North Carolina Approves Sports Betting Self-Exclusion Program Ahead of March 11 Launch

Ahead of the upcoming North Carolina sports betting launch, the North Carolina Lottery Commission (NCLC) added a voluntary self-exclusion program to its list of support services within the N.C. Problem Gambling Program.

Responsible Gambling Practices in North Carolina

A voluntary self-exclusion program like this one allows users to opt-in via an enrollment form and exclude themselves from sports wagering and pari-mutuel wagering for a set period of time. Individuals can exclude themselves for one year, three years, five years, or for their lifetime. North Carolina sportsbooks can use the enrollment information to freeze the existing wagering account and block users from creating new accounts in the state for that period of time. All licensed gambling operators in the state are required to participate in and support the program.

North Carolina’s voluntary self-exclusion program is one of many services offered by the N.C. Problem Gambling Program. Others include talk, text, and chat options with licensed professionals, and responsible gaming limits that are available on all sportsbooks such as deposit or time limits. The program also allocates $2 million per year to expand the program to include more education, outreach, and prevention services.

Self-Exclusion Market in The U.S.

In the majority of states that offer legal sports betting, there are self-exclusion options available to its sports bettors, though there are variations in how it’s carried out.

In some states, users can enroll online, in others, users must enroll in-person. Some states make users request exclusion from each sportsbook individually. Others, such as Nevada, do not have a statewide self-exclusion program. Among all of the states that have launched sports betting in the last couple of years, self-exclusion options are available.

North Carolina Set to Launch Sports Betting in Two Weeks

March 11 is the official launch date for sports betting in North Carolina, just days before the tip off of the NCAA March Madness tournament on March 19.

North Carolinians will be able to register for various sportsbook accounts beginning this Friday, March 1 as that marks the beginning of the pre-registration period. While users cannot place a bet until 10 days later, the pre-registration period ensures that a user will be ready to go on launch date.

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