NFL Week 8 Power Rankings

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This weeks NFL power rankings.
New England Patriots

1. Patriots (6-0)

A Monday night showdown with the Jets should keep them at the top spot. New England has been rolling over every team they have faced.
Green Bay Packers

2. Packers (6-1)

Aaron Rogers throws for five touchdown passes against the Raiders. They’re a Thursday night loss away from being 7-0. The defense has looked a lot better this season and has kept Rogers stress free.
San Francisco 49ers

3. 49ers (6-0)

The 49ers are trying to make a case for best team in the NFC. They have ran over every team they have face to this point. They have a tough stretch coming up, we’ll see if they’re the real deal.
New Orleans Saints

4. Saints (6-1)

The Saints are 6-1 and 5-0 without Drew Brees. Bridgewater has done everything he’s needed to do to keep the Saints competitive. Now they’re a game away from getting Brees back and looking to make another Super Bowl run.
Baltimore Ravens

5. Ravens (5-2)

Baltimore has finally beat a quality opponent. Going to Seattle is no easy feat, especially with how the Seahawks have played this season. Lamar Jackson has been the real deal this season and will have an extra week to prep for the Patriots.
Kansas City Chiefs

6. Chiefs (5-2)

The Chiefs lost Pat Mahomes for a few weeks in their win against Denver. Kansas City needs to try and stay afloat while they face the Packers and Vikings in this stretch. The faster Mahomes can come back the better.
Seattle Seahawks

7. Seahawks (5-2)

The Seahawks cool off after a loss at home to Baltimore. The Seahawks are still a quality team and with Russell Wilson under center, anything is possible for this team.
Buffalo Bills

8. Bills (5-1)

Buffalo struggled against the Dolphins on Sunday. They’re 5-1 but haven’t really beat a quality opponent, or looked good in the process. The Bills are still putting together an impressive season, but can they show the NFL they can beat someone real?
Minnesota Vikings

9. Vikings (5-2)

Minnesota has finally turned things around from a few weeks ago. Kirk Cousins has been playing top tier football and has thrown only one interception the last three weeks. They’ll be right there with Green Bay for the NFC North.
Indianpolis Colts

10. Colts (5-2)

Who needs Andrew Luck? The Colts find themselves on top of the AFC South after the first eight weeks of the season. Jacoby Brissett has been playing great this season, and the Colts have a defense they can slow down anyone. Just ask Pat Mahomes.
Houston Texans

11. Texans (4-3)

Houston has been a Jekyll and Hyde team this season. They blow out Atlanta, then lose to Carolina without Cam. They beat Kansas City on the road, then lose to the Colts for the division lead. This team needs more consistency if they want to prove their worth.
Carolina Panthers

12. Panthers (4-2)

Carolina probably would have like their bye to come later in the season. They have won four straight since Cam Newton went down. Their defense has stepped up and Christian McCaffery has been playing out of his mind.
Los Angeles Rams

13. Rams (4-3)

LA finally gets back on track after a win in Atlanta. Jared Goff still hasn’t played well this season, and will be the downfall of the Rams if he can’t turn his performance around. They might miss the playoffs with how well the Seahawks and 49ers have played.
Philadelphia Eagles

14. Eagles (3-3)

Philadelphia is banged up in the secondary yet again. If this team can get healthy, they will win the NFC East while Dallas struggles to find any consistency.
Chicago Bears

15. Bears (3-3)

Chicago finds themselves in the same situation they were last season. Except they don’t have the schedule on their side. Their offensive line has played horribly, and teams are starting to figure out how to beat his defense.
Dallas Cowboys

16. Cowboys (3-3)

This is a gut check Sunday night game for the Cowboys. After starting 3-0, they have now lost three straight games in desperate need for a win before things get out of hand.
Oakland Raiders

17. Raiders (3-3)

After an impressive win in London, the Raiders get dominated in Green Bay on Sunday. With Mahomes out, this is a great time for Oakland to gain ground in the AFC West.
Arizona Cardinals

18. Cardinals (3-3-1)

Don’t look now, but the Cardinals are .500. Kliff Kingsbury has the Cardinals playing solid football right now, and are beating the teams they need to be to show they are a quality team.
Detroit Lions

19. Lions (2-3-1)

After starting 2-0-1, the Lions begin to free fall. Their losses have been to quality opponents, but to be a good team, you need to beat good teams. Detroit has been shooting themselves in the foot in big games.
Jacksonville Jaguars

20. Jaguars (3-4)

The Jaguars stop their skid after beating the winless Bengals. This team has really been struggling since Jalen Ramsey stopped playing football in Jacksonville.
Tennessee Titans

21. Titans (3-4)

The Titans have played very inconsistent, but find themselves just below the .500 mark. There’s still a lot football left, but the Titans might play their way into the AFC South race.
Cleveland Browns

22. Browns (2-4)

Another team that is need of a bye. The Browns have not played up to their hype and look like the Browns we all know and love. Baker Mayfield needs to fix his play because the AFC North is still wide open.
Los Angeles Chargers

23. Chargers (2-5)

Fumbling on the one yard line is never a good look. The Chargers continue to struggle this season and don’t show any signs of hope moving forward.
Pittsburgh Steelers

24. Steelers (2-4)

Mason Rudolph looks to return against the Dolphins next week.The Steelers have looked ok with Roethlisburger out. A win against the Dolphins next week will put them a game under .500.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

25. Buccaneers (2-4)

Tampa Bay looks to regroup during the bye after looking terrible in London. Jameis Winston continue to struggle and hurt the Buccs from being competitive.
Denver Broncos

26. Broncos (2-5)

Vic Fangio’s Broncos continue to struggle this season. Even after Mahomes went down for the Chiefs, Denver couldn’t find a way to win, let alone keep it close.
New York Giants

27. Giants (2-5)

Kyler Murray beats out Daniel Jones in a rookie battle this weekend. This keeps the Giants down in the rankings for another week.
New York Jets

28. Jets (1-4)

The Jets got their first win against the Cowboys last week. They get another tough test against New England on Monday night. Can Sam Darnold keep them within a touchdown?
Atlanta Falcons

29. Falcons (1-6)

Atlanta has been arguably the most disappointing team in the NFL this season. Matt Ryan left the game against the Rams in what has already become a lost season.
Washington Redskins

30. Redskins (1-6)

A slop fest in Washington kept the game against the 49ers closer than it should have. Dan Snyder has done nothing to help this franchise out.
Cincinnati Bengals

31. Bengals (0-7)

Cincinnati continues to struggle horribly this season. At this point, there is going to be huge anticipation for the Dolphins vs. Bengals in December.
Miami Dolphins

32. Dolphins (0-6)

They almost stayed within 10 points of the Bills today. Maybe they’ll beat a team before 2019 is over.

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