Oklahoma State vs. Iowa State Odds, Picks, and Predictions (3/2/22)

Oklahoma State vs. Iowa State Odds, Picks, and Predictions (3/2/22)

With only two games left in the 2021-2022 Men’s Division I Basketball regular season, you won’t want to miss the final showdown between the Oklahoma State Cowboys and the Iowa State Cyclones. This is the second to last game for the Cowboys since they are banned from the March Madness tournament. Iowa State has solid chances to make it into the tournament as long as they don’t fall in their last two games. This game is crucial for seed placement for the Cyclones since they are half of a game behind TCU to take fifth place in the Big 12. On Wednesday, March 2nd, these teams will face off at 6:00 PM CST and can be watched on the Big 12 Channel on ESPN+.

Oklahoma State vs. Iowa State Betting Odds

Even though the Iowa State Cyclones are not in the top half of the Big 12, they are one of the most fierce teams in Men’s Division I Basketball. They were previously highly ranked at the start of the season before conference play began. If this team were to play in almost any other division, they would have a high possibility of being conference champions. The Oklahoma State Cowboys played their hearts out against this team earlier in the season and managed to make the game go into overtime, but that does not seem as probable this time around. Due to the consistent high point values of both teams in the past matchups, the over bet for this game is looking pretty good. Over a combined 128.5 points should easily hit in the betting game for both of these teams, and I can’t wait to watch this rematch unfold.

Oklahoma State Odds

The Cowboys are nearing the end of their 2021-2022 season, with this matchup being their final road game of the year. They have not had great success on the road, losing their last five when away from home. Iowa State’s stadium has given the Cyclones the extra edge of hype that leaves them at an advantage. The Cowboys have better odds to take down the Cyclones compared to their last opponent, the Texas Tech Red Raiders, so they will do everything in their power to take home this win to prevent a potential four-game losing streak to end their season.

The main player that will aid this team in a win will be junior forward Avery Anderson III. Anderson is the team’s leading point scorer averaging 12.2 points per game. He also leads his team in steals with 1.6 per game. Not only is he the key part of the offense, he single-handedly kept his team alive the last time they played Iowa State. He had his best game of the season, scoring a whopping 34 points against the Iowa State defense in the overtime game. Issac Likekele was the second top shooter with only 13 points in that game. Anderson was nearly unstoppable, taking 26 shots all over the court. He shot 56.3% from the field and 45.5% beyond the three-point line. Going into this game, Iowa State has been studying Anderson’s play to prevent him from putting up those large values. Likekele will be there to assist Anderson in this matchup with his 7.3 PPG average. When on the road, Likekele’s stats increase to an average of 8.7 points per game. These two players will be the main men running the offense to try and secure a win and avoid a fourth overtime game in a row.

Oklahoma State Starting Lineup

  1. Avery Anderson III
  2. Bryce Thompson
  3. Isaac Likekele
  4. Tyreek Smith
  5. Moussa Cisse

Iowa State Cyclones Odds

The Iowa State Cyclones have been on a roll, taking down Big 12 opponents in their last few weeks. Over the past few games, most of their wins have ended in marginal scores that have kept the team on edge as the final buzzer rang out. This program has only had one Final Four appearance and is looking confident to make its 21st appearance in the March Madness tournament. It’s common knowledge that we should be seeing the Cyclones in the postseason this year, but two slip-ups in the final week of their season could knock them out or leave them with very poor seeding. Thankfully for this team, Izaiah Brockington is leading his program to success and should perform excellently in this matchup.

The senior guard transfer from Penn State has been a blessing to this Iowa State team during the season. He is not only one of the best players in the Big 12, but he has been mentioned to be one of the most electric players in all of Men’s Division I basketball. He averages 17.9 points per game and shoots 48.2% from the field. He has averaged 24.2 points per game in his last five games and shot 56.98% from the field. Brockington has a precise shot and extensive team leadership skills that has helped this team grow into a fierce competitor for the top teams in the Big 12. In the previous meeting with Oklahoma State, Brockington led his team with 26 points and 75% accuracy from beyond the three-point line. This team knows how to feed Brockington the ball after off-ball screens that almost always result in points. If the Cowboys lock him down, Brockington knows to kick the ball out to Tyrese Hunter, the freshman guard. Hunter has incredible skill for a freshman, averaging 11.1 points per game and 3.5 rebounds per game. Against Oklahoma State, Hunter aided Brockington in scoring 18 points. These two are a dynamic duo that have successfully taken down big names in college basketball and have a great opportunity to showcase their skill again against the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

Iowa State Starting Lineup

  1. Tyrese Hunter
  2. Gabe Kalscheur
  3. Izaiah Brockington
  4. Tristan Enaruna
  5. George Conditt

Oklahoma State vs. Iowa State Picks and Predictions

Oklahoma State is one game behind Iowa State, and Iowa State is a half-game behind Texas Tech, so a win for either team has the power to shift the rankings in this conference. Iowa State has more to lose with the postseason coming up on the horizon. Still, Oklahoma State has proven again and again that the lack of postseason eligibility does not stop them from playing their best games. Going into this matchup, the Iowa State Cyclones are given the favor of -3 points, leaving the Oklahoma State Cowboys in the underdog position of +3. The Cyclones have gone 12-4 at home this season and have covered half of their games when they’re the favorite. Oklahoma State has not been the best on the road going 2-8 when away, and have not been a classic underdog story going only 2-11 when given the underdog position. Iowa State is also on a four-game win streak, with Izaiah Brockington leading the way to success. The Cowboys have been on a two-game losing streak after facing the Baylor Bears and Oklahoma Sooners, with both games ending in margins under five points, resulting in the spread being covered by the Cowboys. I think the Cyclones have the upper hand offensively for this matchup and have been on a roll of confidence that should lead them to another victory.

My Prediction: Iowa State Wins 68-61, Iowa State Covers

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