NFL Week 10: Who’s Hot, Who’s Not

Another wild weekend in the NFL. The Chiefs were able to get a win without Mahomes. Green Bay decided to stay on the bus during their game against the Chargers; and the Ravens gave New England their first loss of the season. Here’s this weeks who’s hot and who’s not.

Who’s Hot

1. Steelers 4-4

Pittsburgh SteelersPittsburgh lost Ben Roethlisberger week 1, then started the season 1-3. They have proceeded to win three straight games and now sit at 4-4 with half a season to go. Mason Rudolph has been doing just enough to keep this offense afloat. He’s averagin 6.9 yards per pass and has a 3:1 TD:INT ratio.

What’s been huge is the Steelers defense. They rank 10th in yards per game this season, and has 19 takeaways. A +10 turnover differential is going to help any team. It helps even more when the Steelers are relying on a backup quarterback to win football games. Pittsburgh has the Rams, Browns, and Bengals this month, and can find themselves 7-4 or 6-5 going into December if everything works out.

2. Eagles 5-4

After starting 3-4, and getting embarrassed against the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football, the Eagles are back above .500 and looking to win NFC East once again. Philadelphia was a popular pick to win the NFC this season, and look like they’re about to turn to corner to do just that.

Philadelphia EaglesThe Eagles have to impressive wins back to back games. They’re offense is starting to come together after dominating two solid defenses in the Bills and Bears. Their secondary is still weak, and will be opposing teams exploit moving forward. After their bye week, they face the Patriots and Seahawks. We’ll see how real the Eagles are.

3. Ravens 6-2

After starting 2-2, the Ravens have won four in a row including a wins at Seattle and against undefeated New England. A lot of it has to do with Lamar Jacksons mobility at quarterback. Jackson is averaging 100 rushing Baltimore Ravens
yards in their last four wins. The way he extends drives with his feet has been a huge plus to this team.

Baltimore’s strengths played right into the Patriots weaknesses. Their strong run game dominated the Patriots, and the Ravens brought multiple blitz packages that Tom Brady and co. The Ravens have the Bengals, Rams, and Bills on the horizon. They have a shot at taking over the top spot in the AFC.

Who’s Not

1. Jets 1-7

You can’t lose to the Dolphins. Period. The Jets are bad this season. The Jets are 1-3 since Sam Darnold has New York Jetsreturned from Mono. He’s thrown five touchdowns and nine interceptions in this stretch.

Injuries haven’t helped this team either. C.J. Mosley has played in two games this season, and is the foundation for their defense. This isn’t their only problem. They just don’t have the roster to compete really. Still, no one should lose to the Dolphins.

2. Redskins 1-8

Washington has been a complete mess this season. They fired Jay Gruden, and didn’t decide to start Dwayne Haskins until Sunday. Not to mention, Trent Williams had a cancerous growth on his head that their medical team decided to downplay, which resulted in his holdout.

Washington RedskinsWilliams has expressed his displeasure with team president Bruce Allen. He says a lot of the Redskins issues are because of him, and he could be right. Robert Griffin III had similar issues when he was in Washington a few years ago. The Redskins are in complete dysfunction and has been for awhile. The issues are beyond play on the field.

3. Browns 2-6

What a horrible start to the Browns season. Last week Baker Mayfield went off on a reporter expressing his frustration about Clevelands situation. The Browns then went out to Denver and scored 19 points in their loss.

Cleveland BrownsMayfield himself didn’t have a terrible game. He went turnover in their loss, but they failed to score within in the redzone four times in the second quarter. No to mention, Noah Fant went 75 yards in a broken play because of poor Browns tackling. This team is very undisciplined and part of the reason why they sit at 2-6.


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