Norfolk State Vs. Baylor Odds, Picks, and Predictions (3/17/22)

The March Madness Tournament for 2022 is now live, with teams preparing for the first-round games all around the country. The Norfolk State Spartans snuck into the tournament, receiving the #16 seed in the East bracket, and are facing off against the #1 seed (#4 overall) Baylor Bears. This game is one of the easier games to predict due to the vast difference in skill and play from both teams. There has only been one #16 seed in March Madness history to take down a #1 seed, and it does not seem plausible that we will see another occurrence in this matchup. The two teams face off as one of the first games to play in the tournament this Thursday, March 17th, at 1:00 PM CST and can be viewed on TBS.

Norfolk State vs. Baylor Betting Odds

The odds for this game are very typical of what we will see for all 16/1 seeds in this year’s March Madness Tournament. The Baylor Bears are heavily favored with a -20.5 (-110) spread, leaving the Norfolk State Spartans with +20.5 (-110). The Baylor moneyline is -4500, and the Norfolk’s is +1800. The payout for the upset win is substantial, but the favorite bet is almost guaranteed, but anything can happen in March Madness. Although both teams’ stats are identical (46% FG%, 38% FG%,69.8% FT%), the Spartans have played in a conference with minimal high competition, while Baylor played in the Big 12, which has six teams in the tournament. Norfolk has yet to play a Top 25 team this season, and they’re starting out against the reigning NCAA Champions. This is the game I am most sure of a favorite seed winning, so Baylor’s moneyline will be the most probable to hit. However, I believe Norfolk will be able to keep it between 20 points due to their impressively similar stats to Baylor.

My prediction: Baylor Wins 76-58, Norfolk Covers

Norfolk State Spartans Odds

The Norfolk Spartans clinched their third ever March Madness bid after winning the MEAC title. They have great stats as a team, but their lack of competitive competition gives them a low bid and huge underdog status. The Spartans ended their regular season 24-6 overall and 12-2 in conference play. They shoot 46.6% from the field with an average of 75 points per game. Joe Bryant Jr is the leading point scorer for the team, with an average of 16.8 points per game. With the help of Jalen Hawkins, who averages 13.4 points per game, this team will be able to put up some impressive shots against the Baylor defense. However, Baylor will completely secure the paint, forcing the Spartans to work on their perimeter shots. Ultimately, this team has had a great run, but their time will come to an end early in March Madness.

Baylor Bears Odds

The Baylor Bears are the reigning March Madness Tournament Champions from last year, finding themselves highly ranked from the beginning of the season. They ended their regular season tied for first in the Big 12 but lost to Oklahoma in the first round of the Big 12 Tournament. In March Madness seating, they received the fourth overall bid and the first seed in the East region. This team has high shooting abilities from a variety of players, with specific talent from their guards. LJ Cryer, James Akinjo, and Adam Flagler all average above 13 points per game and shoot between 35-50% from the field. The Baylor defense has been unmatched this season, with an average of a 13 point victory in all of their regular season. This team can go very far in this tournament as long as they don’t fall victim to pressure and can limit turnovers.

Norfolk State vs. Baylor Picks & Prediction

The first round of March Madness is always some of the most unpredictable times in sports. However, the Baylor Bears will not make this game a shocking upset. I think Adam Flagler can really show his skill in this matchup and lead his team to high point values to make this game a washout. The bet for Flagler over 15.5 (+110) could be a very interesting bet to look into. He has a history of showing up against teams with lower skill levels, so this should be a great showcase game for him. The Baylor moneyline is an easy hit, but the spread is riskier but should be archived.

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