Oklahoma State Vs. Florida Odds, Picks, and Predictions (1/29/22)

Oklahoma State Vs. Florida Odds, Picks, and Predictions (1/29/22)

This Saturday, January 29th, at 4:00 PM EST, the Florida Gators are hosting the Oklahoma State Cowboys in another SEC/Big 12 Challenge. Both teams have been mediocre at the start of their seasons, finding themselves at the middle of the pack in their conferences. The Cowboys currently sit in 6th place in the very competitive Big 12, and the Gators are in 10th in the SEC. The Gators have had most of their success at home, going 8-3 in Gainesville, whereas the Cowboys have been a weak 2-3 on the road. This matchup is a part of the battle between Big 12 and SEC teams taking place this weekend. Both conferences have been on fire this year, leading to tight competition. This meeting of the teams may be one of the less exciting games of the weekend, but it will include good play from both schools.

Oklahoma State Vs. Florida Betting Odds

The matchup between the Oklahoma State Cowboys and the Florida Gators will be a true representation between the talent in the Big 12 and the SEC. Both teams have solid offensive weapons that can make this game very interesting. They have both slipped off their A-game in recent weeks and are desperate to reclaim their groove. However, it seems that the Gators may steal this game away. ESPN’s power index gives the Gators a 77.5% certainty of victory over the Cowboys. The recent slip-ups and errors of the Cowboys leave a difficult space to have faith in them. They are currently the worst Big 12 team against the spread, going 7-12. They have a meek 36.8% success rate against the spread, and it does not seem like they’ll improve their odds in this matchup. The Gators have had more success going 11-9 against the spread, but it’s still not the best record. They find themselves in the top half of the SEC with a 55% success rate ATS and have a greater probability of improving their record in this meeting. Florida should take this game away from Oklahoma State as long as they clean up their coverage along the three-point line and under the basket. They have better stats offensively, and their senior players have been having great seasons. Oklahoma State has been having fine success but need to improve their overall gameplay if they want to take home this win.

Oklahoma State Cowboys Odds

The Oklahoma State Cowboys are up against a tough schedule in the most competitive college basketball conference, the Big 12. The conference is home to top teams such as the Baylor Bears, the Texas Tech Raiders, the Kansas Jayhawks, the Iowa State Cyclones, and the Texas Longhorns, who are all top 25 teams. The rest of the conference has great talent as well but are unable to make it into ranked positions. The Cowboys have been able to win or keep the games close against these top teams by putting defensive pressure on their opponents and nailing crucial shots towards the end of the game. Their most impressive win comes from their victory against the #1 Baylor Bears in a 61-54 victory. They have lost their past two games against the Texas Longhorns 56-51 and their overtime loss 84-81 to Iowa State. Being able to hang with these top teams shows great character from the team.

The Cowboys team has great team stats on rebounds. They average 37.1 per game, with most starters averaging nearly 3 per game. Their top rebounder is senior guard Isaac Likekele with 5.8 per game. He also averages 7.4 points per game with a 42.6% field goal success. Likekele struggles from the three-point line, only shooting 11% from beyond the line. Likekele’s biggest weakness is his free throws, shooting only 52% from the free-throw line.
The best offensive player for the Cowboys is Avery Anderson III. The junior guard averages 11.3 points per game but really struggles on the road, only averaging 5.1 points. His field goal percentage drops to 23.1% on the road, so the Gators will be applying heavy pressure to the junior to force errors and keep the game in their favor.
The Cowboys have great difficulty on the road, so they need this win to turn their momentum around. In order to succeed, the team needs to clean up their play and keep a safe pace so as not to commit errors that the Gators will take full advantage.

Florida Gators Betting Odds

The Florida Gators started their season on a great run, starting 6-0. They found themselves ranked in the first few weeks but have since fallen off the top 25 list. They currently sit at 12-8 and are 10th in the SEC. The team has lost their last two matches against Ole Miss and #18 Tennessee. The Gators missed big shots under the basket that could have changed the trajectory of the game and gave up big threes for the Volunteers. However, the Gators have had more success on their home court, so this game may be the key to changing their momentum and putting them back on track.

The Gator’s star player is easily Colin Castleton. Castleton is a 6’11 senior forward who leads the team in points and rebounds. He averages 15.4 points and 9.1 rebounds per game. When at home, he also averages 2.5 blocks per game. Castleton’s height gives him a huge advantage over opponents since he can take high passes to sink the ball from under the basket. Castleton is a huge weapon from inside the paint but has yet to sink his first three-point shot this season. This can make him slightly predictable and leaves the Cowboys to give soft coverage from afar. The Cowboys have had success in guarding top teams, but I don’t know if they’re ready to take on Castleton’s explosive plays.

Phlandrous Fleming Jr. is the Gator’s best guard. The senior averages 10.3 points and 3.6 rebounds per game, making him an all-around player. His ball-handling skills have stunned opponents leaving them tripped up in the back of the court. Flemming has a great eye to find Castleton open in the paint as well as their most accurate sport, Anthony Duruji (57.9% FGP). The duo can be an unstoppable force that’s hard for defenses to effectively guard as they can make unexpected passes that end in points.

Oklahoma State vs. Florida Gators Picks and Predictions:

Both of these teams have shown great examples of basketball and could be top of the class if they were not in such competitive conferences. There are great players on either bench that can make this game a close one. However, the star of the show is going to be Colin Castleton. His incredible ability to read his defense in the paint is unmatched, and he can post up against even the most aggressive defensive forwards. Castleton will absolutely be running this show, especially on his own home turf. Keep an eye out for #12 under the basket, or you will be missing out on some exceptional basketball.

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