Oklahoma vs. Auburn Odds, Picks, and Predictions (1/29/22)

Oklahoma vs. Auburn Men’s Basketball Odds, Picks, and Predictions (1/29/22)

The NCAA Men’s basketball cycle has been nothing short of exciting for all fans this 2022 season. The Big 12 has been noticed as one of the top conferences in the nation, with four teams in the top 25. However, the team that is sweeping through the competition is in the SEC. Auburn is currently the number one men’s basketball team in the country with an incredible record of 19-1. The matchup will show the true character of both teams. They are set to tip-off on Saturday, January 29th at 1:00 PM CST on Auburn’s turf. They’re currently undefeated at home, but will the Oklahoma Sooners bring an end to their streak?

Oklahoma vs. Auburn Betting Odds

This matchup will be a true showdown between the Big 12 Oklahoma Sooners and the SEC Auburn Tigers. These two teams will be conference rivals in the near future, but for now, this game is all that matters. The Tigers are the clear favorite in this matchup with an 84.2% confidence interval from ESPN’s matchup predictor. The Tigers have consistent offensive weapons that may be able to stop the aggressive Oklahoma defense. After a weak performance from the Auburn star, Jarabi Smith, against Mizzou, the freshman forward is looking to reclaim his title as the biggest threat on the court. Tanner Groves will be the main threat on the Oklahoma offense and may have moderate success if the Tigers can’t clean up their coverage in the paint. 

Auburn has the best record against the spread in the SEC, going 15-5 so far this season. With a 75% success rate, this team is definitely one to look out for. Their explosive offense makes it almost impossible for teams to guard, leading to their success in all of Division I basketball. The Oklahoma Sooners haven’t had the same success, only going 10-10 against the spread so far this season. With a 50% success rate, they are keeping themselves alive but not keeping the faith in an upset against the best team in the nation. If the Sooners can clean up their basketball, they may have a chance to keep the score within a smaller margin, but that future is looking dim.

Oklahoma Sooners Odds

The Oklahoma Sooners had a great start to their 2021-2022 season but have fallen short in their past few matches. They began with an 11-2 run in their first 13 games but currently stand at 13-7 after a four-game losing streak to their Big 12 competitors, only breaking the streak with their most recent win against West Virginia University. The team has had substantial success with their defense, only allowing 62.5 points per game. However, their offense has struggled considerably in the previous few weeks. Against their top opponent, the Baylor Bears, they turned the ball over 25 times, eight in their first ten possessions. Crucial turnovers have begun to be somewhat of an epidemic for the Sooners team, but they are a group of hard-working players dedicated to turning this season around.

This is the first season at OU for the new head coach Porter Moses, and he has supplied not only the team but the students with extra energy to keep games alive. Moses was recently the head coach at Loyola University, taking that team to a Final Four appearance in 2018. Since joining the Sooners, Moses has focused his team on aggressive defense and the importance of rebounding, which has been shown in the recent games of the Sooners. His influence can be shown in the extensive rebounding stats of junior forward Jalen Hill, where he averages 6.3 a game which helps the Sooners stay alive. The OU team’s best offensive player has been Tanner Groves, averaging 13.1 points per game, with Umoja Gibson following close behind with 12.4 points per game.

As a team, the Sooners average 70.8 points per game and can hold their opponents to an average of 62.5 points per game. Against top teams like the Baylor Bears and the Kansas Jayhawks, the Sooners have been able to keep games within a ten-point margin. They have been successful against top teams such as Florida, Arkansas, and Iowa State, but I think the Auburn Tigers may walk away with this win.

Auburn Tigers Odds

The Auburn Tigers seem to be an unstoppable force in Men’s Division I Basketball in their 2021-2022 season. They have only taken a loss in the high-scoring game against #22 Uconn and are currently on a 16 game win streak. They currently stand as the top team in the nation as well as the #1 team in the SEC. However, their last game against Mizzou felt too close for comfort. They barely made it out with a win with a final score of 55-54 after usually blowing their opponents out of the water. Was this just a fluke in the team’s play or a showcase of how the team has weaknesses coming to light? The team allowed for too many shots in the paint and could not successfully secure their own shots behind the three-point line. They had a field goal percentage of 30% in that game, which is 15% less than their average play. They also were 21.4% accurate from the three-point zone, when they usually average significantly higher. 

Against the Sooners, the Tigers will need to clean up their shots from deep court due to Oklahoma’s tough defense. The Sooners were able to force Baylor to go 6/20 from shooting deep, so Auburn will need to swing the ball quickly to avoid potential trouble from the defense. Thankfully, the team has the star freshman forward, Jabari Smith. Smith averages 15.2 points per game and secures his shot 43.8% of the time. Smith has incredible court IQ for such a young player, and he will be the leader against this Sooners team. Following close behind in team stats is KD Johnson, a sophomore guard. Johnson averages 13.3 points per game with a 43.5% field goal percentage. Johnson also averages 1.9 steals per game, which can easily increase against the turnover-prone Sooners. He will be a huge threat on the court at home, and the Sooners’ defense might not be able to contain this power duo.

Oklahoma vs. Auburn Picks and Predictions

This matchup will be a competition against Auburn’s unstoppable offense and the impressive defense of Oklahoma. Jabari Smith will be the top player to look out for on the offensive front. His point averages are stunning on such a competitive team, and he will shine on his home court. On the defensive front, make sure to watch out for Jalen Hill and his rebound ability. Hill will be the main player to keep the game alive for the Sooners with his rebounds both offensively and defensively. If a ball is in the air, Hill will try his best to keep his hands on it to keep the Sooner magic moving.

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