Oklahoma State Vs. Kansas State Odds, Picks, and Predictions (2/2/22)

Oklahoma State Vs. Kansas State Odds, Picks, and Predictions (2/2/22)

On Wednesday, February 2nd, at 8:00 PM CST, the Oklahoma State Cowboys will be facing off against the Kansas State Wildcats in a Big 12 basketball showdown. This will be the first meeting for these two teams in the 2021-2022 season, and their abilities appear to be very level. Both teams have struggled in conference play so far, with the Cowboys going 3-5 and the Wildcats going 2-6 against Big 12 opponents. This meeting will prove who is the superior Big 12 competitor and will have their chance to remove themselves from the bottom of the pack. A close game is expected, so make sure to tune in to ESPNU to keep your eyes on this matchup.

Oklahoma State Vs. Kansas State Betting Odds

The Big 12 is arguably the most competitive Division I basketball conference in the country this year. There are big-name teams in the conference, with five in the top 25. The Oklahoma State Cowboys and the Kansas State Wildcats have had their fair share of challenges this year in conference play. As the two teams meet, this game is the best chance they both have to prove themselves worthy of being threats in the Big 12. The Wildcats have had a better record against the spread, going 10-9-1 in their first 20 games of the season. Although they have gone 10-10 in the final scores of their games, they’ve managed to keep close games against even the best teams, like only losing by three to the Kansas Jayhawks. The Oklahoma State Cowboys have the worst record against the spread in the Big 12. By going 7-13 ATS, the Cowboys have only covered 35% of their games. This matchup will be key for the Cowboys to win to reassert themselves in conference play. The ESPN power index projects this game to be a fair fight. They give Kansas State a slight edge of a 4% favor, but the Cowboys have been known for winning upsets. Their win against Baylor proved them to be an unpredictable competitor, so the Wildcats will need to show their best game at home to secure the win.

Oklahoma State Cowboys Odds

As of right now, the Oklahoma State Cowboys are 10-10 and are barely locked in the position of 6th in the Big 12. They’ve had big wins against the #1 Baylor Bears that have pushed them ahead of their Wildcat opponents. They’re currently on a three-game losing streak following matchups against the Texas Longhorns, the Iowa State Cyclones, and the Florida Gators. This win is crucial if the Cowboys want to remain a threat in the Big 12.

The player that is keeping the team alive is Avery Anderson III. Anderson is a junior guard that averages 11.1 points per game. He shoots 40.1% from the field and makes ⅓ of his shots from behind the three-point line. When he’s away, his field goal percentage drops drastically to 25%, and his three-point shots only hit 11% of the time. The Wildcats have been able to slow down some of the best shooters in the Big 12, so Anderson will need to clean up his shots and draw fouls if he wants to continue to be dominant on the court. 

Isaac Likekele is also a key player to look out for in this matchup. Likekele averages 7.8 points per game, but his most significant assets are his rebound and assist ability. He leads the team in both rebounds and assists, averaging 5.7 rebounds and 3.5 assists per game. This Cowboys offense is mostly guard-dominated, so Likekele will be used to drive the paint to open his teammates beyond the three-point line. Likekele is a passionate player who will attack every ball at the rim to assure his team has every opportunity to continue the play after a missed shot.

In the last performance for the Cowboys, the team lost to the Florida Gators after giving up major turnovers and missing shots in the paint. The team also gave up huge threes from the corner, so a soft defense is not going to be applicable in this matchup. They cannot afford to give up 16 turnovers against the Wildcats, or they may find themselves in the bottom of the Big 12.


Kansas State Wildcats Odds

The Kansas State Wildcats have struggled throughout the start of their season. They currently sit in a tie for 9th place (last place) in the Big 12 after taking big losses in their last three games. However, the Wildcats have been able to stump the #19 Texas Tech Raiders and the #23 Texas Longhorns, showing their ability to be a top-tier team. A win against the Oklahoma State Cowboys could rocket them out of last place and make them a strong competitor in the conference. 

This team of Wildcats is also very guard-centered. Their top four shooters are all guards, so they will utilize the court’s deeper parts in this matchup. Sophomore Nijel Pack is the star of this offense with a staggering 16.6 points per game. Pack sinks 48.6% of his shots with a 45.8% accuracy from beyond the three-point line. Since the Cowboys have struggled to guard from beyond the paint properly, Pack will be the main player leading this offense. Although he is only 6’0, he has the ability to reach over his defenders to finish a play. If his team can get him the proper screens and swing the ball out to him in the corner, he may be an unstoppable opponent in this matchup.

Markquis Nowell and Mark Smith will also be big threats on offense, with both players averaging near 11 points per game. Nowell is the team’s leading assist player, so expect him to have the reads for his teammates around the court. Smith averages 8.4 rebounds per game and single-handedly helps keep his team alive. All guards on this team will help swing the ball to lead to big shots, but Smith is always there to finish the play. The Cowboys will need to keep tight coverage on this Wildcats team, or the Wildcats might take their position in the Big 12. 

Oklahoma State Vs. Kansas State Picks and Predictions

This matchup will revolve around the play of Kansas State’s Nigel Pack and Oklahoma State’s Isaac Likekele. Both players are essential to their teams’ success with their leadership abilities, court IQ, and shooting abilities. If both teams can effectively shut these two players down, there will be a great game on our hands. Boxing out will be key to prevent offensive rebounds from being put up under the basket for easy points, so there can be no slack on defensive awareness for either team.

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