Odell Beckham Jr. Fantasy Football Outlook & Value 2019

In a shocking off-season move to the Browns, Odell Beckham Jr. is poised to have a breakout season. His 5 years spent with the Giants is now a thing of the past as he suits up for the first year with the Browns. The Browns currently have Beckham for 5 remaining years on his contract. At Lineups we currently have him rated at WR6 with a projected 1,991.9 receiving yards and 8.7 TDs. We’ll see how things go, but with Mayfield’s arm behind him, I think Beckham Jr. will have his best season yet.

OBJ tweeted this out on June 22nd of 2019.

While not loaded with details, seeing Beckham Jr. excited to be taking the field with a fresh attitude is great for Browns fans and Beckham Jr. fantasy owners alike. OBJ and the Browns have a lot to prove this season, so I think it’ll be a good year to get in on the 26-year-old receiver. Beckham Jr.’s numbers last year were good, but nothing to write home about. I’m willing to put that on Eli Manning though, who time and time again proved to be inept at getting OBJ the ball. Beckham showcased miraculous talent at going up and getting difficult-to-catch passes, but with a more accurate Mayfield throwing to him, we will see his true potential.

Beckham’s current ADP is 2.02 and his auction value out of $200 is $31. This is a perfect evaluation of Beckham Jr. in my opinion. The only two receivers with auction values higher than him are DeAndre Hopkins and Michael Thomas who are both $33. Beckham has proved to be a top receiver in the league over recent years, so it should come as no surprise that if you want him on your roster, there’s a tradeoff.

1 153.4 98 12 59.7 124 77 10.3 1,052 5 13.7 6 16

The upside to OBJ is limitless this year. The exciting thing about an elite talent like him entering a franchise is we simply have no idea how he will fair in a Browns’ uniform. My personal gut feeling is that he will have the best season of his career fueled by an accurate QB and pure determination to prove himself as the top receiver in the league.

Cleveland BrownsBarring injury, I don’t see Beckham’s floor being very low this year. He’s WR1 for the Browns who are on the up and up, and with their new offense and Mayfield’s skill at the QB position, Beckham is simply in a position set up for success.

Many see Beckham as a stereotypical diva wide receiver. I honestly feel like it works well for him and will continue to in 2019. His ego will serve him well as he battles to make the Browns a team to beat in the AFC North. Mayfield’s coming of age will be another boost for Beckham on the field this year. As Baker continues to improve in his 3rd NFL season, Beckham’s numbers will benefit. I see Mayfield/Beckham as the most lethal QB/WR combo in the NFL this year, even over Drew Brees/Michael Thomas.

After suffering a career ending injury as a high school freshman B-team quarterback, Emmett has completely devoted himself to sports fandom. A Chicago (suburb) native, he is loyal to all his teams. He is currently a junior at Chapman University in Southern California and thoroughly enjoys Microsoft Excel.

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