NFL Week 8: Who’s Hot Who’s Not

The NFL saw strong performances for some top teams this week. The biggest headline is Pat Mahomes missing the next few weeks. Let’s get into this weeks hottest and coldest teams.

Who’s Hot

1. 49ers (6-0)

This is the fourth time in franchise history the 49ers have started 6-0. Jimmy Garoppolo is completing almost 70 percent of his passes this season, and their defense has held opponents to 64 points this season.

San Francisco 49ersSan Francisco hasn’t really had much of a test this season. Their best win, and an impressive one at that, was beating the Rams 20-7. Outside the Rams, they beat Tampa Bay, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Washington. Not really the best teams in the league, but they not losing to them shows their talent.

The 49ers are one of the youngest teams in the league. They will be tested with Carolina, an Arizona team that has won three games in a row, Seattle, and Green Bay. We’ll see if they’re the real deal.

2. Packers (6-1)

After their Thursday night loss to the Eagles at home, Green Bay is looking like one of the best teams in the league. They sit 6-1 and starting to fire on all cylinders. Aaron Rogers hasn’t even been playing his best football.

Green Bay PackersOutside of the Raiders game, Rogers hasn’t had a completion percentage higher than 65 percent in any game. A lot of it has to do with their turnover margin. They are +5 in turnovers this season. There have been two games where Green Bay was negative in turnovers, Philadelphia and Detroit.

The Packers get the Chiefs next week without Mahomes. Green Bay has been taking advantage of every break they’ve received this season.

3. Vikings (5-2)

The Vikings lost to the Bears 16-6 last month. After the game, players were calling out Kirk Cousins, and there were rumors Stefon Diggs was ready to quit the team. Since then, they have won three in a row and one game back of Green Bay in the NFC North.

Minnesota VikingsCousins has completed 75 percent of his passes and has thrown 10 touchdowns the last three games. He has really turned it around in this stretch. Cousins faced a lot of criticism about his performance when he plays teams .500 or better, and two of the Vikings wins has come against above .500 talents.

The Vikings face the Redskins, Chiefs without Mahomes, and the Cowboys next. They have started to find their stride and making a case in the NFC.

Who’s Not

1. Chiefs (5-2)

The Chiefs lost back to back home games to the Colts and Texans. They then go on the road and beat the Broncos 30-6…and lose the face of the NFL and former MVP Pat Mahomes. Mahomes suffered a dislocated knee cap in Thursday nights win, and will most likely miss about three games.

Kansas City ChiefsEnter in backup Matt Moore. He has a career record of 15-15 and a 59.4 completion percentage. Andy Reid will make sure he can do whatever he can to set Moore up for success. They issue for the Chiefs is going to be their defense. Everyone knows it isn’t great, and Mahomes usually hides how bad they are by putting up 30+ points regularly.

Now they can’t the defense, and it may cost them going up against the Packers, Vikings, and Titans while Mahomes is out. The next three week ought to be interesting in Kansas City.

2. Lions (2-3-1)

After starting out the season 2-0-1, the Lions have lost three straight. Granted, those three losses are the Chiefs, Packers, and Vikings. A large part of it has been the penalties. Through six games, Detroit is averaging 10 penalties per game.

Detroit LionsSure, the refs played apart in their Monday night loss vs. Green Bay, but if Lions want to turn it around, they need to look themselves in the mirror first. The NFC North is the toughest division in football, and they lost two straight divisional games.

Fortunately, the Lions have the Giants at home next week to reset. This is a pivotal stretch for the Detroit if they want to stay alive to make the playoffs.

3. Falcons (1-6)

Atlanta has been one of the most disappointing teams in the NFL this season. The Falcons were blown out in Houston, lost to the Cardinals the following week, and then dominated at home by the Rams and lose Matt Ryan in the process. They’s lost five straight and nothing has gone right for this team.

Atlanta FalconsThe Falcons are -5 in turnovers and their defense ranks 27th in yards per game allowed. This team hasn’t really been able to recover from their 28-3 choke in the Super Bowl a few years ago. Dan Quinn will most likely be gone after this season, and the Falcons will look to rebuild.

Atlanta will have to battle Seattle, New Orleans, and Carolin the next few weeks. Not really much hope for a team that’s already in free fall.

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