cost the Colts a playoff appearance.
Buffalo Bills

12. Bills 6-2

No surprise, the Bills beat another bad team. Buffalo’s defense got stops when they needed them.
Carolina Panthers

13. Panthers 5-3

Carolina gets a much needed victory after getting their doors blown off against the 49ers last week. This teams goes as far as Christian McCaffery can take them.
Philadelphia Eagles

14. Eagles 5-4

Philadelphia is starting to turn it around after two impressive wins. The Eagles had a 47 percent success rate on offense against a very good Bears defense.
Dallas Cowboys

15. Cowboys 4-3

The Giants might not be an easy win for the ‘Boys Monday night. Dallas has their weaknesses, and Saquon Barkley can very well exploit them.
Oakland Raiders

16. Raiders 4-4

The Raiders first game in Oakland comes with a victory as Derek Carr threw two touchdowns in the win. They sit 1.5 games behind the Chiefs for the AFC West.
Pittsburgh Steelers

17. Steelers 4-4

Tomlin almost cost the Steelers this game, but a win for Pittsburgh. They sit at .500 with half a season to go. All without Big Ben.
Detroit Lions

18. Lions 3-4-1

The Lions aren’t able to get it done out in Oakland. Detroits pass defense cost them today along with two turnovers on offense. A date with the Bears next week might get them back on track.
Los Angeles Chargers

19. Chargers 4-5

The Chargers dominate Green Bay at home in their 26-11 win. Firing Ken Wisenhunt might have been the sacrifice the Chargers needed to turn their season around.
Jacksonville Jaguars

20. Jaguars 4-5

The Jaguars couldn’t take advantage of the Texans secondary. Gardner Minshew had four turnovers in the loss.
Tennessee Titans

21. Titans 4-5

Tennessee turned the ball three times in their loss to Carolina. The Panthers end the Titans win streak with Ryan Tannehill at quarterback.
Chicago Bears

22. Bears 3-5

The Bears are in free fall. The had nine yards of offense in the first half. They’ve score over 20 points in two games this season. Their defense is giving up. Chicago is in free fall.
Arizona Cardinals

23. Cardinals 3-5-1

Remember when the Cardinals got to .500 and Kliff Kinsbury possible had something going? Well that changed when they faced New Orleans and San Francisco back to back weeks. The Cardinals definitely have fight in them, they just aren’t there yet.
Denver Broncos

24. Broncos 3-6

Joe Flacco wasn’t needed in their win over the Browns on Sunday. After starting 0-4, Denver is 3-2 in their last five games. Maybe Vic Fangio has this team figuring things out.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

25. Bucs 2-6

Jameis Winston had an incredible first half in Seattle, but couldn’t get finish in their overtime loss. Their defense cost them the win on Sunday.
Cleveland Browns

26. Browns 2-6

Baker Mayfield goes off on a reporter last week and then fails to go off against Denver. The Browns were held to four field goals in the first half. The Browns are still the Browns.
New York Giants

27. Giants 2-6

Daniel Jones has been better in recent weeks, but the G-Men are still a few years away. Tanking is the logical idea for the second half of the season.
Atlanta Falcons

28. Falcons 1-7

The bye week comes at a much needed time for Atlanta. Nothing has gone right this season and might not get better. They have four straight divisional games off the bye week.
Washington Redskins

29. Redskins 1-8

No surprise that Washington loses again. What a horrible week for the franchise as reports come out that the Redskins downplayed Williams’ growth on his head.
Miami Dolphins

30. Dolphins 1-7

The Dolphins beat the Jets! What a miracle for Miami in a tank season!
New York Jets

31. Jets 1-7

You can’t lose to the Jets. Period. They still aren’t as bad as Cincinnati though. That game is to be decided in December.
Cincinnati Bengals

32. Bengals 0-8

Andy Dalton is the first quarterback in NFL history to start a season 8-0 and 0-8. He is the perfect definition of a quarterback that needs talent around him to be successful.

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